One morning I stopped off to buy a Banh Mi on the side of the road. “Banh Mi” is Vietnamese for baguette. It’s small sandwich and you can get it with meat or eggs. It’s delicious, fast and cheap. This is usually my breakfast every morning.

I was standing there waiting for the lady to finish frying my eggs when a chick pulled up on a motorbike. She jumped off and ordered a banh mi for herself. Then she started staring at me.

“Hello, where you from?” She asked.

“I’m from America.”

“Oh I like American men. Very strong and handsome.”

“Well thank you. I like Vietnamese women. Very kind and beautiful.”

“You have a wife in Vietnam?” She asked.

“No I’m single.”

“Oh… You want massage?”

“Massage huh? Where?”

“My home. I have a spa.” She said.

Finally she took off her stupid surgical mask and I got a good look at her face. She was sexy. If I had to guess her age I would say 30, give or take a few years. Hard to tell with these Asian broads.

She was short and thin. Long black hair. She had on short shorts, ridiculous high heels, too much make up and a diamond in her tooth. She gave off a slutty vibe. I could tell she was no stranger to cock. I decided that yes, I did want a massage, and hopefully more.

I agreed to follow her home. We paid for our baguettes and she led the way through the streets of Saigon. Finally we arrived at her place.

Sure enough, she really did have a spa. It was a tiny shop house with proper signage for haircuts, massage, nails, etc. OK cool.

She unlocked the gate and we brought our bikes inside. Then she closed the gate so the shop looked closed. It was just the two of us there. The place was very small and run down, but it was better than some of the shops I’d been to. She had an area to cut hair. Chairs to sit for a foot massage and a massage table in back behind a curtain.

She also had a little living area with a kitchen and bed. This was her home and business. Lot’s of Vietnamese turn their homes into a small business whether it’s a convenience store, selling food or cutting hair.

“Sit down. Relax.” She said.

She turned on a fan and poured us some cold water. We sat and ate our baguettes together. Then she handed me a menu for all her massage services. I decided to get a body massage for 100k VND which is about $5 USD.

I went over to the massage table and stripped down to my underwear. She got started on the rub down and it was surprisingly good. She was strong for a tiny broad. She asked if it was too hard and I said no. I like it hard. Try your best to hurt me, it’s ok.

After about 15 minutes I rolled over to see what kind of action I could get into. I gently placed her hand on my cock and asked her. “Can you massage for me?”

She smiled and said “yes, I like you. So for you I can do.”

Excellent. 🙂

She grabbed the oil as I pulled off my underwear. She oiled up my hog and started stroking. I laid back and squeezed her tits and ass. She had a tight little body and I really wanted to fuck her. She was rubbing my chest with one hand and working my rod with the other.

“You are handsome… Nice body.” She said.

“Thank you. I like your body too.”

“I want to fuck.” She said.

“Me too.”

She went into the other room and came back with a condom. She tried getting it onto my dick but it was a struggle. Those tiny Asian sized condoms just don’t fit over the great white American buffalo. She finally got it on. I managed to keep my boner throughout the annoying ordeal. Fucking condoms are gods cruel joke on mankind.

She stripped naked and climbed on top of me. She lowered that hairy bush down onto my rod and slid me inside. Finally we were making progress! She laid on top of me and rode me for a bit. It was ok… But I could feel the condom bunching up. I needed a bigger one. And some lube. Fuck.

I told her to get the fuck off me. I stood up, pulled the condom off and dropped it onto the floor. Then I bent her over the massage table and stuck it in her from the back. Ahh so much better.

I pumped her pussy from the back as she laid on the table moaning. It was boiling hot in this place. No AC. After about five minutes I was dripping with sweat and had enough. I’m here to dump my nuts and run, not make love to this whore.

I grabbed that long black hair with my right hand and palmed her ass cheek with the left. I pounded away until I felt the volcano building in my nuts. She turned her head and said to me “finish outside ok.”

“Yeah ok.”

I pushed her head down onto the table and banged away. The shitty massage table was creaking and making noise. I was worried it was going to collapse. Finally I slammed my rod into her balls deep and exploded inside.

I stood there and savored the moment. Seven seconds of dizziness. Ahh there’s something magical about that short window of time. All of a man’s thoughts, stress, troubles, worries, everything just seems to fade away. If there’s a better form of meditation, I haven’t found it yet.

I pulled out and started cleaning up.

“I told you don’t put your water inside me. You want to make a baby?” She said.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I walked over to the chair and sat down. I wiped my sweat with a towel and drank some water. She sat on a stool in front of me and started massaging my feet. It felt good so I let her continue.

Once she was finished I got dressed to leave. I asked her how much she wanted and she said “up to you.”

Well, the massage was 100k, but it was only a 15 minute massage. Not an hour. And the foot massage is 100k, but that was probably about 20 minutes there. I did fuck her… But she initiated it and we never discussed prices.

I handed her 200k and paused to watch her reaction. To my surprise, she smiled and said thank you. Well damn, now that’s a bargain! 😀

This chick was unusually friendly for a Vietnamese whore. She seemed to really like me. I agreed to meet her again for a massage sometime. We exchanged numbers and hugged goodbye.


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One night I was out having a few beers and I decided I needed a quick shag. I text the massage broad and she told me to come on over. Awesome. I jumped on my bike and drove to her house.

It was about 9:30pm so it was dark outside. It started raining a bit on the ride there and just as I arrived it really began to pour. Perfect timing.

I parked outside the front gate. I reached in and tried to unlock it when suddenly the gate swung open. There was a cop standing there. He was a younger Vietnamese guy in a green uniform. He had a shovel in his hand.

WTF is this… I stood there frozen for a moment. “Xin chao.” I said and nodded to the guy.

The massage broad appeared at the front door. “Hello! Come in please!” She shouted.

I walked my bike over to the door and gave her a funny look.

“It’s ok! That’s my brother. He’s helping work on the house. No problem.” She said.

“Now? It’s night time. And it’s raining outside.”

The cop walked over to the side of the house and started digging at a pile of gravel that was there. OK… Well, at least he’s not here to crack me in the head with that shovel and dump my body in a shallow grave. So that’s good.

I walked in and kicked off my shoes. Some little kid came running out of the back room. A boy, maybe 9 years old.

“This is my son!” She said with a smile.

“Maybe I should come back another time… I see you’re busy here tonight.”

“No, no it’s fine! You go to the table and lay down.”

I went behind the curtain and sat on the massage table. I kept my clothes on. I heard this chick putting the kid to bed in the other room. Minutes later she came back in.

“What are you doing? Lay down. Take off everything.” She said.

She started rubbing my shoulders to make me relax but I couldn’t get into it. I heard the sound of the shovel digging in the dirt right outside the window. I could hear the sound of the kid playing video games in the next room. I just wasn’t in the mood.

“Another time sweetheart. I gotta go.” I said.

I jumped on my bike and drove off in the rain.

Another day in paradise…