Road trip. New city. New adventures. This is what life is all about! I must say I was getting burnt out living in the big smoke. The pollution, traffic, crowds of people everywhere. It grinds on your nerves until you find yourself drinking a twelve pack every night and pulling your knife on anyone who looks at you funny.

So I packed up all my shit, said my goodbyes and hit the road. To be honest I was sad to leave. 🙁 I’ve built a nice life for myself here. I know my way around. I have a nice rolodex of cuties that are always down to fuck. I have my gym and my favorite cafes. But this world is big. Time to explore new destinations.

My feeling of sadness faded away as I cruised down the highway on my motorbike. A long day of riding brought me to a new city where I didn’t know a soul. Along the way I got lost. Then it got dark. Then the heavens opened up and rained so hard that I considered stopping off at some random road side hotel for the night. But no, I pressed on and made it to my destination.

I settled into my hotel, showered, cracked a few beers and started trolling Zalo for new “friends.” I added a bunch of chicks and quickly got some conversations going in Vietnamese. Not many English speakers around these parts. One chick immediately caught my interest. Super cute. 19 years old. Skinny. Farm fresh look. Just my type.

We talked back and forth for a while and I invited her to meet for coffee. She agreed. Then she hit me with the famous line… “I have a problem about money. Can you help me?”

Sighhhh…. She certainly didn’t look like a hardened pro. But I guess there’s something about my white face and pointy nose that makes these broads think a new iPhone drops out of my ass every time I take a shit. So I responded with my usual response to this question.

“Yes I can help you, if you help me.” 😉

“Hihi ok,” she said.

I didn’t want to beat around the bush so I straight up told her. “We are going to my hotel. We will have sex. I will give you 500,000 vnd.”

Again, she just responds “hihi ok.”

So I pick her up at her “sisters” house. I was pleased to see that she really is a cute chick. She’s all smiles as she greets me and jumps onto my motorbike. We cruise around the city and head back to my room. We go inside and get comfortable. I crank the AC then go rinse my cock off in the sink.

When I come out she starts playing the whole shy act, like hiding under the blankets when I squeeze her ass. Finally she loosens up and we get into it. I stripped her out of her clothes and she was just perfect. Tall, thin, tan skin, perfect perky handful boobs, nice little tan butt. Wonderful. A work of art.

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Who knows how many guys she’s fucked for money. I tried not to think about that as I went down and munched her scrumptious little pussy.

I won’t get super graphic in this post but damn, that was the best mongering experience I’ve had in ages. She gave me a fantastic BJ with no complaining or rushed service. I banged her hard in every position and then gave her the cream pie.

We laid in bed cuddled up like newly weds. A true “girlfriend experience.” Twenty minutes later my anaconda rose from the sheets and demanded another round. I gave her another good hard fucking in every position before blasting inside her again.

On the way out I handed her 500k and she seemed very happy about that. For the next few days she was texting me non stop saying how she missed me and wanted to see me. Yeah right… she probably just wanted to see more of those 500k notes in her purse! 😀

Regardless, I was happy to find her. I did repeat with her twice after that and it was the same scenario. Bare backed her, two pops, great service with a smile for 500k. That’s about as good as it gets out here! 🙂

I don’t plan on staying in this city long. But if I was, then I would definitely consider putting this chick on the pay roll. I could use a cute, sweet, reliable fuck toy who is always smiling and never gives me any grief.

I’m not the type to catch feelings for hookers. But this chick is a sweetheart. Thank you for the memories Ngoc. I wish you good luck in life. 🙂

Another day in paradise…