What’s up Guys!

I’ve been traveling non stop for about two years now. Over that period of time I have sold, lost and thrown away a bunch of crap. I was also robbed so that lightened up my suitcase a bit too… 🙁

Most people who are new to traveling make the mistake of bringing way too much stuff. Lugging an enormous, heavy suitcase around the world is not fun. It’s always better to pack light and buy what you need at your destination.

Unless you are camping in the African jungle, everything you would ever need will be available where you are staying. In fact, most destinations in Asia offer excellent shopping opportunities.

Besides the obvious essentials such as clothes and toiletries, there are 3 items that are extremely handy to travel with. I will share these items with you here.

3 Things I Never Travel Without

Leatherman Multi Tool

leatherman juice multitool

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I have used this thing dozens of times in the past year. Opening beer bottles, pop the cork on a wine bottle, cut the tags on some new clothes, fix a leaking shower, minor repairs to my bike.

When you are traveling the world you wont have access to your tool box like you do back home. What if you need to do some minor tasks around your apartment? Are you going to call the owner because your towel rack fell off or your sink is leaking? A simple screwdriver or pair of pliers can save the day.

The Leatherman Juice CS4 is a great multitool that is compact, light weight and packs easy. It packs a lot of great features in a tiny package. You will forget you have it until you need it.

swiss army knife

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Another great option is a Swiss Army Knife. These are classic and a great value for the money. You can save some cash by going this route but you have less capabilities. Just be sure to pack it in your checked baggage. No knives in your carry on luggage!

Small Flashlight

fenix eo5 led flashlight

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Another extremely handy item is a small flashlight. I’ve had my trusty Fenix E05 on my key chain for years. The Fenix E05 is extremely small, light weight and affordable. It runs on a single AAA flashlight which is available everywhere. This tiny flashlight is extremely bright for it’s size.

When traveling to developing countries, a small flashlight is a must. I’ve dealt with several power outages when living in Thailand and Vietnam.

Ever been taking a shower at night when the power goes out? Not fun. Need to navigate your way out of your apartment during a black out? You will be glad you have a flashlight handy.

I recommend buying several of these small, high quality flashlights along with extra batteries. Store one in your apartment and one in your day bag. I keep one on my key chain. They are cheap and take up no space so why not?

Many people will rely on their cell phone flashlight for emergencies but this isn’t the best idea… What if your battery is dead? What if you don’t want to waste your battery during a black out? What if you need to use it in the rain? What if you need to let someone borrow a light?

During a blackout in Bangkok I gave my Thai neighbors one of these flashlights so their family could see at night. It’s so cheap that I didn’t really care if they gave it back… They did return it of course. But I would never hand them my iPhone to walk around with. This tiny flashlight saved me many times.

I recommend buying a quality flashlight. Sure you can buy some cheap LED light on Sukhumvit road but it will fall apart in a week. Quality lights are so cheap these days and they will last for a very long time. I like the Fenix flashlights for their quality and affordability.

Kindle Paper White

kindle paper white

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I love the Kindle Paper White! There is no better device for reading books. I love reading and I try to read one book each week.

The Kindle Paper White is light weight, inexpensive and it has an incredible battery life of over one month! The screen has no glare and it feels like you are reading an actual book with paper pages.

Reading on a phone sucks because the screen is too small. Laptops are inconvenient to lug around all day. Tablets have horrible glare when reading outdoors.

I can read on the Kindle Paper White during a sunny day at the beach no problem. Plus it’s cheap enough that I’m not concerned about it getting damaged or stolen… Which is exactly what happened. 🙁 My Kindle was stolen in Bangkok and I still haven’t replaced it. I will order another one from Amazon ASAP. I also highly recommend the slick leather case for the Kindle, also offered by Amazon. Click that link for details.

I love being able to slide that device in my back pocket and go out for the day. Read at the beach, café or on a long train ride. The Kindle Paper White is a must for anyone who enjoys reading. Traveling with physical books is too inconvenient. With the Kindle, I have access to thousands of books in my pocket. Can’t beat that!

If you are traveling long term I highly recommend these three items. They are affordable, extremely handy and they pack light. They make life on the road much easier without weighing me down.