It had been a day and a half since I drained my nuts and I was getting antsy. I was on my iPhone all afternoon looking for a date. All my girls were busy with work and other things so I couldn’t line anything up. Night fall came and I needed to unload. Off to the hot toc! 😀

If you don’t know, a “hot toc” is a barber shop in Vietnam. Many of these are fronts for brothels. I wrote about a popular one in this blog post. The Best Blow Job Bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I found one street in the hood with a bunch of these little hot tocs. It’s sketchy as fuck and the service is pretty bad at all of them so I only go when I’m VERY desperate to bust a nut. Tonight was one of those occasions…

These shops all look the same. Sad, dusty and run down. Usually a couple of middle aged skanks wearing pajamas sitting inside playing with their phones. I sampled most of the shops in the area and I keep going back to one. Same horrible service as everywhere else but the girls at this shop are somewhat younger then the others. They’re in their twenties and they still have firm, ripe, perky, handful boobs which I greatly appreciate. 🙂

I pulled up in front of the shop and I saw the two girls sitting inside. One is pretty cute and sucks decent dick, but she is a miserable cunt. Let’s call her “pretty cunt.” I’ve tried charming her the best I can and there is no getting this bitch to smile… Man let me tell you, it’s such a turn off when a bitch has a sour look on her face. I don’t need her to hug me and tell me she loves me… But if I could get a smile and a “hello” it sure would put me in a better mood… Plus she won’t let me fuck her no matter how much money I throw at her! 🙁 Anyways…

The second bitch is ugly. No way to sugar coat it. She’s got the mug of a bulldog. And to top it off she gives the WORST blowjobs I’ve ever experienced. She just puts the tip in her mouth for a few seconds then stops… Then she starts violently jerking me off while spitting on the floor…

Meanwhile I’m sweating like a pig in this little shack. My sweaty ass cheeks are on this plastic massage table where thousands of other guys have been sucked off. There are dogs barking outside, motorbike horns honking and Vietnamese people talking (yelling). The whole time I’m getting serviced I’m imagining my motorbike being stolen outside… It’s a complete fucking horror scene. God I wish I could just jerk off at home and be content. But no… I need a female to suck a load out of me so I soldier on! 😀

The thing I like about bulldog is she’s so sweet! She is always genuinely happy to see me. She’s always smiling and friendly. She strokes my cock while telling me how handsome I am. Damn it! Why can’t the hot one give me this level of service! 🙁

One night I bare backed and cream pied bulldog… Not my proudest moment in life. I was fuckin hammered on Tequila and she was giving me her signature lazy BJ. There was no way in hell I was going to nut from that! I jumped off the massage table. Pulled her shorts down, bent her over and drilled my stiff cock into her tight hairy snapper. I started pounding away raw dog while she moaned “you pay me 500 ok???!!!!” 😀

Whatever you need babe. I unloaded into her sloppy fuck hole and chucked her 500k. Nothing like shooting off in a warm wet pussy. God damn I love it! But really, bare backing bulldog hookers is not cool… I’ve done it before and almost got Hepatitis B. Fucking Tequila… That shit is dangerous. They should put a warning on the label “Warning this shit will make you raw dog hookers.” 🙁

Another Horrible Mongering Experience in Vietnam

OK so tonight I pulled up at the shop. Pretty cunt and bulldog were sitting there looking like two brain dead whores. Bulldog immediately smiled at me and pretty cunt had her signature scowl. Hmmm… what to do…. I decided to take bulldog for a spin. Something about pretty cunt’s mean face just turns me off. I went in hoping I could train bulldog how to give a good sloppy deep throat BJ. Unfortunately it didn’t work. She doesn’t speak english and I couldn’t coach her. 🙁

She started beating me off while squeezing my nuts and I finally let one loose. Of course, as soon as I started to nut she walked away to grab the tissues… Fuck! That is the worst thing ever! Bitch FINISH THE JOB!!! 🙁

So here I am spurting off all over myself in a little dirty shack in some third world slum… Damn. Is this what my life has come to? I should probably get my shit together. Maybe I will go live in some buddhist monastery for a month and stop being such a degenerate. Me and this damn dick of mine. Always getting into some trouble! 😀

While I was on the table getting stroked off some Viet dude walked into the booth next to me. He was in and out in literally one minute. I heard pretty cunt spitting and rinsing her mouth out in the sink. Holy shit! Pretty cunt isn’t that good… Do all Viet dudes bust that fast? Maybe that’s why these chicks are so lazy. I make them work for my load. 🙂

Pro Tip. If you have a good experience with a whore, get her number. I have one lady who sucks dick like a pro. She’s always happy and friendly. She blows me to completion in under three minutes. Fantastic service. One time she had no change so I over paid… She remembered and gave me a discount the next time. What a great girl! I always text her before I go to make sure she’s working. Unfortunately, her shop has been closed for several weeks and she has not answered my texts. 🙁 Hope she’s ok! I need those lips to get back to work ASAP! 😛

Mongering Sucks in Vietnam

I told you the mongering sucks here… Ahh well, it was less then $7 USD so I can’t complain too much. But I need to find some better options here. I’ve banged some VERY hot hookers here but they were always miserable, lazy and some were down right mean. Vietnamese hookers are some nasty fucking cunts. I mean their personality. They are strictly business and there is no smiling or fun. If you disagree then please leave a comment. But really, I’ve had very few good mongering experiences here.

Bar Fining A Hot Slut From The Beer Bar in Saigon, Vietnam

Just recently I was drinking at a beer bar. The girls were super friendly and wanted to party. Me and my buddy were buying round after round for a group of the girls. Me and one chick were having a blast together and we even exchanged numbers. Finally I paid the bar and took her for a short time fuck. It wasn’t cheap… But she was HOT as fuck so I said why not. I will treat myself. 🙂

I would consider myself a young, somewhat handsome dude. I’m always well dressed and well groomed. I was a gentlemen the whole night. But man, the SECOND I busted my nut she was getting dressed and heading out the door. I didn’t even shower, I just rinsed my dick off in the shower and I heard the door open because she was leaving…

WOAH HOLD ON BITCH! Give me two minutes and we will leave together! I quickly got dressed while she stood next to the door with her arms crossed. “Are you ok??? What is the problem???” No answer… I checked to make sure I had all my shit and we left. My buddy was waiting at the bar for me and I figured me and this BITCH would walk back together… But no, she started walking super fast and I was damn near jogging to keep up with her. “Hey slow down! What the hell is the problem? I’m going back to the bar, let’s walk together!”

OK I’ll take the hint… I’m not going to chase some whore down the street… I slowed down to a pimp walk and let her scurry ahead… I walked back to the bar and this chick ducked inside. Maybe she wanted to shit? Or puke? Or cry? Or kill herself? 🙁 Either way I felt weirded out by the whole situation… I was totally uncomfortable and it pretty much blew my high for the evening. I told my buddy to pay up and let’s get the fuck out of here.

What’s up with that shit? This chick was happy and smiling all night until the second I blew my load. I guess she thought to herself “job done! Fuck this guy I’m out!” 🙁 Hey I wasn’t looking to cuddle with her all night but she wouldn’t even speak a word to me after. She wouldn’t even look at me or walk next to me. It’s like someone flipped a switch and her personality changed. Ice cold whores man! Really bizarre… Shit made me feel like some kind of monster. Oh well, that’s mongering in Vietnam for you.

Dating Good Girls in Vietnam

dating vietnamese girls online

The saving grace of Vietnam is the good girls! 😀 They really are the cutest, sweetest girls on the planet. They are angels. You may want to read my post about How To Meet Girls in Vietnam. My advice is to enjoy the dating in Vietnam and go to Thailand if you want to pay for pussy. Mongering is 1,000% times better there.

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