Angeles City is one of the most popular mongering destinations on the planet. Its reputation is infamous. Ever since US soldiers were based in the area, sexy Filipinas from all over the country flocked there to make some money working in the bars. But how is Angeles City as a place to live? Today I will give you my full location review.

Angeles City, Philippines – Women Rating 5/5

If easy access to sex is high up on your list of priorities, then it’s hard to beat Angeles City. The place is absolutely packed with whores. There must be hundreds of girly bars going from Walking Street, down the side roads and along Perimeter Road. Each has their own vibe from dirty little beer bar type places to high end GoGo bars. Login to read the forum thread Nightlife in Angeles City, Philippines.

There’s also a bunch of massage parlors scattered in between and more freelancers than you can handle. One of my favorite places to find pussy is the club High Society. I wrote about this place in this post about my time in Angeles. Be sure to read that one if you haven’t already.

Every night hundreds of freelancers show up at High Society looking for customers and there are plenty of stunners around. If you are young and have a little “game” you can get some bargains. I’ve even pulled chicks out of there for free. But if they’re obviously whores then I usually offer 1,000 ($20) for short time. And I usually get it too. Cheap easy sex with a cute spinner is a great way to end a night of partying. 🙂

Mongering in Angeles City, Philippines

There’s also a lot of hookers online. You can find them on WeChat, Badoo, Pina Love and Filipino Cupid. There’s a lot of hot girls who strictly work on the dating sites. This is a convenient option. But it’s also a sad testament to how technology is ruining the bar scene. Girls no longer need to work in a bar. They can just lay in bed and select their choice of customer from the dozens of messages they get everyday. Times sure are changing!

I used this option the other night. I was sitting in my room relaxing. I wanted some pussy but I really wasn’t in the mood to go out. I’m burnt out on drinking so I’m taking a little break from the nightlife. This place will destroy you if you don’t have any self control. Anyways, I jumped on Pina Love and started texting every chick who was online and had a sexy pic. Offered one chick 1,000 pesos to come over and she agreed. Turns out she was just a short walk away from my place! Easy as ordering a pizza. 🙂

One thing that kind of turns me off is most chicks in Angeles City have kids. I guess teenage pregnancy is an epidemic in the Philippines. Because even nineteen year olds will have a three year old son somewhere in the province. Most of them are still slim with tight little bodies. But of course… Some haven’t held up so well… So maybe the GoGos are the better place to meet a chick because you get to see their body in a bikini before you get them home.

Can You Date Good Girls in Angeles City, Philippines?

The answer is YES! In my recent blog post Balls Deep in Angeles City I talked about the first three nights I was in Angeles I banged three different chicks for FREE. And no, I don’t do that shoring shit. These were just normal girls with normal jobs. So if I can do it, you can do it too.

Angeles City has a lot of hotels and restaurants. You will find a lot of very cute girls working in these places. Filipina women are cute, friendly and easy to talk to. Everywhere I go eat I will strike up a conversation with my waitress. I can usually get their number with ease and they are all happy to hang out sometime.

This is a huge deal for me. As some of you may know, I prefer dating good girls over mongering. But I need access to both to be happy. I was very pleased by the amount of good girls in Angeles. Of course it’s nothing compared to a mega city like Manila, but there are more than enough to keep me occupied. Solid 5/5 here.

Angeles City, Philippines – Cost Of Living Rating 4/5

You can live in Angeles City very cheap if you wanted to. I saw some furnished apartments starting at just $200 USD per month. Now these places aren’t luxurious… But they are livable. Beer, whores, food, bike rentals, entertainment. Everything is very reasonably priced.

Apartments in the Philippines do seem to be over priced compared to Vietnam or Thailand, but I wouldn’t call them expensive. If you want to live it up in Angeles then I recommend living in Kandi Towers. These buildings are very nice. They have a pool and a gym. Plus their location is excellent. Conveniently located on a quiet back street just a short walk to the action. A furnished studio apartment at Kandi Towers will run you about $600 USD per month. If I were to live in Angeles long term, I would probably live there. Just be sure to book well in advanced because they’re usually full.

Angeles City, Philippines – Quality Of Life Rating 3/5

Angeles City has everything you need to live a comfortable life. Plenty of nightlife and women. Both good girls and whores. Restaurants offering every kind of food you could ask for. Some very nice serviced apartments near the action. Several malls including SM Mall which is enormous.

There’s an international airport which is a huge plus. Clark airport has flights to other countries in Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong. You can also get cheap flights to other locations in the Philippines such as Boracay. Anything you need, you can find it in Angeles City.

But there are some negatives… The city is a shit hole. The traffic is horrendous on the main roads Fields and McArthur. Sometimes going to the gym by motorbike would take me fifteen minutes when I could probably walk there in half that time. Most nights I would just leave my motorbike parked and walk everywhere out of convenience. If you live in Angeles City, I highly recommend you stay within walking distance to Walking Street. This will make your life much more enjoyable if you don’t need to commute.

The air quality in Angeles City is terrible. I don’t want to sound like a whining bitch right now. I’ve lived in South East Asia for about five years now so I know what to expect. I’ve lived in Bangkok and Saigon. I’ve spent time in Phnom Penh and Manila. Pollution is just part of the deal here. But in Angeles it seems really bad for such a small city. The jeepneys and the trikes belch out clouds of toxic smoke while you’re sitting in traffic. It’s not just unpleasant, I think it’s really dangerous. I actually got a sore throat and a cough during my stay. It could have been from the dirty pussies I was licking but I think it was from the pollution.

There’s no escaping that smell of diesel smoke unless you’re indoors. As soon as I step out of my hotel that smokey stench is in the air. There’s one tiny park in Angeles and I would go there to take a walk sometimes. Unfortunately there’s several lanes of traffic on all sides of that tiny park so it’s not much of an escape. If you live in Angeles, just buy yourself a face mask for your commutes and don’t expect to spend a lot of time sitting outside on park benches and shit.

Poverty is also quite apparent in Angeles City. I’ve witnessed this before in places like Cambodia but if you’re new to south east Asia then it might shock you. Homeless families with their filthy naked babies sleeping on the sidewalks. Crowds of child beggars it tattered clothes are roaming the streets at all hours of the night and crowding around you with their hands out. I’ve become jaded to it all but still, there are times when it kind of bums me out to spend $50 drinking at the bar then walking by some old lady starving in the gutter. 🙁 I help when I can, but I can’t save the world or give every person a dollar who asks me. Of course there are thieves and scammers around but you can see that some people here are really flat out broke and suffering. Kind of kills the fun vibe at times.

Another negative thing. Angeles is really small. The relevant area anyways. You will see the same people all over the place. Sometimes I would see chicks I banged out having dinner with another dude. Stuff like that doesn’t bother me. I actually find it funny. But if you’re looking to juggle a bunch of good girls then you’re better off in a bigger city like Manila. Or just be an open and honest whore monger and you won’t have any problems.

OK let’s get back to the positive stuff. Angeles City is in a fantastic location. If your country doesn’t offer direct flights to Clark then just fly into Manila and take a bus service up to Angeles. I took a private taxi which cost me $50 and got me there in 1.5 hours. The bus is much cheaper. Only $6 I believe.

The beach in Subic Bay is about one hour south by car or motorcycle. Subic is a great location itself and I would probably spend a lot of time there if I lived in the area. Nice laid back beaches, mountains, GoGo bars. Clean air and nature. It’s a great place to hang out for the weekend. If they could pick up Walking Street in Angeles City and move it down to Subic then I would have found my ultimate paradise. But I guess we can’t have it all.

Up north there are other interesting locations I’m planning on exploring such as Baguio, La Union and Hundred Islands Park. Luzon is a huge island with so much to explore. And Angeles City is the perfect jump off point for road trips.


Women – 5/5

Cost Of Living – 4/5

Quality Of Life 3/5

Angeles City, Philippines – Single Man’s Paradise Rating – 12/15

Despite its flaws, I like Angeles City and I would live there. It’s rough around the edges but it has everything I need. When I get fed up with the pollution and traffic then I can just ride down to Subic Bay to chill out on the beach. Angeles is sort of like a little Manila. Dirty and polluted, but fun and convenient. Plus it’s cheaper! A single man can have the time of his life there… But it’s not all easy pussy and cold beer. The place has its warts.

If you like a bit of adventure and a wild west vibe then you might enjoy Angeles City. And if you like to party like a maniac and fuck LBFMs until your dick is sore then AC is your top destination.

Have you been to Angeles City? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the place. Click the link below to join the forum discussion.