In this post I will discuss five easy steps to help every man live a happier and healthier life. Self improvement is an important life long practice that all men should work hard at daily. We should all strive to become the greatest version of ourselves. Here are my top five ways to become a better man.


I wrote about the importance of strength training before but it’s worth repeating here. All men should be physically active to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Men should do some kind of exercise every single day.

The foundation should be lifting heavy weights and some form of cardio. A mans body was designed to run, climb and lift heavy objects. Not sit and a desk all day, then sit in a car, then sit on the couch and eat processed food out of plastic bags.

We are warriors. When our ancestors got hungry, they didn’t drive to 7/11 to buy a hot dog and a slurpee. They chased a deer into the woods and snapped it’s fuckin neck with their bare hands. Then they dragged it back to the village for a feast before shagging the cave ladies next to the bon fire. OK maybe I’m being a bit extreme here but you get the point…

The average modern man is an overweight, out of shape, weak pussy. But that’s not us. We reject being average. We are strong, brave and intelligent. Always well groomed and well mannered but prepared to fight to the death if necessary for survival. We confidently roam the streets of any city ready for the next adventure life has to offer!

Men should be lifting heavy weights three times per week. Even on days off men should do something physical. Even if it’s just light stretching and walking a mile first thing in the morning. You need to get your blood pumping and heart rate up daily.

I’m not going to bore you with studies and scientific bullshit. I’ll just give you my experience. Strength training feels amazing! After the first month of aches and pains you will become a machine.

Energy levels go up. Stress levels go down. I pop a boner more then a 15 year old in gym class and I sleep like a puppy at night. A man’s body feels best when it’s doing what it’s designed to do. Physical activity.

On top of feeling better, you will look better too! Once you start to lose fat and build muscle the results become addicting. Your confidence will go through the roof and you start to walk with a new swagger. Everyone will notice these changes from your boss to the cute young babes at the gym. Everyone is attracted to a confident man. Dudes want to hang around with them and chicks want to bang them. Just the facts!

I urge all of you to get on a real work out program and stick to it. This includes diet and proper sleep as well. I guarantee this will give you a whole new outlook on life.

Set Goals

All men need to set goals and work hard daily to achieve them. Many men float through life aimlessly with no direction. What day is it? What month is it? Who cares? Every day is the same! They have no vision or dreams. Nothing to strive for.

Men are happiest when they are working hard to achieve something. This can be anything from fitness goals, learning a new language, playing an instrument or starting a new business.

All men should have financial, physical and “fun” goals. For example, I want to make $5,000 per month passive income online. I want to gain 20 pounds and I want to visit Japan. There’s just a few of my goals for the year! From there I can break down those goals into smaller steps and work on them daily.

Set one year goals then break them down into smaller one week goals. Example, for my week that means gym and diet, work hard on different projects online and research cities in Japan. Every day I’m getting closer to my goals and it’s a great feeling!

Every man should sit down and write a long list of what they want in life. No matter how crazy it sounds. Just write it all down then break it into smaller steps. You would be amazed at how much you can achieve if you’re willing to grind for it! What’s even better then achieving your goals is the man you become while you are fighting for what you want in life. It’s the journey that changes you, not arriving at the destination.


“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” ― Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

I love this quote. I couldn’t agree more. Most people are raised in a small circle and don’t have any of their own thoughts and outlooks on life. I think it’s important to get different views of the world and formulate your own opinions about life. The best ways to achieve this is by traveling, meeting different people and from reading books.

I can’t get Brian Tracy as my life coach… But I can read his book for $10 and that’s pretty good. I don’t know Stephen Covey but he has helped me a great deal in life. For $8 why not take advantage of this powerful information?

Learning is a life long process. Every man should spend some time reading every day. First up, men should be reading about whatever industry they are in. Are you a realtor? Read about the market and recent sales prices. Are you into ecommerce? Read about new technology and market trends. The world is constantly changing and if you don’t keep up on the latest developments you will be left in the dust.

I don’t know where you went to school but I must admit that for me, school was a tremendous waste of time. Sure, basic math and English is important. Also, the social interaction is important for young people. But there weren’t many important life lessons taught in school.

The real learning starts when you finish school and get out in the real world. Start your career, start a business, make mistakes, pay bills, manage money. You can’t learn that shit in a classroom. Everyone should continue their education throughout life.

We are very lucky to live in the age of the internet. Just ask google anything you want to know! Sure you have to sift through the bullshit but the info is there. You can also download ebooks instantly from Amazon. Want to start a business online and travel the world? You can do it! You just need to read how and then do the work! It’s really that simple.


Yes I meditate… No I don’t sit with my legs crossed and make weird noises. If you want to try that then go for it! For me meditation is more about organizing my thoughts.

This means taking 20 minutes a day to relax. Usually first thing in the morning I go somewhere quiet and contemplate my goals. I imagine I accomplished everything I’m working for. I really envision it… I can see the money in my bank account. I can see how I look and feel after I worked hard in the gym all year. I imagine partying in Tokyo and relaxing on the beach in Brazil.

I did this same thing in America. I was dreaming about Thailand daily… Several months later I was living there! You can wish something into existence. Of course, you have to do the work as well. But when you imagine something every day, when you want it as bad as a starving man wants food, you will find a way to make it happen!

All men should take some quiet time daily to review his dreams and goals. These days we are completely surrounded by noise and distractions. Friends, coworkers, family, cell phones, TV, internet. How often do you really get to sit in peace and quiet to think?

This is extremely important and I’m sure this small ritual has contributed to my success. I encourage you all to try it. Again, I’m not talking about traditional meditation. You can do this laying in bed, walking on the beach or having your morning coffee. What’s important is that you are alone with your thoughts.

Invest in Yourself

Spoil yourself. Of course we should all save some money and live within our means… But don’t be cheap. Get a massage, buy a new wardrobe, get a nice haircut. Spend a month in Ko Samui. You only live once! You should work hard but also enjoy the fruits of your labor. There’s nothing cool about working your entire life just to die with a bunch of scraps of paper in the bank. Life is about experiences.

There is a difference between spending foolishly and investing in yourself. I know if I travel and make amazing life long memories that is an investmet. An expensive car is a foolish purchase, despite making me happy for the short term. It’s up to you to decide what’s appropriate for you.

For me, anything that goes into or onto my body is important. Food, clothing, health care, books, education, fun experiences. This is an area where I’m not afraid to splurge.

Years ago, I spent several thousand dollars on a real estate class. My friends thought I was nuts… But with that knowledge I went on to do several deals where the profit was over $10,000! That class was an investment that paid off big time.

Many people step over the dollars to save the pennies. Don’t be afraid to spend some cash to better yourself. Buy a book. Take a course. Find a coach.

Buy good healthy food and don’t be afraid to spend some money on it. This is the fuel for your life! Sure you can buy some fried slop on the streets of Bangkok for $2 but is it good for you? NO you will feel like garbage after you eat it and it is contributing to your heart disease in the future. Buying fresh food from the market and cooking it for yourself is often much cheaper anyways. Just find yourself a nice Asian Girl who can cook! 🙂

Men should do their best to take care of themselves physically, even if that means making sacrfices in other areas. Maybe you should party less and buy a cheaper car so you can eat better food, join a gym and buy nicer clothes.

This will make you feel better and look better, which will allow you to get a better job and more pussy. More money + pussy = happier man! 😀

These are the five important life principles I stand by. I just wanted to share these with my fellow men out there. Is there anything I should add to the list? Please comment below! I wish you all much success in 2015 and beyond