What’s up guys!

Story time here at Single Man’s Paradise. My loyal readers already know that last weekend didn’t go so well when it comes to dating.

First I was fucking around wasting time with this milf from Badoo. That didn’t work out so I decided to cut my losses and move on.

Then I took my sexy young snapper out for dinner and coffee, and she wouldn’t go home with me… Swing and a miss! Oh well, it happens to the best of us! πŸ™

By the time Monday afternoon rolled around my nuts were heavy and I needed to unload. I logged into Asian Dating to look for some fresh teen Asian pussy.

Almost immediately I was messaged by a girl. She is ugly and speaks no English… Hardly tempting. But she kept sending me messages that were obviously google translated.

There are some aggressive girls on Asian Dating. That’s also where I met my “18 Year Old Fuck Toy,” who basically begged to meet me and would fuck me like a rabbit every chance she could. πŸ˜›

I didn’t want to fuck around on a date with an unattractive girl who speaks no English… But I did want sex. I text this girl back “want to come to my home?” She said “we go to cafe. Why your home?”

Then I typed up the following message: “I want sex.” Then I pressed send. ?

Ahh the anticipation while I see the “read” sign show up on the message. Will she accept? Will she curse me out for being a scum bag?

A few minutes later I get this response… “Ok but you give me money.” ?

Now let me be clear. This girl is ugly. I wouldn’t be caught dead with her out in public. But I needed to unload and I wouldn’t mind using this bitch as my cum rag.

I told her I would give her 300k ($14) and she quickly agreed. Shit! I have a feeling I could have offered her anything!

I mean really, she should pay me. She probably thought shit, this handsome man is going to have sex with me AND give me money?!!! Deal!! ?

You never know what their reaction will be. Regardless, $14 for short time is damn good so I’m not complaining.

Then she said she wants to buy a new phone for 2 million… Fuck that. I’ve been through that shit before. Never give lump sums to whores.

I told her NO. 300k each time and she can save up for a phone. I’m not a bank.

She asked if she could see me every day for one week so she could buy a phone… I said maybe. Let’s meet first. If you do a good job we can repeat. ?

A few hours later she was outside my apartment. I walked downstairs and I was horrified that the owners and their entire family were down there by the front door… It’s always awkward when I bring girls in past them. I just quietly pray they don’t say something, and they never have thus far but I’m pushing it… Probably had more then ten broads over this past month alone. πŸ˜‰

When I laid eyes on this broad I was disgusted. Skinny as a pencil. Huge forehead. (Fivehead?) Jacked up teeth with one of the front ones missing. She was sitting on a dusty clapped out Honda dream that should have been scrapped a decade ago.

I said hello and she immediately said “no English.” I rolled my eyes and let out a groan of discontent. Ok come on let’s go…

I dragged this creature past the hotel owners with a feeling of deep shame and embarrassment. Once in my room I locked the dead bolt so this hyena couldn’t steal anything and make a quick break for it.

I took a shower with a door open and glared at her while I soaped up my dick, balls and ass crack. I always wash up for my dates. It’s hot out here. I’m such a gentleman. πŸ˜€

I sat next to her on the couch and pulled out my phone. I google translated “you want a new phone?” She nodded yes. Then I typed “300k ok?” She nodded her head yes again.

I said ok sweetheart time to earn your money. I opened up my towel to reveal my hog. She covered her face with her hands and curled up on the couch.

What the fuck! I put my arm around her and gently moved her head towards my pole. She said “no no no can not!” At this point I was seriously considering throwing her the fuck out of my place.

Finally I got her head down by my meat. She started kissing it, then licking it, then sucking it. Then sucking it aggressively.

Woah! Once she started getting into it she was really good! I was pleasantly surprised! I laid back and started enjoying myself. She stood up and I pulled her clothes off.

Her body was decent. No tits. Looks like she had a kid because she had some tiger stripes around her groin, but nice flat stomach and everything was tight. Not bad.

With no hesitation, She straddled me on the couch and slid my cock inside of her pussy bare back. Woah! I mean yeah, I was going to bare back this chick anyways but I was surprised how she just hopped on like that.Β This isn’t her first time at the rodeo. ?

Right away she got into the squat position and was bouncing up and down on my dick. God damn she was fucking me like a pro! I actually had to slow her down because she was going to make me blow going crazy like that. I wanted to take my time and enjoy myself.

Time to take control of this situation. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laid her on her back and gave her the slow stroke in missionary position. At this point I was passionately making out with this ugly chick and her breathe was stinking like rotten teeth and fish sauce.

I flipped her over onto her stomach and I was pleasantly surprised! A perfect little bubble butt! Nice round tight tan butt cheeks. Nice!

I straddled that butt and entered from behind. I had a hand on each butt cheek and her face was buried in the pillow. She actually looked really good in this position!

That’s the thing about girls. I can always find SOMETHING about them that’s sexy. Even a hideous beast has something you can zero in on. Nice nips, a round ass, sexy toes. Something! Just focus on that until you unload. πŸ˜€

Well after a few minutes of doggy my time was up. I gave her the signature SMP cream pie and rolled off her. 300k well spent! πŸ˜€

She rested for 10 minutes then showered and left. She’s texted me every day since… I actually did repeat one time. It was late and I was drunk. I text her around 11:30PM and she responded right away. I asked if we could meet and she said ok coming now. Good service! πŸ™‚

Suck Me Dry Then Clean My Room

I had another repeat last night too. Hey don’t judge me guys… Yesterday I moved to a new apartment. The place needed a good scrubbing so I bought a bunch of cleaning supplies. I haven’t cleaned anything in years and I really didn’t want to…

I know this chick needs money so I texted her “Want to clean my apartment? I will pay you.” She quickly agreed and she said she would come over at 8PM.

When she walked in, I immediately got her on her knees to service her master first. πŸ˜› After a long BJ I pulled her pants down to reveal that round and brown bottom. Pumped that pussy until I unloaded inside of her and then told her to get to work.

She did a good job sweeping and mopping my floor. She also scrubbed my nasty ass bathroom. I gave her 400K ($18) for her time and she seemed happy.Β Overall I think the chick is a good value.

Face: 3/10
Body: 7/10
Value for the money: 8/10

Overall, I’m happy to have this chick in my harem. She sucks dick quite well and she’s not shy about giving me the porn star experience. She probably has AIDS but I try to think positive. πŸ™

She’s always down to ride me for a few bucks and she’s up for other tasks such as cooking and cleaning. If she was hot I might date this broad! πŸ˜€

Never know what you’re going to find out here. Another day in paradise…