There may come a time when you would like the company of a sexy young lady without the hassle of dating. I don’t find anything wrong with picking up a fine young lady and paying her for a night of great sex.

Here is a crash course on the Naughty Nightlife in Thailand.

GoGo Bars

GoGo Bars are set up like strip clubs in America. There are girls dancing up on a stage surrounded by chairs and couches where you can sit and drink. It is strange because there is no tipping the girls. In America I am used to throwing money on stage to make the girls dance. In Thai GoGos you will be expected to buy drinks while you watch the ladies.

If you see one you want you can invite her to have a drink with you. If any girl sits with you she will expect a “lady drink.” A lady drink is just an over priced drink or shot and she makes a small commission on each one you buy her.

I suggest having a drink or two with the girl you like to make sure she is a fun girl with a good personality. I would rather be with a fun, happy girl with average looks then a perfect 10 who is a miserable bitch. That’s just me.

If you decide you like a girl you can pay the bar and she can leave with you. At the GoGo Bars the bar fine is usually 500-700 Baht. In most high end GoGos the girls will ask for 2,000 Baht on top of the bar fine for “short time.” Short time is one hour back at your place and usually one round of sex. Some clubs have a room where you can take the girl for sex.

You can negotiate for longer amounts of time but I personally don’t take hookers long time. I fuck them hard and throw them out. But feel free to take a girl to the beach for a day or whatever makes you happy.

NOTE: GoGo Bars are the most expensive places to purchase pussy but they usually have the most attractive girls. I really enjoy Bacarra GoGo at Soi Cowboy and Spankys at NaNa Plaza. Lot’s of cute young chicks in these bars. There are too many great GoGo Bars to name so I suggest bar hopping until you find the girl that you like.

Beer Bars

Beer bars are more laid back bars that usually have some pool tables and TVs. They are a great place to kick back and have a few cold ones while you chat with the ladies. There is no dancing but the girls will be happy to drink with you and play a few board games.

The same rules apply as the GoGos. You can bar fine the girl of your choice and then negotiate with her how much for short time or long time.

I find that Beer Bars are a more comfortable place to hang out then GoGos but the girls are not as hot. Beer Bars are usually cheaper for everything from drinks, bar fines and even the girls rates.


Massage Parlors

I always enjoy a good massage with a happy ending. There are Massage Parlors everywhere in Thailand. Most of them you can get full service.

I have even been offered sex by older women working in the most legit looking establishments on the main road of a tourist area. I would say just walk around until a cute girl catches your eye and go for a massage.

It’s roughly 300 Baht for an hour long oil massage and then you can negotiate with them for extras. Prices depend on the girl and what service is provided. You can usually have sex with a cute girl for 1,000 – 2,000 baht. Happy endings are even less.

In my experience the sexy, young chicks usually give horrible massages and are only good for sex. If you want a good massage look for an older Thai lady.


Soapy Massage Parlors

A Soapy Massage is a great experience that every man should try at least once. It’s basically a whore house where you walk in, look at the girls behind the glass and pick a cute one you like.

They will then take you to a private room with a shower, bath tub and bed. She will lay you on a plastic matress and use her naked, soapy body to wash your entire body. It’s a great feeling having a sexy young Thai girl slide her tight wet body all over you.

After that she will rinse you off and take you over to the bed for a massage and sex. Prices are about 2,500 Baht for an hour depending on what city you are in. Pay 5,000 Baht and get two girls! Now that is a party! Read the post The Best Soapy Massage in Bangkok Thailand. 


Blow Job Bars 

If there was one of these in every city the world would be a much better place! 

Walk into the bar and the girls will all line up. Pick one you want and she will take you upstairs to a private room. There she will undress you and wash your cock in the sink. Then she will suck your dick until you cum in her mouth. Prices range from 700 – 1,000 Baht depending on the girl.

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Freelance Girls

Freelance Girls are prostitutes that don’t work for a bar or club. They are independent and work alone. There are freelance girls roaming the streets and bars in every major city.

Some very popular hang outs in Bangkok are Biergarden (Sukhumvit Soi 7), Thermae (Sukhumvit Soi 15), Climax (Sukhumvit Soi 11) and many other places.

Walking along Sukhumvit Road girls will approach you and ask to go home with you. Be careful with these ladies. This is where a lot of guys run into ladyboys or get robbed by a shady bitch.

A girl you take out of a bar will most likely not try to rob you or play games. She works at that same bar every night and you know where to find her. Also, if something happens the bar owner can get involved and go after her. Meeting girls on the street has more risk involved.

Be very careful about bringing strangers back to your room. Lock up all valuables! I find girls are more timid and easy to control when they are alone. When they team up they may try some shit they wouldn’t have the courage to pull on their own. They start talking with each other in Thai and I don’t turn my back on them for a second!

I was once robbed by two Thai Hookers! Check out that funny story sometime.

That said, I have met some fun and sweet freelance girls at the club. Most just want to have fun with their friends and make some extra money at the end of the night. I know freelance girls who work in coffee shops, malls and even school teachers!!!

I think freelance girls offer the best value. There were many nights where my date didn’t come home with me so I just walked into Climax and ordered a beer. Before I finished my beer I found a cute girl willing to come home with me for 1,000 Baht. Doesn’t get much easier then that!

NOTE: Most hotels in Thailand will take the girls ID card at the reception desk. This is to keep track of who comes and goes from their hotel and to keep you safe! Most of the time the girl will leave and security will call my room asking if everything is ok.

They want to make sure you were not drugged or robbed before they give her ID back and let her leave. I think that’s great! Of course there are always places where you don’t have to pass reception or you may have an apartment with doors on the outside but I suggest having the girl leave her ID at the front desk whenever possible.

Most girls are honest. They just want to do their job, get paid and go back to meet their friends. But it’s better to play it safe… They will think twice about stealing something if the hotel has a copy of their ID.

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Escort Services

An escort service is a company that recruits a number of girls to work for them. You can look through the selection of ladies online and order the one you want to come visit you in your room.

This is an interesting concept that would be great for the business man or family man who does not want to run around the bars at night to select a date. You can google “Bangkok Escorts” and a number of websites will show up. Prices average around 5,000 Baht for two hours with a lady of your choice.

NOTE: I have had many prostitutes ask me if I wanted to use a condom or not. I find this frightening as these women suck and fuck dozens of guys every week. Always wear a condom! A quick piece of pussy is not worth having Herpes or HIV for the rest of your life.

There you have it Gentlemen! Be safe and have fun! I’ve spent a lot of time in the red light districts all over Thailand and I’ve made some amazing life long memories.

These days I prefer go on this website to find good Thai Girls. Regardless of your preference Thailand is full of options to keep you happy. This is Single Man’s Paradise!