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Today I bring you a guest post from my buddy KB. He just came back from an awesome trip to Bangkok! He took some time to write about his experiences and share some advice with you. Here’s KB! – Skins


Guys, KB here. Regular reader and occasional contributor to the comments section. I am recently back from Bangkok and had an amazing time – no, I had the time of my life. Quite simply because I actually followed the advice that Skins gives us. I thought it might be worth posting how my visit went, just in case any of you are thinking about taking a break there yourself but wondered if it really is as good as Single Man’s Paradise makes out that it is. Well, it really is!

I have my full story is here: THE HILARIOUS TRUE STORY OF ONE MAN’S SEXUAL ADVENTURES IN BANGKOK Which I am going to run a free promotion on between Monday 3rd August and Thursday the 7th so that any readers of this blog who want the full story of what I got up to can grab a copy.

I’ll give you the highlights in this brief summary. If you do grab a free copy of the book I hope you enjoy. My only request is that you leave an honest review on Amazon. Only 1 in 1,000 people ever bother to leave a review. So by giving it away I’m hoping you chaps will take a moment to leave your thoughts, I would be very grateful. Oh, and you don’t actually need a kindle to read a Kindle book, you can do it in your browser just fine too.

So my awesome trip. Guys before I even boarded the plane to Bangkok I had a bunch of girls ready to go. As Skins explains you need to get yourselves on Thai Cupid. That site is just full of gorgeous girls looking to meet western men. And sure a decent number of them are pro’s or semi-pros, hoping to seduce a naive farang into bringing her expensive gifts or sending her money every month. But those ones are dead easy to spot, and you guys are smarter than to fall for that shite right?

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You want to be looking for profiles with several natural photos taken in good light. I found enough, and annoying loads more after I returned home – of decent honest girls living and working around Bangkok, who very seldom if ever get to speak to any western men, but see these good looking tall light-skinned dudes wandering around the shopping centres and on the skytrain and they have decided they want a try and see what that’s all about. So don’t be selfish guys, show them 😉

There was actually such a volume of decent girls on ThaiCupid that I just stopped looking after a while, and I only lined up three. In retrospect I should have lined up five or more for a 10 day trip and skipped the mongering altogether.  Well…… kept it to an appropriate minimum anyway.

I like my girls to be ripe, so under 25 and petite, so under 5’6″ and less than 8st. I also prefer to see a university education, or at least a girl that could have gone to university as I just can’t tolerate stupid people.

Fortunately there were plenty of these girls available. I actually had three lined up. Fugly (by the way these are not real names) was the one where I failed to demand several decent photos in natural light and you can guess why I gave her the name Fugly.  Rust was a recent graduate in chemical engineering and was working for a Thai company producing parts for the iPhone. And Perky was an MBA student. Both the latter girls were beauties and had killer bodies.

As a result of lining up these dates I managed to keep myself occupied during the day rather than just hanging around waiting for Soi Cowboy to light up at 7pm. So I strongly recommend you take the advice yourself. Get the Thai Cupid account and line up enough dates. Ideally take them to some temple or a shopping centre on the first date around lunch time.

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Both of these girls were good girls and there was no way they were going to put out on the first date. Indeed, it was bloody hard work on the second and third date as you will see in the book, neither drank alcohol. In London you just keep buying your date Bacardi’s and diet cokes until she sucks you off. That obviously doesn’t work on teetotallers who have been programmed by their cultural upbringing to maintain modesty.

But I persevered and discovered that they were not just window shopping on ThaiCupid after all. And quite honestly, even if I didn’t get anywhere with them, it would still have been worth it to keep myself occupied during the day. You don’t want to just sit in your hotel room all day do you?

Now by the way I should mention, I’m certainly no pretty boy. I was a bit of a player back in my 20’s so I’ve got some game. But now I’m hurtling towards the big ‘four-oh’ and my six pack has become a beer barrel. But somehow in Thailand if you’re a 6 out of 10 you suddenly morph into a 8 out 10 when you get off the plane.

I don’t know why, all I know is I would not have much hope bagging girls like this back in London, but in Bangkok I got to be the picker and choosier. Back home I really can’t be bothered hitting the bars and clubs every night like I used to, but fortunately the former Soviet Union is busy disgorging their hottest young women into London for a very reasonable hourly rate, so honestly I cope. Its just not my glory days any-more.

I also found a bar girl I really liked called Soph. That took me by surprise as before I left I just assumed bar girls would not be up to my quality levels, especially not in the brains department. But actually I found (well she found me) an amazing one. A really lovely girl, excellent mind on her. Slinky body, and an amazing smile.

This girl was so easy to be with I found I had to keep giving myself a reality check. That I was a monger passing through and she was a pro. Because in all honesty chaps, I think if I didn’t keep my head straight I could have fallen for this chick. She showed me on her phone a whole parade of blokes who had done exactly that.

And before I met her I would have branded them all idiots. But now….pffff, I totally get it. So if you think there is no way you can fall for a Bangkok pro then think again lads, you meet the right one and you will be sending her cash every month and skyping her every evening too.

Soph, Rust and Perky were my main girls and I divided most of my time between them. But in addition you need to throw in the daily pre-breakfast visits to Kasalongs blow job bar. The daily post breakfast visits to the rub & tug massage joints. And the evenings I was not occupied with a date I would pick-up a go-go girl, five of them in total. And one street walker, which I really didn’t think I ever would, and she was old as the bloody hills (36), but dear Jesus that crazy old bird could fuck like a superstar.

I had a date most days, good female company every day, sex at least once a day, and two threesomes including one excellent lesbian show, for my personal enjoyment. I honestly don’t think I could have packed anything more into my trip. 9 girls in 9 nights as well as all the sight seeing, the tiger petting, temple visits, rafting, elephant riding. It was full on and oh…oh so good.

If you actually follow the advice in this blog, and I’m telling you guys, what Skins is giving away here is just golden. Then maybe you too will have a trip of a lifetime like I did.

Random Quotes From The Book – Click HERE To Get A Copy

“To make conversation I ask my masseuse if she had BOOM-BOOM last night too. She thought for a moment and then remembered yes. I ask her if Thai man or western man, and she said Thai. So I asked if it was her husband; and she told me it was. Then we chat about her husband and son while she periodically tickles my balls and strokes my shaft trying to get me to go for a 500 bht hand job.”

“After such stimulation Rust was keen to return the favour, so she set to work on a BJ. But oh my…. Not a goddamn clue what she was doing. Frankly if you ripped the front grill off C3PO’s mouth and let him spasmodically bob up and down on your chubby you would get a comparable sensation. I resolved that tomorrow night in our hotel on the River Kwai I was going to teach this girl proper blow-job technique. What a nice guy I am.”

“We arrived on soi Cowboy, and I was surprised, just one fairly small street, although packed. We walked down it so I could take its measure, and then diverted inside a ladyboy bar so I could have a gander. Soph had seen it all before, but I was intrigued. Especially by the older waitresses. The ‘ladies’ in their 20’s on stage were – at a brief glance – passable. But then you had the older ‘ladies’ in their 30’s and 40’s serving drinks who were presumably yesteryears stage ladies.

They looked bloody comedic, like something out of Little Britain. None of them could pass even at a glance, they were just these big dudes with broad shoulders and chiselled jaws and a perfect gravity defying racks of tits on them.One of the dudes was especially solid looking. He looked like he could smash my face in with those big manly hands, and then nuzzle said face in his ample bosom if he so wished. Oh, and he wore a pinny and high heels.”

“Crazy can’t stop moving around and giggling at everything that happens on the TV. No way am I getting a wink of sleep with her around but I’m not throwing her out after only one round. I’m not that desperate for sleep. It suddenly occurs to me that I had never had a girl stick her tongue up my arsehole.”