Hi, Martin here from ENN (https://expats.news) back with another location review. This time for Belgrade, Serbia. It should be of interest to people in the forum who complained that Prague might be a bit “too civilized or too normal” (meaning 50 year old guy cannot get 20y girl without paying).

So here we go. Name Belgrade (and Serbia in general for those with geographical knowledge too limited to immediately recognize Belgrade) might bring up memories of some old TV news casts covering civil war, genocide, NATO aerial bombardments, etc – rest assured, that was nearly 20 years ago and modern Belgrade (and Serbia) are much more hospitable places.

Belgrade, situated on the banks of Danube river, is the capital and largest city in Serbia, with approx 1.2 million people living in city proper and 1.7 million in metro area. Belgrade (and much of Serbia in general) is a bit raw, untamed, corrupt Balkan in it’s finest – it hasn’t joined EU yet (and probably wont in the next 15 years), corruption is widespread, economy is developing, salaries are low, crime is very well organized and most young people wouldn’t mind living somewhere else, but it’s still a very interesting place with a plethora of options and unlimited potential.


I must admit, Belgrade has probably the best looking average Caucasian women in the world. I mean they have some seriously super-hot and some uglies in the mix, but the average one is pretty hot – it’s just the way they take care of and carry themselves. And they are very approachable, friendly, vast majority speaks English and they will give you the time of day even if you don’t look like Zac Efron. Belgrade hasn’t been overrun with expats and foreign stag parties (at least not yet), so the local hotties will give you time to explain yourself – there’s still some novelty in being a foreigner here.

As a sidenote, Interestingly, you can meet a lot of Serbian women also in the Middle-East (UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain), especially in horeca / service industry – it’s quite easy for them to get work permits over there and higher salaries are like magnets for young Serbs with more adventures spirits.


Although prostitution is technically illegal in Serbia and local police has put in some effort to curb prostitution in the last couple of years, prostitution is still going strong in Belgrade and there is no shortage of good looking working girls. For more of a high end service search for Belgrade escorts from the internet, normal prices should be around 60-70 USD for full service, regardless if it’s incall or outcall.

For lower end action (street walkers), look no further than Blue Bridge (Blatvi Most) area – it’s a bit away from city center, but every single taxi driver knows the place and can take you there. Prices should be around 30 USD for full service. By the way, the following might seem odd, but crime against mongering tourist / expat is fairly low (of course there will be opportunistic theft, but there is no special targeting of tourists).


Belgrade is a cheap place to live – average local salary is around 450-500 USD per month, there isn’t a massive expat community, so prices are affordable. Decent 1BR apartment in or around city center can be had for 250-300 USD per month, 0.5L beer in an average bar is around 1,2 USD, public transport around 1 USD, In general, you should be fine with 800-1000 USD per month. Local employment options for expats are so-so – there no realistic market for English teachers (maybe couple of high end options on university level or corporate gigs), but there’s a big market for IT specialists – keep in mind you do have to be “special” – basic IT work doesn’t pay here.


As I mentioned before, Belgrade is a bit raw, wild and definitely not for everybody. Belgrade would be interesting place for an experienced, “hardened” expat, who’s “been around the block”, otherwise it might seem somewhat daunting, corrupt and unsafe.

It’s true that Belgrade is as corrupt as day is long, but it’s mostly similar kind of corruption one might encounter in Cambodia for example – you can get away with some pretty crazy / illegal stuff with bribes (like drunk driving) and the corruption here is more accommodating than extortion.

When it comes to crime and safety then there are couple of things to keep in mind – first, organized crime is very well organized, but it doesn’t directly interact with neither average locals nor tourists unless you specifically look for trouble. Second, if you keep yourself in better parts of the city and / or know how to take care of yourself (normal precautions), street crime should not affect you. Third, take the effort and make some local friends (men and women) and your life here will be much better, safer, more interesting and fulfilling. 
Great thing about Belgrade is that you will never be bored here. There’s lot’s of entertainment, culture, history, excellent nightlife, sports events, etc, you can always meet very interesting characters and there won’t be many dull moments.


Women 4/5

Cost Of Living 5/5

Quality Of Life 3.5/5

Belgrade, Serbia – Single Man’s Paradise Rating 12.5/15

As a summary, Belgrade is a bit raw, but definitely interesting place with a lot of potential. Have you been to Belgrade? Please join our discussion in the forum.