Hey Guys,

Just wanted to take the time to write you a warning about dating in Thailand. I already wrote several posts that touch on this such as Gold Diggers in Thailand and How To Tell if a Thai Girl is Good or Bad but I need to expand on this topic a bit more.

Every day it boggles mind my to see how many guys come to Thailand and fall in love with whores. Now I understand what it’s like living in a sex prison such as USA where most chicks are fat masculine bitches.

Many guys come to Thailand and for the first time in their life they experience affection and fun sex with a sweet beautiful young girl. Trust me I know that good pussy is some powerful stuff… It will cast a spell over even the strongest man and have them doing all kinds of crazy shit. Taking hookers on vacations, paying their bills, buying a condo for them to live in… I’ve seen it all.

I could tell you hundreds of stories from my short time living here. Just the other day I met one of my lady friends I met on Thai Cupid. She has no job and she says her ex boyfriend gives her 30,000 baht per month… HER EX!!! She said oh we broke up but he cares for me and he worries about me… OK good for you… So while I am banging her hard from the back I am looking around at all these Kangaroo toys and other Australian souvenirs. What is this??? I ask. That’s from my other boyfriend in Australia, she says.

Guys, these girls are players just like we are! They juggle boyfriends like toys and when one is flying out of Thailand another one is flying in. You are a fool if you think your sweet little Thai lady is at come crying herself to sleep missing you. You need to be very careful about trusting these girls.

Now if you are just here to have a good time with some sexy girls and you want to take them shopping or hand them some cash for their services that’s fine. Live it up in Thailand! That’s what this place is for… The common man can save up a few thousand dollars and live like a fuckin rock star here on vacation.

I think every man should live their wildest sexual fantasies even if they are poor, fat, ugly, old or socially awkward. Without prostitutes many men would go to their graves without ever having great sex with a beautiful woman. That would be a shame!

But the guys who fly back to their home country and work their ass off all year to send a whore money are being foolish. You need to take care of yourself and forget about having a long distance relationship with these girls. When you come back to Thailand there are thousands more waiting for you.

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Just today I saw some foreign guys arguing on this girls Line chat. It was hilarious! Some guy said hello to this girl on her wall and another farang commented saying fuck you! You chat with my girl I will break your jaw! I’m going to kill you!!! Wow I felt embarrassed for this dude. Any night of the week you can find this girl in Climax Club on Soi 11 Sukhumvit. Give her 2,000 baht and you can fuck her all night. This is the girl they are fighting over… SHE’S A WHORE!!! She is not your girlfriend dude… She is anyone’s girlfriend who has a few thousand baht.

I know I may sound like a heartless whore monger but that is not the case. I’m just being realistic. The reality is that prostitutes do not care about you and they never will. You are just a walking ATM and the second you are out of site they will be hugged up with another man. They make their living by getting men to fall in love with them and they are damn good at it. My advice is to have fun but don’t get your heart involved with these girls. Treat them with respect and have fun but remember the golden rule… You can’t make a hoe a house wife.

Another important point I want to make is that gold diggers are a type of prostitute. These girls don’t work at bars and they will not be up front and ask for cash before sex… But if you are going to be seeing them on a regular basis you will have to make some payments. These girls also cannot be trusted. Many of these girls date guys who live outside of the country and a sexy young lady can easily have half a dozen boyfriends sending them cash every month. I am writing to warn you so you aren’t one of them!

That said, there are many sweet good girls in Thailand. I have good girls that I absolutely trust and other girls that I just know are bad news! It’s easy for me to spot them these days but I can understand how someone new to Thailand can get confused. Go back and read my post about Spotting a bad girl for some good tips.

If you find a good girl that you actually like I suggest you take it slow and really get to know her before falling in love. If she is asking you for cash early on this is a bad sign. I will be writing more about finding a good girl so subscribe if you would like more info on that. Have a good day Gentlemen!