Dating in Thailand has been the experience of a lifetime but there is one big negative… Thai women are extremely jealous!

I suppose they have a reason to be. Thailand is the sex tourism capital of the world.

Sex is so easy here it’s unbelievable! You really need to come here to experience it for yourself.

On any day I can walk five minutes from my apartment and have access to hundreds of dirty massage parlors where the beautiful young ladies will do anything I want.

Within a ten minute walk there are several blow job bars where I can get sucked off for 700 Baht.

Two of the worlds most imfamous red light distrcts in the world – Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are a fifteen minute walk in either direction.

Thousands of beer bars full of hookers and freelance prostitutes roaming lower Sukhumvit Road.

It’s really in your face 24/7 in certain places. Many good girls will judge you if you live near these areas. They will label you as a sex tourist.

I have girlfriends who hate visiting me on Sukhumvit Road Soi 11 because they don’t want to be perceived as a “working girl.” Others just don’t give a shit what people think and they are confident in who they are.

It is worth considering this when choosing a place to live.

For example, I would not live on Sukhumvit Road Soi 4. It’s a fun place to party but if you bring a good girl for a stroll back to your place at night it could be a major turn off.

It’s really a filthy (but fun) corner of the world. Many girls will make comments to you about other women. “Ohhh I know you have many ladies!!! You live on Sukhumvit Road you are a playboy!!! Ohh you are a Butterfly!!!”

NOTE: A “Butterfly” aka “Jao chuu” is Thai slang for a playboy or someone who flirts with many people.

It’s important you deal with this right away.

I will stop them at the first hint of crazy jealous behavior and say – “Stop it right now! I am a good man and I don’t like when you talk to me like this!”

Show them you are serious. This constant nagging about other women can really get out of hand and the girl will drive you crazy.

I’ve had girls show up at my hotel unannounced. Go to my regular hangout spots looking for me. Follow me around the club and kissing me in front of everyone to mark her territory.

It’s really scary at times. Be careful with this.

Besides that Thai women are some of the sweetest and sexiest creatures on the planet!

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