What’s up Guys!

Just wrapped up another awesome trip in Cambodia! This was one of my most memorable months in the past two years of traveling. I’ve been rough on Cambodia in the past… But I’m really glad I went to explore the country further.

On my last trip I visited Phnom Penh and Siem Reap to see the temples of Angkor Wat. I spent about ten days in the country and that was enough for me… I remember thinking to myself, that was fun, but I could never live there.

Well, after spending a month exploring more of the country I have changed my mind completely! πŸ˜€ Cambodia is a great country and it’s now one of my top choices for places to live in South East Asia. Funny how a place can grow on you if you give it a chance.

The country has a lot of great things going for it. I made a list of reasons why Cambodia is one of the best places to live in the region.

15 Reasons Why Cambodia Is The BEST Country To Live In South East Asia


Easy Visa

I wrote about the easy visa situation in Cambodia before. It really is the most hassle free visa in the region. And you don’t even need to arrange one prior to your trip!

When you fly into the country you get a 30 day visa on arrival. If you plan on staying long term, be sure to get the “business visa” which is only $5 more then the tourist visa. Actually I think the “business visa” is now called the “ordinary visa.”

NOTE: You do not need a business, work permit, bank account or anything to get this visa. They will not ask any questions and you don’t need to be involved in any business whatsoever.

The business visa is good for thirty days but you can extend it at any travel agency. Give them your passport, pay them $280 and you get a one year multi entry visa. That’s it! Put your passport in the safe and worry about it next year.

No standing around at immigrationΒ all day to pay for extensions. No visa runs out of the country every few months. You can stay all year or come and go as you wish. πŸ˜€

This is HUGE. If you’re a tourist then you won’t care, but if you have been living in south east Asia for a year or more then you know the drill… Extensions, visa runs and trips to embassies are a part of the lifestyle… And it sucks. It all adds up to thousands of dollars every year and a lot of wasted time.

Low Cost Of Living

Most of South East Asia is very affordable and Cambodia is no exception. You really can live any kind of lifestyle you want out here. You can rent a ballin villa for $1,000 per month or find a small room for $200 per month. I bounced around hotel rooms ranging from $10 – $20. Food and drinks are cheap enough and a single man could live a comfortable life on $1,000 per month.

Many people ask me about the cost of living comparisons of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. My answer is, they’re all about the same. Really if you have $1,000 per month then you can live comfortably in any of these countries. They all have their strong and weak points but I don’t think cost of living is different enough to even warrant a discussion.

Your money will always stretch further if you stay out of the big cities – Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh. Even still, these places are cheap.


Cambodia uses US Dollars

Since I’m American, I love the fact that Cambodia uses US Dollars. No exchange rates and no breaking out the calculator to convert prices. It’s just more convenient for me since I get paid in US dollars.

I also love that Cambodia still uses the Cambodian Riel for small money.Β Coins suck and all countries should do away with that bullshit. In Cambodia and Vietnam I’m not emptying my pockets into a change bucket at the end of the night. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning.


Great Mongering In Cambodia

I’m not very well traveled but out of the few places I’ve been, Cambodia has some of the best mongering. OK Thailand is the absolute best country for cheap easy sexy with beautiful young women… Soapy massage, blowjob bars, GoGo bars, beer bars, Thailand has it all! But Cambodia is still a great place to drop some loads on beautiful asian girls.

The mongering in Cambodia is primarily freelance hookers, beer bars and brothels. I sampled all three and I always had the best experiences with freelancers. In most of the popular clubs and bars you will find some pretty Khmer girls sitting around waiting for a customer.

Prices are always negotiable and there’s no bar fine. Average price I paid was $20 for short time with a very beautiful girl. I’ve banged for cheaper then that in a creepy brothel but I would not recommend it. It was a sketchy scene.

The beer bars are a lot of fun too but be ready to spend. If you aren’t buying drinks for the ladies then you won’t be very popular. When I went out I was buying drinks for me and the five girls sitting with me. Several times it was just me at the bar drinking with the entire staff. πŸ˜€

Trust me, when it’s rainy season and there’s twenty empty beer bars on the street the girls are pretty desperate. Here I come walking in buying them all drinks and they went wild. I was getting my cock rubbed the whole time while squeezing asses and titties. Good times. πŸ˜€

Here’s why I really like the mongering in Cambodia… The girls are such sweethearts. My buddy Dante from Nomad Philippines says Khmer girls are boring in bed. They’re basically “human blow up dolls.” Hey, I can’t argue with that. But at least they’re friendly and have good attitudes.

I’ve been in Vietnam for most of the past year and the mongering is just awful. The hookers are miserable cunts who absolutely hate their life, hate their job and hate you! πŸ™

They want to give you a lazy hand job and then steal your wallet. It’s so bad that I rarely even monger in Vietnam unless my balls really need to be drained. It’s more of a hassle then anything.

Anyways, My first night in Sihanoukville I met a freelancer at a bar. She was cool as fuck and we partied all night. She agreed to $20 short time and we went back to my room. I banged her good and hard in every position and busted all over her tight little tan ass.

Damn those Khmer chicks have such beautiful skin… I know tan skin is considered ugly in Asia but I love it! πŸ˜€ I just want to get them on all fours and lick them from clit to crack. πŸ˜›



After we fucked, she wanted to stay with me all night. I politely declined because I didn’t want her to drug me and harvest my kidneys to sell on the black market… But I did take her out for a late night snack and then walked her back to the bar so she could find another cock to suck. God I’m becoming such a romantic guy these days. πŸ˜€

This wasn’t a one time thing either. I had several flings with freelancers who were genuinely sweet, funny and easy going chicks to be with. I never go for the “girlfriend experience” but in Cambodia I found that it ended up happening naturally.

I guess these girls don’t want to stand around in a club all night so if they can find a nice guy to spend the day with they are extremely happy. Several hookers I met didn’t even drink alcohol. They didn’t seem like “bad girls” at all.

Well, besides the whole – fucking guys for money thing. But hey, I don’t judge them. Their family needs to eat and there’s no welfare checks coming in the mail. Something’s gotta be done and they stepped up to the plate. I’m happy I can help out a bit. πŸ™‚

I’ll be writing more about mongering in Cambodia, but for now I’ll wrap it up by saying it’s one of the best places in the region to rent pussy.

It’s Easy To Start A Business

Starting a business is challenging wherever you are in the world. Why make it even more challenging with a mountain of bureaucracy and regulations? If I were to start a brick and mortar small business in south east Asia, I would choose Cambodia.

For one, I see a huge potential for growth in Cambodia. It’s harder to get into business in a place like Thailand. You need big bucks to make shit happen over there. In Cambodia, I met several bar owners in Cambodia who are running businesses out of a little shack on the beach.

It’s a place where you can still get into business for cheap, work your ass off and expand along with the growing tourism industry in Cambodia. The crowds will be coming soon… You can bet on that.

Cambodia makes it very easy to get started in business. For $280 you can get a business visa. I believe you need to deposit $1,000 into a Cambodian bank account and you can register a business in the country.

Also, you can own your business 100%! In Vietnam and Thailand you must have a local person as a partial owner. Most of the guys I know who run businesses out here are married. We all know how that can end up… I’d rather own my business 100%. Cambodia allows this without jumping through all the financial hoops like it’s neighboring countries.

Now I’m not a lawyer, so you should do your own due diligence, but it’s clear to me that Cambodia is the easiest place to get a business started in the region.


Friendly Locals

Khmer people are generally friendly and helpful. They seem happy to have foreigners around and many speak great English. I’d say the Khmer people speak better English then the Thais and the Vietnamese. It seems everywhere I went people spoke 100% fluent English. I mean they caught every word I was saying to them.

The only time I encountered someone who spoke no english was when I was riding out in the countryside and I stopped for gas. An old lady sold me a liter of gas and she didn’t speak a word of English. Of course, I was still able to communicate by pointing and she carried on talking to me in her native tongue as if I understood every word. πŸ˜€

Chances are, the only places you will find yourself staying in Cambodia is Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Everywhere you go in these places you will meet English speaking people. Hotels, restaurants, bars, taxis, they all know English enough to have a real conversation. It feels good having real conversations with locals outside of “where you go? Want lady? Boom boom?”

The people working at my hotel spoke good enough English that I was having coffee and chatting with them just like I would chat with friends back home. It seems that all young people are learning English as a way to better their future. This is very convenient for the day to day life of a lazy expat who doesn’t want to learn a new language. You can get by in Cambodia just fine you lazy bastards. πŸ˜‰


Khmer Women Are Beautiful

Khmer women are exotic and beautiful. I must admit that I don’t see that many hot girls in Cambodia compared to neighboring Thailand or Vietnam… But the ones that are hot, are REALLY FUCKIN HOT.

You have to search for them but there are always a few stunners in every popular club. I pulled several freelancers that I would consider model hot. Beautiful tan skin, tight little bodies. Sexy exotic facial features. Decked out in little mini skirts and high heels… God damn… My rod would swell up and start throbbing as soon as I laid my eyes on those tan thighs. πŸ˜€

Vietnamese girls hide from the sun and bleach their skin. To them, being whiter then my ass cheeks is considered beautiful. I prefer the tan Khmer girls to be honest.

The “good girls” tend to be VERY good. I’m talking traditional Asian girls that would make excellent girlfriends or wives. It would take time to court one of these young ladies.

I met several girls who were so sweet, kind and humble it actually made me sad to leave the country. I still chat with these girls on line and I hope to visit them again sometime.

I met a lot of nice Cambodian girls on my favorite dating site Asian Dating. Read my article How To Meet Girls in Cambodia.


You Can Easily Own A Motorcycle

I stopped into the Honda dealership in Sihanoukville just to look around. They didn’t have much on display. CBR 150s, Honda Clicks, Honda Dreams. I asked about prices and how easy it would be to buy.

They said “yes sit down you can buy now! You can pay with a visa card!” I asked if the bike could be registered in my name even though I had a tourist visa… They said “yes of course! Everything will be in your name! We will give you a license plate and you can go anywhere in Cambodia!” πŸ˜€

Once again, life is easy in Cambodia! If you got the cash, you can do what you want! πŸ˜€ The staff was super friendly, professional and spoke perfect english. This seems to be a common theme in Cambodia and I love it.

In Vietnam, it’s very difficult to buy a motorbike in your name. When I visited Honda in Saigon they didn’t speak english… I had a friend help me translate and they wanted all kinds of paperwork. Residence card, paperwork from my job, my address, etc. No fuckin way you’re buying a bike on a tourist visa.

Not a huge deal, you could always have a Vietnamese friend buy it in their name. Just choose someone you really trust… I said fuck it and bought a used one already registered to a Vietnamese person.

In Thailand you can buy a motorcycle without much hassle. Thailand is fuckin awesome and has so much cool shit if you’re into bikes…Β I believe the only thing you need is cash and a residence card from immigration. They want to know where you live.

Another thing about Vietnam. You can only ride bikes up to 175cc. If you want a real motorcycle then you need a special license for big bikes. From what I understand, this is a major pain in the ass to get. It costs money (of course) and you need to be in a motorcycle club.

How do you get accepted into a club? I have no idea… My guess is be a cop or know one. Pay the right person. Bottom line, I’d never get it. Not worth the hassle.

I believe Cambodia has a similar two tier licensing system. However, I saw all kinds of weird shit on the roads from choppers to sport bikes ridden by both foreigners and locals. There are several websites where you can by all kinds of motorcycles in Phnom Penh. When I settle down I want to buy a nice motorcycle so this is important to me.


Cambodia Is In The Perfect Location

Cambodia is tucked between my two favorite countries in the world. Thailand and Vietnam are both amazing places to live or holiday. It’s nice to know that I can take a bus ride to Ho Chi Minh City for the weekend or jump on a cheap flight to Bangkok.

Not to mention all of the other interesting places I plan on exploring in the region. The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan. It’s a great jump off point for anywhere in Asia.

Cambodia is pretty small so you can take short flight or a cheap bus ride to any of the major attractions. Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Koh Rong Island are all easily accessible for a weekend of cheap fun! πŸ™‚

I’m thinking about getting my one year multi entry visa and renting a house in Sihanoukville. I can lay low and grind on some work for several months at a time and then shoot out to the neighboring countries for a change of scenery. Even weekends in Phnom Penh would be a blast and would only cost a few hundred bucks all in. Cambodia makes a very convenient (and fun) home base.


You Can Choose Your Ideal Lifestyle

Cambodia really has everything you could want. Like big city life? Phnom Penh is rapidly developing into a modern cosmopolitan city. Rocking nightlife, fine dining, gambling, shopping, mongering. Whatever you’re looking for can be found in Phnom Penh. It’s not Bangkok… But some people enjoy the smaller town vibe of Phnom Penh.

Sihanoukville is a great laid back beach town and I will be writing a location review very soon. It’s pretty much perfect for the lifestyle I’m looking for. Great beaches, decent nightlife, enough action to have some fun but it still has a quiet and rural feel to it.

Go to Koh Rong Island if you really want to unplug and live the castaway lifestyle. Like the country side? You’ve got options! Marry a country girl, move to a province and start your organic farm. Whatever makes you happy! πŸ™‚

If you want to have a harem of eighteen year old sluts at your condo while you drink your life away then that is easily obtainable. Or if you want to study Buddhism and volunteer at a local orphanage you can do that too!

All of us have different lifestyles but I truly believe that Cambodia offers something for everyone, and it’s only going to get better as it becomes more developed.


Cambodia Is Weed Friendly

I get a quite a few emails from readers and many guys ask me about the weed situation in these countries. I don’t smoke personally, but I have no problem with people smoking weed, snorting coke or shooting heroin. Hey, whatever makes you happy! πŸ˜€

I’d like to report that Cambodia is by far the most weed friendly country in the region. Thailand? Forget it… Don’t even go near the shit. I would be careful about walking around Bangkok if I had drugs in my system! Are the cops still piss testing farangs on Sukhumvit Road? Anyways that’s not my problem.

In Vietnam you will often smell marijuana in the air and people pretty much look the other way if you fire up a joint. But in Cambodia, people openly blaze joints everywhere. I’ve walked by herb sessions on the riverside in Phnom Penh in the evening when it’s packed with local people and kids playing.

I’ve sat at a crowded restaurant in the morning next to a table of guys who rolled joint after joint for an hour. Nobody gave it a second look. This is normal in Sihanoukville and some places in Phnom Penh. If you’re a smoker, then Cambodia is your spot! πŸ˜€


Cambodia Is Still Lawless

Cambodia has been called the “wild west of Asia.” It may not be as wild as it was twenty years ago, but it’s still pretty crazy. I thought the streets of Vietnam were a wild free for all but Cambodia is on another level.

No helmets, no license plates on bikes, nobody stops at red lights, people ride on the wrong side of the road. Drink and smoke anywhere, bring two meth head hookers into your hotel room at any hour of the day.

There is absolutely no police presence in this country. I see them standing on the corner pulling people over for bribes but other then that the cops don’t give a shit.

I walked by the aftermath of a fight in Phnom Penh and one guy was laying in the street knocked out. There was a large crowd of people watching and it was a pretty wild scene. Two cops drove by on a motorbike and casually glanced over at the scene. They just kept going without even slowing down lol. They couldn’t have cared less about what was going on.

This may seem kind of scary… And it is if you think about it… But it’s also pretty nice to be left alone. I’m not a criminal or a drug user but yes, I might have some drinks then ride a motorcycle with no license to bring a prostitute back to my guest house… And I don’t want anyone giving me shitΒ when I do. πŸ˜‰

Some call it lawless, I call it freedom! πŸ˜€


Cambodia Has Casinos

If you like gambling then Cambodia is your spot! I’m not a big gambler but I still like hanging out at the casinos. Naga world is pretty nice and there are some fine ladies working there. Both working for the casino and freelancers looking for customers! πŸ˜€

Some of the hottest hookers I saw in Phnom Penh were walking around Naga world casino. Usually hanging all over some rich old Chinese guy. Some of these girls are straight up tens. OK I digress…

I enjoyed playing some roulette while I had my morning coffee. A little blackjack to kill a few hours in the evening. It’s a good place to hang out. You don’t have this option in Thailand and very few options in Vietnam.

Large Expat Community

I met a lot of foreigners living in Cambodia. Business owners, young professionals, old sexpats and drugged out losers ready to die. Whatever crowd you fit into, there is a community in Cambodia for you.

It was cool to see how many foreigners came out to Cambodia with a pocket full a cash and a dream. They are now running businesses, raising children and appear to be living happy successful lives in the Kingdom of Wonder.

I think you could easily find a network of like minded individuals if you lived in Cambodia. You have to be a little bit crazy to live in Cambodia, so at least you will all have that in common. πŸ˜‰


Laid Back Vibe

I toured around some of Cambodia on a motorcycle and I was surprised by how rural the country is… I mean there’s really nothing out there besides rice paddies and water buffalo. Cambodia is still very undeveloped.

Even Phnom Penh feels like a small town compared to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City. When I arrived in Sihanoukville I rode around the town in fifteen minutes and thought to myself… This is it? For some reason I thought it would be a bigger city.

Sure you have the down town area, the port, a bunch of casinos and the resorts along the beach front. But if you ride a few minutes in the opposite direction you hit farm land. Honestly I enjoy the laid back vibe of Cambodia.

When I got back to Vietnam my first thought was HOLY FUCK IT’S SO CROWDED. Even small cities in Vietnam are jam packed with people on motorbikes beeping their horn pushing their way through the noisy, dusty streets. It really is an assault on the senses.

Phnom Penh is hectic as well but pretty much everywhere else it’s very easy to cruise around on a motorbike stress free. I remember riding around Sihanoukville with a smile on my face. Whereas I ride around Saigon cursing people out for being retards. I missed Sihanoukville the moment I left.

In Summary

Cambodia is a great country and I’m glad I gave it another fair shot. The country has everything I could ask for and I think it makes the perfect home base for the single man in Asia. You can live a good hassle free lifestyle for cheap. You can come and go as you please and nobody will bother you about any of your vices.

Of course, it’s not all blowjobs and beef loc lak. Cambodia is rough around the edges… But if you enjoy a bit of adventure then it may be the perfect place to call home.