I love living in Vietnam. It’s such a beautiful and interesting country. I’m in love with the food, the scenery, the culture, the buzzing traffic, the strong black coffee, cheap beer, friendly locals and of course… the gorgeous women! Vietnamese women are the most beautiful in the entire world. Yeah that’s right. They’re the best!

That said, living in Vietnam comes with some challenges… It’s certainly not as convenient as living in a place like Thailand. There is no air conditioned BTS to zip you across the city for a few dollars. No 7/11 on every corner to grab a bottle of Tiger and top up your cell phone. It’s far less developed but I actually enjoy escaping the western influences for a while.

The other thing about Vietnam that’s a hassle is double pricing… It’s the worst I’ve experienced in all of my travels. Locals usually get better service at cheaper prices then foreigners. Here’s my suggestion…

You Need a Vietnamese Girlfriend

I already wrote about why I love Vietnamese girls. I also wrote a guide to picking up girls in Vietnam. Now I want to tell you why you must have a Vietnamese girlfriend while living here…

Having a foreign girlfriend help you out in a foreign country is not a new concept. But I feel it’s critical for Vietnam. Here are some of my experiences…

I have a girlfriend here in Vietnam. OK we’re not living together or officially in a relationship but I see her pretty much every day. This has improved my life drastically! The obvious reasons include daily blowjobs and dropping my load into her tight wet pussy, but there’s more…

We go out to eat and right away she’s yelling at the waitress because my soup has no vegetables. I don’t know the difference and it looked good to me… But she said NO this should have vegetables! She yelled at the staff and told them to make it right!

Then it came time to pay the bill. Two bowls of noodles was 70,000 VND. She immediately says NO! I always pay 25,000 each! You are charging more because he is a foreigner! I don’t like that!

The staff immediately says OK sorry 50,000 total… I’m telling you these Vietnamese girls are five feet tall, 80 pounds but they don’t take any shit! 🙂

Now when I need some food from the market I send her… She can speak the language and she knows the price. If I walk into the market the Vietnamese vendors will start foaming at the mouth. I might as well tape a $100 bill to my forehead because that’s how they treat me.

Finding an apartment is difficult in Vietnam. Craigslist isn’t very popular outside of the big cities and there is no bahtsold like in Thailand. Even listings you do find online usually cater to tourists. They are written in English for foreigners and they are usually way overpriced. Because you know, all white people are rich so we can afford the inflated prices…

I spotted a little torn up piece of paper glued up in an alley and had my girl call the number. Turns out they had a nice little apartment for rent cheap! I would have never found that without the help of a local. More importantly, a local lady that I could trust and who has my best interests at heart.

Vietnamese Girls Are The Best!

Not only is my Viet girl extremely classy, intelligent and helpful. She makes a great partner. Just last night I got home from the gym and she was sitting outside my apartment waiting with a big bag of food… Good girl! 😀

She’s a bit clingy and jealous but there is one positive side to this… She makes it her personal goal to drain my balls at least once a day. I’m sure she enjoys pleasing me, but I think she’s worried I’ll go looking for a side dish if she doesn’t keep me satisfied. Regardless, she’s always eager to please and I greatly appreciate that!

My advice to all men coming to Vietnam is to find a Vietnamese girlfriend! You can join Vietnam Cupid and easily arrange dates prior to your visit… I promise you, Vietnamese girls have everything a man could ask for in a woman.

Smart, sexy, loyal, hard working, passionate, fun loving. If you treat them good, they will do everything they can to keep you happy. Shit I hope I don’t fall too hard for this one… I have more traveling to do! 😀

Life is good here in Vietnam. My balls are drained and my belly is full. Can’t complain! 🙂 Hope you make it out here for a trip sometime. Cheers!