One night I was sitting at a cafe. I was drinking as usual. I had just polished off a half pint of Smirnoff washed down with some freshly squeezed orange juice and then moved onto the beers. My work was done for the day and I was unwinding with my head phones on.

I looked over at the table to my left and noticed a very pretty older woman. Where I’m from she is considered a “MILF.” (Mother I’d Like to Fuck.) I’m bad at judging women’s age in Asia, but I would say she’s late 30’s or early 40’s. Nice body and she obviously takes good care of herself. Her hair and make up was done up nice. She was wearing high heels and a tight little dress. She had huge boobs that were squeezed together and spilling out of her top.

The thought crossed my mind that she might be a hooker… But then I thought nahhh she’s probably just waiting for her friend. I didn’t pay her any mind for a while.

I kicked back three beers and ordered my fourth. The tiny table I was sitting at was littered with beer bottles, juice glasses and an empty vodka bottle. I realized I probably looked like a raging alcoholic sitting there getting wasted all by myself. I asked the waitress to clean up my table.

By this time I was heavily buzzed and I started thinking about pussy. Hmmm should I invite a sexy little broad over tonight? Nahh I’m lazy and tired… Just want to dump my balls and go to sleep. Maybe hit the hot toc??? That’s a good idea… Hmmm I pondered my options as some classic rock tunes blasted in my headphones.

Then I looked over at the Milf. It’s been hours and she’s still sitting there alone. She had her headphones on and she was poking at her iPad. She noticed me staring at her and smiled. I smiled back.

OK go now… That’s the green light. I thought to myself.

I pulled the earbuds out and leaned over a bit.

“Xin chao! My name is Skins! Do you speak English?” I said.

“Hihi yes. Little bit.” She giggled. “Where are you from?” She asked.

“I’m from America. I just moved here and I want to make some friends. I noticed you’re sitting alone. Can I join you?” I asked, trying to compose myself and not look like a drunk. I’m sure she was watching me toss back the booze for the past few hours.

“Yes sure. I want to make more friends too.” She said.

All eyes in the cafe were on us as I got up and joined her at her table. We had a nice conversation and she was very friendly. At one point I asked if she was married… She wouldn’t answer. I asked if she had kids… No answer. I asked her age… No answer. Honestly I don’t know a fuckin thing about this broad.

We continued chatting for a while until it was 10 pm. The cafe was closing so it was time to go.

I told her I live right around the corner and I invited her to come hang out at my place. She hesitated for a moment then agreed to follow me back to my home. Yes… 😀

We walked into my flat and got comfortable. I have a small room with nowhere to sit but on the bed. I wasted no time and started feeling her up.

“Nice body.” I said as I grabbed her waste and slid my hands around to her ass.

She looked good. Very nice shape. Thick, but not fat. Sexy style. I’m sure she was a hottie 15 years ago. Time took its toll on her face but I was drunk and the lights were dim. I was rock hard and ready to go.

I went in for a kiss and she turned away from me. “I’m shy!” She says. “Wait!” Then she runs across the room and turns off all the lights. It was so dark I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face.

“Fuck that!” I said as I stumbled across the room and turned the lights back on. I kept the bedroom light off and turned on the bathroom light so I could at least see what I was doing.

So we get down to business and I start stripping her out of her outfit. She was fully decked out in a nice little dress, high heels and some sexy lingerie. She was wearing perfume and her hair smelled like good shampoo. This chick must have been out looking for a young stud and her wish just came true. 😉

Her big fat jugs are her best feature. Holy shit you should have seen the smile on my face when I unsnapped her bra and those puppies fell out! 😀 I spent most of our session on my back with her riding me. The whole time I was boxing those fun bags.

After a thorough pounding in every position I dumped my nuts into her and sent her home.

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One night this broad texts me “I am at the cafe. I want to see you! Can you meet me here?”

I really didn’t want to hang out with her. But I wouldn’t mind fucking her again. The only problem is I recently moved to a new home. My new place is much further and I have security there at night. I didn’t want to drag this Milf in there past the guard… I don’t want them gossiping to my other broads so I’m very selective about who I have over. I suggested getting a love hotel and she agreed.

I was out drinking so it took me a while to finally meet her. By this time the cafe she was at was closed. She was texting me that she’s waiting at a park nearby so I sped over there to meet her.

There she was. All dolled up as usual. Sitting on a park bench in the dark. I sat next to her and we started chatting. It was dark and nobody was around. I started kissing her and squeezing her boobs. She kept looking around nervously.

I unzipped my fly and my stiff hog sprung out of my jeans. I put her hand on it and she started giggling. This broad is always fuckin giggling. Hihihihi.

I grabbed the back of her head and tried to push her face down to my lap but she protested. Then she pointed over at the street, apparently worried people would pass by and see us fucking around there.

We got up and drove our bikes to a dark corner of the park. There was bushes that blocked the street. It was late night, no lights, no people around. The coast was clear. I grabbed her and started feeling her up again.

“You want to do it here?” She giggled.

Without a word I reached up her skirt, pulled her panties down, took them off and stuffed them into the back pocket of my jeans. Then I bent her over the seat of my motorbike. I slid into her bare back and started slow stroking that vintage snapper. After a few minutes of that I changed positions.

I put my motorbike up on the center stand. Then I sat down on it like I was going to ride the bike. She climbed onto my lap facing me. I opened the top of her dress and pulled out those luscious hangers. Then I leaned back and let her ride me until I popped inside her.

She tried to climb off me and I said “WAIT WAIT WAIT!” I didn’t want her leaking my jizz all over my nice jeans and motorbike. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and held on tight as I picked her up. Once clear of my bike I slowly put her down.

My cock slipped out of her pussy and my wad spilled onto the pavement with a splat. She started giggling again. It grossed me out and I wondered what the fuck am I doing with my life? Bare backing and creaming this random slutty milf in a public park… I reached into my back pocket and handed her her panties. She quickly stepped into them and slid them up under her dress.

“OK darling… Good to see you…” I said as I gave her a hug then climbed onto my bike.

“Happy to see you too!” She said.

Well that was easy enough. Never a dull moment in Asia. 😀

A few nights later I took this young cutie I’m dating out to dinner at a nice restaurant. We sat down and guess who I see sitting across the room… The Milf, having dinner with some older western guy. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

Later that night she text me, “Hi how are you? I miss you!” I didn’t respond… I had my fill of that snapper. But thanks for the memories sweetheart.

Another day in paradise…