I woke up at the Gramercy building in Makati. I was hung over and nauseous as fuck from partying on P Burgos street the night before. I arranged a private car service to drive me to Angeles City. The bus is much cheaper than a taxi but I hate buses. They’re usually slower and hotter than a taxi. Plus if I want to pull over and puke my guts out that’s easier to do with my own private car.

The driver text me and said he would be an hour late… OK no problem… I went to a cafe around the corner and ordered breakfast. Minutes later I got a call and it was the driver. He was actually an hour early… Ok… So I took a bite of my muffin, a sip of my coffee, left it there on the table and we were on our way.

The ride to Angeles was surprisingly painless. There was a little traffic leaving Manila but once we were on the highway it was smooth sailing. It felt good to escape the concrete jungle that is Manila. We arrived in about an hour and a half.

I stayed at the Red Planet hotel. Do not stay at this hotel. It’s clean and priced right but it’s too far from walking street. I walked from Red Planet to Walking Street once and I was drenched in sweat. That’s not a fun road to walk down either. So it would require a trike ride there and back several times a day at 100 pesos a pop. Only $2 but that adds up. When you visit Angeles City, you must stay within walking distance to walking street. That’s where all the action is.

I checked into my hotel, drank a bunch of water and fell asleep for a few hours. I needed to charge my batteries for the night ahead. That evening I headed down towards Walking Street to explore the area.

Angeles is a grimy little city. There’s nothing particularly charming about the place. It reminds me of Sihanoukville, Cambodia without the beach. If there were no whores in Angeles City then there would be zero appeal to the place. The city lay out is fucked with the few main roads slammed with traffic during rush hour. Most buildings look old and dilapidated. Apparently this city was in its prime decades ago when the US soldiers were around. I don’t think much has been updated since then. The paint is peeling off the old signs but the whores and punters remain. There’s a bunch of new hotels scattered around the city but Angeles still has a rustic “wild west” charm.

But aesthetics aside, it is a lively little town. Walking down the street you will see all kinds of activity. The walking street area reminds me of a sketchier version of Soi Nana in Bangkok. A lot of the same sights and sounds. Whores in mini skirts. Ladyboys galore. Shady dudes selling viagra and stun guns. Child beggars and thieves. Trikes weaving in and out of traffic.

It’s a fun vibe and I like it. It was a stark contrast to my last home base. One other thing that stood out to me is there are NO, and I mean ZERO mainstream tourists. No western families or buses full of Chinese group tourists. It’s all guys. Everyone is there for the pussy. Mostly white guys and a shit load of Koreans.

I was also surprised by the number of black mongers there. I guess Filipinas are more open to sleeping with black guys because I’ve never seen that many in places like Pattaya. Most of them seem to be African Americans and not Nigerians or other Africans. I heard a lot of American accents in the restaurants and I even had a chat with one guy there on vacation. Most of them seemed ok. Minding their own business and hanging out with their girls. They’re not out on the streets selling dope or pimping like the blacks in Bangkok.

I ducked into a bar for a cold beer and some food. My waitress was beautiful. She had a nice thick ass and big fat tits. Every time we locked eyes we would smile at each other. We had a nice conversation as she waited on me. I drank a few beers, had dinner and went on my way.

From there I went bar hopping up and down Walking Street. A lot of the GoGos really didn’t stand out to me. When you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. But the GoGos are rocking and they are packed with young hotties. Here are a few memorable places that stood out to me.

Club Atlantis GoGo Bar. Walking Street, Angeles City Philippines

Club Atlantis GoGo Bar has a pretty unique set up. There’s a large two floor stage on one end and plenty of seating all around. I bought some lady drinks and had my hands on some asses while watching the other girls dance.

Another bar I had fun at was Voodoo bar. This place is attached to Kokomos restaurant. There’s a lot of ugly girls in these bars but if you look hard there are some cuties around. Any place can be fun if you meet the right girls. I was in Voodoo getting massaged by two hotties and sipping beers while watching the dancers on stage. It feels good to be treated like a king. 🙂

High Society Club. Walking Street Angeles City, Philippines

High Society is a legendary club in the middle of Walking Street. This is not a GoGo bar, it’s just a regular nightclub. But every night it’s absolutely packed with freelancers. Looks can range from fat and stubby, half pug half monkey looking women to absolute stunners. I also met several “good girls” who were just there to hang out with friends and dance. One of which I banged out free of charge. More on that later…

Aqua Beach Club, Roof Top of ABC Hotel

This place is awesome. What a great set up. I don’t know the owner but he deserves props for building this place. It was designed from the ground up as a single man’s playground. It’s a roof top club on the top of the ABC Hotel. <— Click that link to see the pics on Agoda. This place is just insane!

It has a huge swimming pool, bar, restaurant, DJ booths, stages with sexy girls dancing, private cabanas that you can rent out for parties. They can even provide sexy dancers for your party, but I think you’re better off finding your own LBFMs around Walking Street.

It’s a great place to hang out day or night. The hotel looks awesome too but I haven’t stayed there. I will stay there on my next trip for sure. It’s a great location too. Just a few minutes from Walking Street.

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I’m not really into GoGo bars as places to hang out. They’re often over priced, loud, pushy and annoying. It’s fun to pop in for a drink some nights but I prefer hanging in more normal bars. Then I just pull a freelancer later on. This is not only the cheaper option, but it’s also more enjoyable for me. If I can’t meet a normal girl in the normal bars I’ll just shag a cheap whore. It’s great to have options. 😀

A few other places I liked was Robs Gastropub, which is down that side road near Kokomos on Walking Street. Nice big bar with lot’s of local young people hanging out in there. Mostly groups there so it’s better to bring some friends. And Brettos which is an open air bar / restaurant down the end of Walking Street by McDonalds. Nice place to play some pool or just have a beer and watch the freak show that is Walking Street.

How Much Does Sex Cost in Angeles City Philippines?

One good thing about Angeles City compared to Manila is the mongering is much cheaper. In Manila, I paid 1,950 for a bar fine and 3,000 to my girl. I read 2,500 is the norm but I didn’t try to bargain.

In Angeles, every bar I asked said the bar fine is 3,000 and that includes sex. You don’t pay anything to the girl. That’s quite the bargain. In Subic Bay it’s even cheaper! But I’ll save that info for another post. 😉

There are loads of freelancers as well as good girls on Pinalove.com It’s free to sign up there so it’s worth a look. Also a shit load of horny ladyboys on there too so be prepared. It is the Philippines version of Thai Friendly, another free dating site popular with freelancers. Filipino Cupid is a paid dating site if you’re looking to date “good girls.” A lot of very pretty chicks there. It’s mostly good girls looking for a real relationship but I’m sure some can be convinced to come make a few bucks. 😉 If you have a little “game” you can easily bang chicks for free off that site so it’s worth signing up.

WeChat and Badoo are super popular with freelance prostitutes and bar girls. Freelancers will ask anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 a pop. I found the normal starting price is 2,000. I easily negotiated a few down to 1,500 and even 1,000 so there are some deals to be found there.

Massage girls are everywhere on the streets handing out their cards. 500 for a massage seems standard and I’m sure 1,500 extra would have you balls deep in that snapper. They will come right to your room if you want. But I have a confession to make…


The rest of this post gets pretty crazy so I’ll put it in the members only forum. It’s free to sign up. Just click the link below and create a profile. See you in the forum!