Last summer I went back to America to visit family and attend a friends wedding. One night at a bar I ran into some old friends from high school. I don’t stay in touch with many people back home but I have a lot of friends on facebook who see what I’m up to.

Of course they gave me a warm welcome and asked me a bunch of questions about life in Thailand. South East Asia might as well be another planet to people from the East Coast USA. It’s so far that very few people visit this region.

In fact, I don’t know a single person back home that has been here. One of the questions that came up was about the women… When most people think of Thailand they envision the entire country is one big Soi Cowboy.

“Hey how’s the chicks out there? You must be fuckin like crazy!”

I smiled and began telling these gentlemen some stories when one interrupted me and said, “So you just went there to get chicks?”

Ummm no… But the “chicks” are certainly one of the reasons I love Asia.

I am not a sex tourist.

I did not move to Thailand so I can visit the GoGo Bars every night. But I certainly do not look down on anyone who did. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone I couldn’t care less how people spend their time or money.

I love Thailand for so many reasons and yes, the beautiful Thai women are part of that equation! Read my post How To Meet and Seduce Beautiful Thai Women.

However, if Antarctica was crawling with sexy ladies I still would not go there. Too far, too boring and too fuckin cold.

Laos looks beautiful but they throw you in prison for shagging the local ladies, therefore I would not live there.

Single Man’s Paradise is a place that ranks well in all three of my categories.

Women, Cost of Living and Quality of Life.

You can read about my rating system here.

Certain countries have such a wild reputation that people will judge you if you travel there. My friend has a high profile government job back home and he is hesitant to join me in the Philippines because he doesn’t want people to think he is partying and banging chicks…

Wow, sounds like a great job you got there… Personally I don’t give a fuck what people think or say. I know who I am and what I’m doing. I don’t need to explain shit to anyone.

I didn’t expect to get this holier then thou attitude from a bunch of dudes drinking at a bar but there it is… Perhaps it’s jealousy?

He decided to shack up with his high school sweet heart and have a litter of kids. He’s a quarter million in debt, hates his job and has to bang the same ugly chick every night once his kids fall asleep.

I decided to travel the world while I build my own business and date the most beautiful foreign women on the planet.

Life is all about choices. You need to decide what you want your life to look like then go out and make it happen.

I am not a sex tourist. I am an entrepreneur. World travel is my passion.

I’m also a young single man with an insatiable appetite for beautiful women.

Live your dreams people… Because I’m living mine.

For that, I have no apologies.