Damn it feels good to be home! I have traveled to several countries in the past 18 months and I always end up back in Bangkok. This city just feels like home to me.

Bangkok has a special kind of energy you really need to experience in person.

It’s a fantastic home base if you love Asia.

There are so many fun and interesting places close by the Thai capital.

Bangkok is fun, safe and super convenient.

So let’s get started! Here is my official review of Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok Women Rating: 5/5

Bangkok easily scores a 5/5 rating in the Women category. I would rate it even higher if I could.

This city is un-fuckin-believable when it comes to the number of beautiful women available!

Bangkok has a population of over ten million people. Women from all over Thailand move to Bangkok to study and work.

Also, people from all over the world come here for work and travel.

I have met some beautiful women from Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, China, etc. The list goes on.

You can even find plenty of white girls in the tourist areas if you’re into that… They’re all yours. YUCK!

Bangkok is home to the most beautiful and sophisticated women in Thailand. There is an endless supply of sexy, young, college educated women with good careers.

At any time of day you can get on the BTS Sky Train and see dozens of unbelievably gorgeous women.

I still can’t get over how many amazing girls call this city home!

sexy chinese girl dating in china

Since Bangkok is so big you can really go nuts here and date as many women as you want. The supply will never run out and if you move to different parts of the city you will rarely run into an ex girlfriend by accident.

I enjoy that aspect of big city life. You can easily disappear into the crowd whereas in smaller cities you run into the same faces all the time.

I have been in Bangkok on and off for a year and I have slept with so many women it’s insane!

I’ve been back here for less then a week and I’ve already banged another five girls…

I’m talking about good girls, not Hookers.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I just want to explain to you why this city easily scores a 5/5 in the women category.

The best place to meet good girls in Bangkok is this website.

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Be sure to make a profile on Thai Cupid prior to your trip!

Then be sure to read my post about How I Easily Sleep With Thai Women!

Now let’s talk about the naughty night life…

My god, where do I begin??? I wrote a post about Thailand’s Naughty Nightlife so I wont go too deep into it here.

Bangkok has an infamous reputation for prostitution and rightfully so. It is really in your face in certain places.

Sex is so easy here it will blow your mind. At any time of day you can get a massage, blowjob, find a hooker on the street, rent a girlfriend at the bar. It’s wild!

I just want to be very clear about something here… If you are not into Hookers it’s pretty easy to avoid this scene. Just don’t stay around the lower Sukhumvit Road area.

The crazy nightlife is only located in certain parts of the city.

So whether you are interested in finding a cute, sweet Thai girl for a serious relationship or you just want to fuck a different bar girl every night… Bangkok has everything a man needs to be happy.

Bangkok Women Rating: 5/5

Bangkok Cost Of Living Rating: 4/5

I think Bangkok is an extremely good value for what you get. Sure, there are cheaper places in Thailand… But living in a modern, major world city for under $1,000 per month is amazing.

You can easily find nice apartments for $300-$500 per month. These are clean and comfortable apartments close to the action. The cheaper rooms will be basic, but you won’t be roughing it.

$800-$1,000 per month can get you a beautiful apartment in the center of the city with awesome views and all the extras. Pool, Gym, Cleaning, etc.

Check out my post about Finding a Place To Live in Bangkok.

Food is delicious and cheap. Skip the western restaurants and eat the worlds best street food for 40-60 baht!

The public transportation in Bangkok is clean, cheap and well organized. The BTS Sky Train and the MRT Subway will take you most places in central Bangkok for a few dollars, including the major airport.

the bus sky train in bangkok thailand

You can’t go thirty seconds without seeing a taxi, tuk tuk or motorbike taxi ready to take you anywhere for a few dollars.

I love living in a big city and saving cash by not owning a vehicle. Everywhere else in Thailand you need a motorbike to live comfortably…

But not in Bangkok! I don’t need one and I don’t want one. Being stuck in that traffic and pollution would drive me insane!

You can live a comfortable life in Bangkok for under $1,000.

Bangkok Cost of Living Rating: 4/5

Bangkok Quality of Life Rating: 4/5

Bangkok is a vibrant, modern, cosmopolitan city with the worlds greatest nightlife.

There is a lot to do in this city and I never find myself getting bored. Simply stepping outside of my apartment there is something entertaining going on!

There are excellent parks, gyms, restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, temples, roof top bars, clubs and list goes on… Whatever your interests are, I’m sure you can find something to do here!

It’s so convenient to get around the city and the shopping here is fantastic. I get my clothes tailor made for a fraction of what it would cost in the US!

Don’t leave Bangkok without getting some dress shirts tailor made. You can design your own shirts and get them tailored for under $50 each. I’ve always received quality products and great service!

Although I have never used the medical care here in Thailand, I’ve heard that Bangkok has some of the best hospitals in the whole region! This is an important consideration for people who are getting older or experiencing health issues.

The Bad Stuff…

The things that drive me nuts about Bangkok…

It’s polluted, hot and crowded.

Most days it’s 98 degrees with brutal humidity… There is no breeze. The air is so thick and polluted you could chew it.

Traffic in most places looks like a parking lot.

After a few months of living in Bangkok you will loose your mind and make a quick exit.

It will go something like this….

You will be walking down Sukhumvit Road at a snails pace because you are trapped behind a group of fat Arab women in Burkas.

A Nigerian guy will appear from the shadows, give you a creepy smile and offer to sell you drugs.

A ladyboy will grab your arm, call you handsome and offer you a massage.

You will side step to avoid stepping on a huge rat, but instead you will step on a gigantic cockroach.

It will make a loud crunching sound.

You will scream “FUCK THIS PLACE” while you wipe the sweat off your forehead.

A Tuk Tuk driver will ask you if you want a lady boom boom? You will say no thanks.

Another Tuk Tuk driver will ask you if you want a lady boom boom? You will ignore him.

You will choke as you walk by a street food vendor’s smoking grill.

The back of your shirt will be drenched in sweat within ten minutes of leaving your apartment.

A beautiful Thai girl will walk past you…

You will be too sweaty and pissed off to say anything.

A back packer wearing a Chang Beer tank top will step on your shoes with his filthy flip flops and say “Sorry mate!”

You will go back to your air conditioned room, rip your sweaty shirt off and book a plane ticket out of Bangkok.

The good news…

There are some amazing places a short plane ride from Bangkok!

I usually loose my damn mind every two or three months and need a break from city life.

It’s great to take a short flight and relax at the beach on Ko Samui or any number of Thailand’s beautiful islands!

If it wasn’t for the big city life wearing on me after a while Bangkok would get a perfect Quality of Life Rating.

It’s my favorite city in the world!

Bangkok Quality of Life Rating: 4/5


Women: 5/5

Cost of Living: 4/5

Quality of Life: 4/5

Bangkok, Thailand – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 13/15

If you enjoy big city living, beautiful women, delicious food and rockin night life then Bangkok might be for you!

Be aware that this is a big city so you get all the good and bad that comes with city life.

If you need a break from the urban chaos just take a short ride to one of Thailand’s beautiful beaches!

I feel Bangkok has the perfect balance of comfort and convenience while still maintaining it’s exotic appeal.

Travel snobs may tell you it’s too western and “touristy” these days but I disagree. You will never forget that you are in Thailand while you are here.

I will be traveling throughout the region but Bangkok will be my home base for now. I love this city!