I landed in Manila at 3:30 am. I grabbed my suitcase, pulled some pesos out of the ATM and bought a sim card. I was tired and a bit impatient. I asked for a sim card with internet and phone service and I didn’t care much about the details. It cost me 600 pesos. I paid and left, using a yellow taxi which used the meter. No problems at all.

I check into my Airbnb condo and my phone was blowing up. WTF I just got this number 15 minutes ago. Who could this be? It was the broad who sold me the sim card.

“Sorry sir, I charged you 600 pesos but I should have charged you 900 pesos sir. Can you come back and give me the 300 pesos sir? Please sir.”

WTF? I politely said sorry but NO. This is not my mistake. It would cost me 300 pesos to take a taxi back to the airport. Pay her the 300 I owe. Then another 300 for the taxi back to my room. This was at 4:00am after a full day of traveling. Fuck that shit.

I wandered around outside until I found a Chinese restaurant that was open late. I sat my ass in a booth, stuffed myself with Chinese food and pounded Sam Miguel beers while listening to the staff sing along with the radio. Filipinos seem to be a happy bunch of people. Always polite, laughing and joking around. I felt welcome as soon as I stepped off the plane.

Prior to my trip I signed up for the dating site Filipino Cupid. I upgraded to a platinum membership for a year. Let me tell you, this site is a gold mine. I got so many messages within the first few days it’s overwhelming. I couldn’t even read them all. If the chicks weren’t in Manila they would get deleted immediately. If they were in Manila but their pic didn’t look good then they would get deleted immediately. There’s simply not enough time to entertain these girls if they’re not in my city. I really want to go after quality vs quantity here.

If you’re thinking about traveling to the Philippines then I highly recommend you join Filipino Cupid. You can create a profile for FREE and search the girls. This will give you an idea of how many cuties are online and wanting to meet you. If you want to send messages then you must upgrade your account. It only costs about $20 for a month and it’s worth every penny, trust me.

You can use Badoo, Tinder and Wechat for free but the quality is terrible compared to Filipino Cupid. A lot of massage parlors spamming guys looking for business. And a fuck load of ladyboys which you can’t block from contacting you. Pina Love is another free dating site in the Philippines. But being free, it’s also overrun with ladyboys and hookers. It’s worth a look if you want another option but overall Filipino Cupid is the best place to meet good girls in the Philippines.

Traffic in Manila, Philippines

There were literally dozens of girls who wanted to meet up with me on my first day. There’s just one major issue… The traffic. Manila is an enormous crowded city. The traffic is horrendous and it can take several hours to get from one end of the city to another. I had one really cute chick who wanted to meet up but she was in another part of metro Manila. I agreed to pay for the Uber but it was 900 pesos one way. Plus it would take her over two hours to get to my place. 🙁

Fuck that… I’m not waiting 2+ hours plus paying 2,000 pesos for this broad to come see me. I’d rather hit the streets and find something close by. This happened several times. The girls were down to meet me but I didn’t feel like waiting around. So my first full night in the Philippines I decided to head out alone.

Mongering at the famous LA Cafe in Ermita, Manila, Philippines

After dinner and bar hopping a bit I took a taxi to the famous “LA Cafe” in Ermita. I heard this place was jumping at midnight and holy shit, it did not disappoint.

LA Cafe is a grungy looking, two floor bar. The place was absolutely packed wall to wall with freelancers. As soon as I walked in they were all smiling, waving and inviting me to sit with them. I thought I would be ripped apart like a seal in shark infested waters.

I did a lap around the place and bought a beer. I sat upstairs and watched the live band play. They were really good. The live music scene here in Manila is excellent. Everywhere I went there were live bands playing American rock and roll and the singer was pouring his heart and soul into the performance. At LA Cafe the singer was a smoking hot Filipina in a mini skirt. Very nice indeed. 🙂

I spotted a very beautiful freelancer sitting with her friend. She was wearing glasses and a tight little dress. This broad had a sophisticated look about her. I was intrigued. I introduced myself and offered to buy her a drink. She accepted. Several drinks later we were having a good time. We exchanged numbers and I was feeling her up a bit while watching the band play. She asked for 2,500 pesos short time (about $50) and I didn’t haggle with her about that. I planned to take her to a short time hotel down the street…. Enter your email below to instantly unlock the rest of this post.

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