What’s up Guys!

In this post I’m going to give you some easy steps to become more attractive to women. Of course, I always recommend working on your self improvement, dressing sharp and working on your fitness. But that is a process, not a simple act.

Here are five simple things you can do today! These are very important but often over looked. Let’s get into it.

Correct Your Posture

This is such an important topic that it deserves it’s own post. I’ll just touch on it briefly here. Having good posture is extremely important for a variety of reasons.

Not only does bad posture have a negative effect on your health, it negatively effects your appearance big time. When I see some guy slouching his shoulders with his head hanging way in front of his chest I think damn this dude is a sloppy mess.

He appears weak and introverted. On the other hand, when I see a dude standing tall, shoulders back with good posture it gives me the impression that he is outgoing and can probably handle himself in a rumble.

Bad posture is an epidemic in our modern society where most people sit on their asses all day. I know I struggle with this myself. I have horrible posture when I’m slumped in front of my computer all day.

When you sit in a certain position all day your body gets used to it. Then you tend to hold this position when you are walking around. Sometimes I walk by a mirror and think SHIT my posture sucks right now.

You need to do the proper exercises to correct the damage done from sitting 8+ hours each day. Stretch out your chest and strengthen your core. Learn how to deadlift.

I’m not going to go in depth and write a training routine here. I will just say that being conscious of the problem is half the battle.

Stand tall with your shoulders pulled back and down. Head above your shoulders. Flex your glutes and your abs.

You don’t have to flex like you’re posing for a photo shoot. Just have your core activated enough to keep things in line. Imagine someone is going to poke you in the belly at any moment.

When your shoulders are back your thumbs should be pointing forward. If they are pointing in then you’re probably rounding your shoulders. Holding correct posture may feel strange if you’re used to slouching but you will get used to it if you work at it daily.


Successful people smile. Guys who get pussy smile. People like successful guys who get pussy. Always keep a positive outlook on life. Good or bad, it’s all a part of the amazing adventure that is life.

People who smile are more attractive. That goes for guys and girls. Nobody wants to chat with the angry dick head in the bar who’s mean mugging anyone.

I can tell you my own experience. Some days I’m in a bad mood and I’ll sit at a café in deep thought without smiling. Guess what? Nobody talks to me. I’ve even had a friend say “you look scary when you’re mad.” Not good.

On the other hand, when I go out with a big smile on my face everyone is friendly and chatting with me. It sounds corny but the saying is true, “smile at the world and it will smile back.”  Sounds fruity but it’s a fact.

Positive vibes spread like cancer. I will often sit at a restaurant where the waitress is clearly pissed off about something. After smiling, chatting and making an ass of myself speaking the local language she will be laughing and having fun. I can see that my small interaction completely changed her mood for the day! 😀

Life is a party. Smile at the children, wink at the pretty girls, say hello to the guys in the room. Winners are happy. Everyone loves to hang around winners.

Drink More Water

Another important yet often overlooked part of everyone’s daily routine. Most people are dehydrated. They don’t drink nearly enough water every day.

Grown men should drink a gallon of water each day. Keep in mind that (my favorite drugs) booze and caffeine dehydrates you as well. Not only does being dehydrated make you feel weak and tired, it makes you look like shit too.

Dehydration makes your skin look dry and wrinkled. Your skin is your bodies largest organ. Your body is approximately 60% water. Do yourself a favor and throw back a few liters of water right now. You will look better and feel better.

Get a Haircut

Men should always be well dressed and well groomed. A fresh haircut is one of the fastest ways to look better. It’s cheap, easy and always effective.

Whenever I get a haircut my girlfriends comment about it. “Wow you got a haircut today? Looks good!” Damn right babe, now take those panties off. 😉

Choose the right hairstyle for you and stick too it. Don’t be lazy. If you rock the hair gel look then do it every morning. Don’t wear hats unless you’re golfing, playing baseball or riding a horse.

Get a trim every week or two. Be sure to maintain that forest of hair growing on the back of your neck. Get a clean shave while you’re at it.

Get a Good Nights Sleep

A proper nights sleep is extrememly important for so many reasons. Not only is it critical to good health, repairing damaged muscle tissue and keeping a sharp mind, it also makes you look better.

Whenever I wake up all hung over after three hours of sleep, people look at me and say – what the hell happened to you?!! I feel like shit and I look like shit. 🙁

There’s nothing you can do to cover this up. You have bags under your eyes and you walk around in a fog half the day.

On the other hand, when you get a solid 8+ hours of quality sleep you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make moves during the day.

This is something I struggle with personally. My sleep is all over the place. Here’s some simple things I’ve been doing to fix my sleeping problem.

Chill out on the booze. Read my guide on How To Avoid a Hangover. Also, I cut down on the coffee. I try to have my last cup around lunch time.

Studies show that caffeine can affect your sleep for up to eight hours. That’s after a very small amount. You may be able to sleep, but it’s not the quality REM sleep that your body needs to feel fresh.

Try to set a sleep schedule and stick to it. You body works best when it’s on some type of routine.

Once I get into a sleep routine, I wake up at the exact same time each morning with no alarm clock. I mean right down to the exact minute. Weird shit maaannnn.

Getting a good night of sleep will keep your mind sharp and you will look refreshed and alert.

There you have it. Five very simple things you can do today to become more attractive. Please subscribe for more great content.