The other night I pulled up to a bar in the back packer ghetto of Saigon. There were several old foreigners sitting outside a bar drinking beers.

As I walked in one of them locked eyes with me. I gave him the customary nod to say hello, without actually saying hello. He scowled at me and said “I see you like breaking the law in Vietnam!”

“Excuse me?” I replied.

“Do you have a license to drive in Vietnam?” He barked at me.

I didn’t respond.

“Of course you don’t. Well I got my license to drive here.” He said.

I pulled my money clip out of my pocket and flashed a stack of Dong. “I have my license to drive right here!” I said jokingly.

He didn’t think it was funny…

“You young guys come here and raise hell. It makes things harder on us who live here.” He said.

Hmm ok… I went inside and ordered my beer… No reason to talk with this guy. He’s obviously upset about something. If he considers riding a motorbike without a license “raising hell” then we just won’t agree on much.

Story 2 – Fat Bald Cunts in Phnom Penh

One evening I walked into a bar in Phnom Penh. I was dressed sharp ready to hit the club later on. Button up shirt and trousers. This was a dive bar on Street 136 so I suppose I was over dressed… Guilty as charged. But I was there to pre game before heading to Pontoon and fuck what people think anyways!

There was a group of older gentlemen lined up at the bar. They looked like the typical Pattaya expats. 55+, fat, bald, trashy tattoos, wearing a tank tops, flip flops and cargo shorts.

I walked in and said hello to the ladies. A girl immediately sat next to me. As customary in such establishments, I ordered a drink for myself and one for her.

One of the bald guys raised his voice and said “then you got these young guys coming here throwing money around and fucking things up for the rest of us.”

He didn’t say it to me, but he said it loud enough that he wanted me to hear it… Of course, he wouldn’t walk over and address me face to face. I just ignored it.

Fair enough. You made your point guy. But since when is buying a bar girl a drink considered “throwing money around?”

Maybe they saw how I was dressed and assumed I was rich and reckless with money. Keep in mind I wasn’t wearing a fuckin tuxedo. But if your shirt has a collar on it then you just out dressed 90% of dudes in south east Asia.

The Thailand Incident

A while back I had an incident with the police in Thailand. I wrote about it here and here but the summary is, I was set up by some jealous angry farang.

Why would he do that? What is his motivation? I can only assume that he has worked some hard labor job for 40 years while he saved his pennies. Now he is retired in Thailand.

The thought that a guy in his twenties can sit on his laptop a few hours a day and afford to rent a nice condo in Bangkok must drive him insane. The only motivation I can think of is jealousy. Maybe he thinks I did not “pay my dues.” Or perhaps I’m a young guy who’s “throwing money around and fucking things up for the rest of us.”

You even see this sentiment in the Thailand forums whenever there is a visa crack down. Guys will start saying things like “well good riddance to all the scum who doesn’t belong here!” These guys dream of having Thailand as their own personal paradise and everyone else is “fucking it up.” They’re delusional.

Beware The Angry Expat

Now when I meet people in south east Asia I don’t talk about money. I usually tell people I’m a tourist. I saved up for a long holiday and soon I’ll be back in the states working in some warehouse. Hard to be jealous of that situation haha.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of really cool expats in south east Asia. Many of them are members of my forum! 😀

And some of the coolest guys I’ve met here are the older retired guys who are living the dream. They have a nice pension and a hot young piece of ass waiting for them at home. Life is good! These guys are an inspiration.

There’s also plenty of young digital nomads out here working while they travel. If you look in the right places you can easily network with like minded individuals.

One of my goals for 2017 is to branch out and make more friends here. I’m a bit of a loner and I recognize this isn’t healthy. Spending all your time alone or with some chick who doesn’t speak English isn’t the most mentally stimulating lifestyle. You need to surround yourself with focused, goal oriented people. This is a sure fire way to conquer your own goals faster.

Just choose your friends wisely. Remember, you are the sum total of your five best friends. Hang with positive, outgoing, motivated, successful people. If all your friends are successful then you are bound to be next!

Another day in paradise…