Vietnam is a special place and I love living out here. One of the biggest reasons I love Vietnam is the women! I think Vietnamese girls are the sexiest girls in Asia. I know, that is a bold statement but that’s my honest opinion. Be sure to read my post about How To Hook Up With Vietnamese Girls. It’s a must read for anyone visiting Vietnam. OK, here’s 3 reasons why you should date a Vietnamese girl.

Vietnamese Girls are Beautiful

Viet chicks are so fine… Their silky smooth white skin drives me absolutely insane. Most have a light complexion and good skin. Very few girls here have acne. Generally speaking girls don’t wear too much make up. I love a girl with natural beauty who doesn’t go nuts with the make up and hair dye. If I wanted to date some slut with a painted on clown face, fried up hair and a fake tan I would have stayed in America.

Of course there are sluts in Vietnam but for the most part girls are very conservative and proper. They will rarely be showing cleavage and wearing revealing clothes. The traditional Vietnamese dress is call the Ao Dai. It is both beautiful and sexy in a subtle way. It shows off a woman’s curves without revealing any skin. I love when girls where this it drives me wild!

Another thing I have noticed is a lot of Vietnamese girls have great boobs. Vietnamese girls are more curvy then Thai girls and I greatly appreciate this. Most are very tiny and petite yet still have nice perky handful tits. In Thailand, most small skinny girls have no body. Overall Vietnamese girls are the most beautiful in the region.

Also, I see far less tattoos, hair dye and diamonds drilled into the teeth. Of course hookers will always do this trashy shit to their bodies but even in Bangkok you will see “good girls” doing this and I hate it. Bangkok girls are becoming more westernized and it’s a major turn off.

Also Thai girls are obsessed with plastic surgery which totally creeps me out. You will never hear a Vietnamese girl saying she wants to “fix” her nose or chin… What the fuck is wrong with these Thai chicks?

Vietnamese Girls Are Loyal

Out of all the countries I have visited I find Vietnamese girls to be the most loyal. For the most part, Vietnamese girls are looking for a nice man to spend the rest of their lives with. In other countries, girls are more open to having a short term fling with a foreigner on vacation.

In Vietnam, girls are looking to have a future together. This is bad if you are just coming to town and wanting to hook up, but great if you actually want to live here and find a nice girlfriend. Generally speaking, it takes some time to get a Vietnamese girl into bed. Read my post about How To Hook Up With Vietnamese Girls.

I dated this girl in Saigon I met on Asian Dating. We had our fun but then I went back to Bangkok. Several month later I returned to Vietnam and I sent her a text message inviting her to dinner. She said, “Sorry I have a boyfriend now. Have fun in Vietnam!”

Wow I was impressed by this… In Thailand, the girl would have five different boyfriends and still come meet me for a free night out on the town. This is not the type of girl you want to date.

I had a similar experience in Nha Trang. I dated a sweet young girl I met on Vietnam Cupid. We had a great time but then I left the city. When I came back she agreed to meet me for a drink. She said she’s dating a man now so we can only be friends… Her new boyfriend doesn’t even live in Vietnam but she still wouldn’t come home with me! Just met me for one drink at the bar and went home. I was impressed. I don’t see this kind of loyalty very often.

In Vietnam, the girls are either very sweet and classy or they are filthy hookers. The good girls are very conservative and they want to get married. The hookers are cutthroat animals who want to blow you in some dark alley and steal your wallet. It’s very easy to know what kind of girl you are dealing with here.

In other countries such as Thailand, there is a thin line between a good girl and bad girl. Some girls aren’t hookers… But if they meet a handsome farang at the club they will go home with him just to hook up. She might even ask for a few thousand baht. Why? Because he’ll probably pay and she knows they will never meet again. It’s hard to know what you’re dealing with out there sometimes.

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Vietnamese Girls Are Hard Workers!

One of my favorite things about Vietnamese girls is their work ethic. Next time you visit Vietnam just stop and look around… Women run this country!

Vietnamese women cook, clean, run the shops and sell crap on the streets. The men hardly move. Vietnamese men just sit around all day drinking coffee and beer, smoking cigarettes and playing cards. If Vietnamese women took a week off work this country would fall apart.

This is another MAJOR difference between Vietnamese girls and Thai girls. Most of the Vietnamese girls I dated were college students who also had jobs and they still had hobbies such as dance classes or sports. Plus they would always find time to meet me at night for dinner.

In Thailand, a girl will have one bullshit job as a promotions girl where she works stands around for five hours each evening. She would spend the rest of her day in bed complaining that she’s too tired to go out… Take some vitamins and get some exercise bitch! What the fuck is your problem?

Even before I came to Vietnam I knew this about Vietnamese women. In my city in America there is a small Vietnamese community. They own restaurants and nail salons and the women are always running these places. They have a reputation of being hard workers and smart business people.

I’m an Entrepreneur who lives an active lifestyle. I can’t stand being around lazy people! Vietnamese girls seem to be the best match for my personality and lifestyle. None of my girls have ever wanted to lay in bed and play candy crush all day… Nope. They’d rather go out and enjoy everything life has to offer.

So that’s it guys. Vietnam is my favorite country to live for a variety of reasons. This beautiful country has a lot going for it and the women are incredible! I highly recommend you visit Vietnam and if you have time to stay, try dating a Vietnamese girl. They are beautiful, intelligent, classy, loyal and hard working. Damn it I hope I don’t fall in love here… I’m not ready to settle down yet!

Be sure to look through my Vietnam section for dating tips and travel guides. Cheers!