How much sex is considered unhealthy? I’m seriously starting to wonder that… Maybe I’ll type that question into google next. I’ve been back in Vietnam for a month now and I’ve been fucking like a rabbit. Not a single day has gone by where I haven’t blasted a load in or on a young Asian slut. No Mr. Grumpus… There’s no jacking off in Single Man’s Paradise! πŸ˜€

Hey I managed to write four new blog posts for the month of October so I’m being somewhat productive right? πŸ˜€

I wonder if this is the lifestyle Tim Ferris envisioned when he wrote The Four Hour Work Week? Create a location independent business so you can spend your free time binge drinking in third world countries and having unprotected sex with strange girls you meet online…

No… Tim Ferriss is no degenerate. He advises becoming a productive member of society. Have goals and hobbies to keep yourself busy. Well, we all need hobbies. Mine just happen to be getting blowjobs from cheap hookers and ejaculating inside tight Asian teen pussy.

I was intrigued by this concept of “lifestyle design” so I set out to experience it for myself. Have I made it? Is this what success looks like? Am I finally a “digital nomad?”

Or am I just an alcoholic whore monger with a laptop? Bare backing my way through every big city and small town in south east Asia… It’s been one hell of a ride my friends… And I’m just getting started. πŸ˜› Hope you crazy bastards continue to follow along on this epic journey of being balls deep in Asia.

Just reflecting back on this past month and I decided to write down as much as I can remember. My sex life is insane and I really should start keeping a diary. I hit the clubs hard in October and I also put in a lot of work on Vietnam Cupid and Asian Dating. OK so here it is…

My October 2015 Cream Pie Report

The Fat Slut

I was at the club one night and this fat little slut walked by me… She has a real pretty face but she’s about five feet tall and built like a tank. She had enormous boobs spilling out of her little black dress.

She looked me up and down and smiled at me. I looked into her eyes and I could instantly tell she wanted to suck my cock. I leaned over and said hello… After a short chatΒ I told her I want to leave this club and I want her to come with me…

She looked into my eyes and asked “what do you want?” I whispered into her ear, “I want to fuck…” Without flinching, she said “where do you live?” πŸ˜›

We went back to my place and quickly got naked. I bent her over on my bed and licked her pussy and ass. I love the taste of sweaty hairy pussy… πŸ˜› I refuse to let girls shower after the club. Is that sick? Nothing gets my dick hard like the scent of a woman…

I licked her good and long until she started convulsing into orgasm. I always love getting girls off like that… Seeing them shutter in ecstasy is such a turn on. Except this girl was kind of fat so her beer belly started jiggling around a bit. πŸ™

I then mounted her bare back and slammed this pig in every position. I finished by shooting a huge load inside her. Mission accomplished. God I love sluts…

Oh by the way guys. If you want to learn how to suck pussy like a boss then pick up this book called “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner. The female orgasm is an elusive creature. Most girls can’t get off from a good hard pounding… You need to be more patient and gentle in your approach.

I like to lick my bitch to get her off then I take my turn and fuck her how I want. If you don’t care about the chick then who cares if she gets off… But I promise you this, if you suck her pussy good she will be calling you every night! πŸ˜€ OK let’s move on…

My Reliable Fuck Toy

I met a girl working at a cafe a while back… This girl is just average looking. She’s very sweet and innocent looking and she doesn’t speak english. I’m a regular at this cafeΒ and we would chat using google translate every time I would visit. She said she wanted me to teach her english and we exchanged numbers.

One day she randomly texts me asking for money… She said her family is very poor and they could not pay rent… She asked if I could give her some moneyΒ to help pay the bills… Because you know, all white guys are rich…

I said sorry sweetheart, I can not give away money for nothing. I am not a rich man! At this point we weren’t even close friends and I had never even met her outside of work… I find it odd that she’s asking a stranger for money like that…

But she said it was an emergency and she really needed help. She said she could work for me. Cooking, cleaning, anything I want! πŸ™‚

After some back and forth discussion I told her if she was my girlfriend I could help her out… And she agreed. In this case, “girlfriend” was a nice way of saying she will be my fuck toy when I need to drain my ball bag.

She came to my room and received her first caucasian penis. Her pussy was tight but she soldiered on as I pounded away balls deep in this fresh Asian teen.

Finally I blasted my load inside her and handed her some cash… I’m always happy to help a girl in need. πŸ˜‰ We text every once in a while and anytime I need her she comes over. I always throw her a little cash for her time. Anywhere from $5-$15 a pop.

Anyways, several nights this month I called her to come visit. It’s good to have some reliable pussy on call. πŸ™‚ She never bothers me or asks questions. We never go on dates. Strictly meet in my room for a quickie and then she’s out the door.Β Damn I love Asia! πŸ˜€

Perfect Tits

I met a girl on Vietnam Cupid and I shit you not, she has the greatest pair of tits I’ve ever seen! They are some under cover tits too because she doesn’t wear revealing clothing to show them off. Just the opposite actually… I didn’t even know those puppies were hiding under that shirt! This girl tends to dress down and it’s a bit of a turn off. Oh well.

Besides the A+ knockers this girl is a solid 7. Real sweet girl though… We went out on several dates and then I invited her over to my place. You know the drill from here. Tongued her down clit to crack then pounded her in every position. Finally I let a hot cream pie explode into her guts.

Good times! But now she’s in love… In fact, she was smothering me to death so I politely let her go by saying I wasn’t ready for anything too serious. She was asking about kids and marriage and I was like oh shit this is too much… We still chat and I met her a few days ago for lunch… No sex or anything. Just friends. πŸ™‚

The Lying Whore

I met another sexy little spinner on my favorite dating site Asian Dating. I’m actually in love with this girl and I just creamed her again this afternoon! She’s so fine… Cute, funny, speaks good English. I liked her so much I asked her to be my girlfriend the first week we met! No bullshit…

But then… Something happened. I won’t give you the whole boring story here but I’ll just sayΒ I caught her lying to me. No big deal… But knowing that she can lie so easily just turned me off to the option of ever seriously dating her. πŸ™

After some deep thought about the situation, I have decided to continue dropping cream pies into her for as long as possible but I will never be dating her seriously. I’ll just keep stringing her along until the relationship crashes, burns and dies a horrible death.

What do you guys think about this strategy? I never put up with bullshit but damn that pussy is good… She sucks dick like a pro and rims my ass too. Hard to find that in Vietnam! πŸ˜›

Professional Cock Sucker

I met another girl on Vietnam Cupid. She’s really hot… I must say I was surprised by how beautiful she was because her pics online are horrible. She needs to take some better ones… Anyways, when finding girls online you will have to sort through a lot of horrible profiles before you find some good ones. But they are there…

This girl really is a gem. She is super hot, sweet and speaks good English. Also, she gives THE BEST BLOWJOBS ever!!! No bullshit. I’ve been sucked off by a lot of professional whores and this girl is the best.

I never feel any teeth. She takes my big thick cock all the way down the hatch without gagging. She licks my balls and ass. Best part… She swallows every time without flinching! πŸ˜›

She takes my full load and keeps on sucking… In fact, one time she sucked me off, then kept sucking until I got hard again, and then sucked another load out of me! Then she KEPT SUCKING for another five minutes until I told her to STOP I had enough! πŸ˜€ I’ve never blown my load twice from a BJ so that was incredible.

The other night she slept over and I woke up to her sucking my dick… Ahh what a good alarm clock. Now that is what I call ‘lifestyle design!’ πŸ™‚ She even rimmed me after I was ripping farts in bed all night. She’s a trooper…

OK so this girl seems like the total package right? She’s probablyΒ the best I’ve found this month. When I came back to Vietnam my goal was to find a hot, cool chick to settle down with… OK not settle down too much… No marriage or children… But I would like one hot girl to devote my free time to. That way I can stay out of the bars and the whore houses for a while.

So far this one is a winner… But I’m just not feeling her that much. Hard to say why exactly. When she’s not sucking my cock, I just don’t have much fun with her. She’s kind of boring to hang out with and she’s super clingy… She’s smothering me to death actually.

The Lying Whore I talked about earlier is the exact opposite. Never a dull moment when we’re together. Ahh well, I guess you can’t have it all…

Hairy Pussy

This is another girl I met on Vietnam Cupid months ago. Sweet girl, but speaks very little English. I’m done dating girls who can’t speak English since I just don’t have the patience for it anymore. I’m bored to death every time we hang out so I broke it off with her a while back…

Well, one day I was home alone with a raging boner so I started scrolling through my phone… I texted her and said I miss your pussy…. Actually, I left the “r pussy” off the end of that sentence… πŸ˜‰

After a short chat she came over. We hadn’t talked for a while so she was resisting my advances, but eventually she spread her legs and let me enter. Her pussy is fantastic but I just can’t stand hanging out with her.

This girl has the personality of a box of rocks but she has a smokin hot little body. She also has the hairiest pussy I have ever seen! No bullshit. Tiny petite girl with an enormous thick unshaved bush. I always have to run around my apartment sweeping up cunt hairs after she goes home. Reminds me of raking leaves back in America.

I don’t know how I got into the hairy pussy fetish… I certainly wasn’t into that shit back in America. I demanded my pussy be bald back in the States. But there’s something about a petite, innocent looking, farm fresh Asian spinner with a big natural muff that makes my dick swell up and start throbbing… Ah well, just thought I’d share that with you. πŸ˜›

Smiley Hot Toc Whore

One day I drove up to my favorite Hot Toc. It’s dirty, it’s sketchy and the service is a solid 5/10 but they charge me 150,000 VND ($7 USD) for a blowjob so I hit that place up in the afternoon after breakfast. Need to nut off so I can get on with my day you know? And at $7 a pop why not?

I chained up my bike and said a quick prayer to god that it wouldn’t get stolen in the ten minutes it will take me to drop a load. I walked in and I saw my usual suck doll laying in the chair half asleep. There was also a new girl in there I had never seen before. Her looks were slightly below the other girl but I decided I to try the new talent.

We went behind the curtain and I dropped my pants. She began pecking at my mushroom tip like a hungry bird… Not pleasurable whatsoever. Fuck… I was wondering, is it too late to switch girls? But I figured once her lips touched my dick there was no refunds…

I asked her how much for boom boom and she quoted me 500,000 VND ($23). I tried to bargain but she wouldn’t budge. The BJ was so awful that I had no other choice but to go for the bang. Oh well, don’t have to twist my arm! πŸ˜‰

This girl was probably a 7/10 but she had a great attitude. This is rare for hookers in Vietnam so I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. She was smiling and giggling the whole time. She kept touching my body and telling me I was handsome. Good service! πŸ™‚

If any Vietnamese hookers are reading this, then they should take notes… Guys want to have a fun and pleasant experience during sex! They don’t want to be hassled and yelled at by some sour face cunt! Moving on…

She handed me a tiny Vietnamese sized rubber which I stretched onto my cock. Nothing worse then that shit… If I knew I was going to fuck I would have brought my own rubbers… I think I still have some of those things laying around somewhere. πŸ˜‰

You may want to read my post The Best Condoms Money Can Buy.Β I talk about cream pies a lot but I do rubber up with hookers…

Once I got the tiny rubber on, I pumped her pussy in three different positions. Missionary, then I let her ride me, and I finished by bending her over the massage table and plowing her from behind. She was obviously in pain towards the end so I tried to get it over with… I guess they don’t get many big white cocks coming through that area. πŸ˜€

More Hot Toc Blowjobs

OK so that wraps up my cream pie report for October. That’s six “good girls” cream pied and one random hooker. I prefer good girls at the moment but mongering is an important part of my lifestyle as well.

Besides going on a wild dating spree I also dropped by the Hot Toc for a BJ on seven different occasions. I usually go in the late morning after I eat breakfast.

Strike Outs…

You can’t get them all! I also had some dates that didn’t end with sex. I consider it a ‘strike out’ when a girl comes to my room but doesn’t give me sex. I always go for it… But sometimes it’s just not going to happen.

I had four different girls come to my room, lay on my bed with me and not let me fuck them.Β I made out with these chicks and that’s about it…

One girl was a vigin but I got her down to her panties and she was jacking me off… She wouldn’t go further then that and no way I was going to get off by some virgin dry jerking me so I just ended it there and enjoyed watching a movie together…

It’s hard to put your throbbing cock away after that kind of action but I tried to be a gentleman about the situation. Taking a girls virginity is some heavy shit too… I didn’t really want that responsibility.

More Random Dates

I told you I went on a dating spree right? Well, I just checked all my text messages and I went on dates with 14 other girls in October… These are random girls I met besides the ones I banged.

A date can be anything from a cup of coffee, to lunch or partying all night… Some days I went on three different dates… Coffee in the morning, lunch, then drinks at night… There might have been more but my quick count was 14 random meetings.

Honestly, I’m exhausted. It’s time to chill out for a while. My mission was a success. I wanted to jump back on my favorite dating sites to find some new prospects. I did that and now I will keep my top two picks to juggle for a while. πŸ™‚

As you can see, dating is a numbers game. You message 50 girls, 30 will respond, 15 will meet you, 5 will fuck you, 2 will rim your asshole. πŸ˜› Well, those have been my odds anyways.

November has been a productive month thus far. I’m grinding on work and going hard in the gym. I even went a day or two without getting wasted! πŸ˜€

I’m saving money and I’m tracking all my expenses. People have been asking for my exact cost of living out here so I’m trying to keep track of everything. Stay tuned for that next month!

A lot of great stuff on the way guys. Thanks for reading and have a great week!