Continuing my road trip adventures in rural Vietnam. I stopped off in a small city and stayed a few nights. Whole lot of nothing going on here. I just ate dinner and drank beers at the local places while getting stared at like the tall white alien that I am.

Later that night I was cruising around the city and I came up on a long street full of cafes. These are the famous “ca phe oms” aka hugging cafes.

These places are famous in Vietnam and you see them all over the place. They are small, run down looking shop houses with lawn chairs inside. They are usually dark and have a pink light inside. Very easy to spot. Inside there are ladies working.

In all my years living in Vietnam I’ve never been inside one of these places. I’ve certainly seen them in every city but I prefer the ease of hot tocs. In and out. No drinks. No conversations.ย I drove around this city and I couldn’t find any hot tocs so I decided to try one of these cafes.

I pulled up to the first place. It was three skanky looking broads who looked annoyed to see me. Oh great… I’m always surprised at how rude and racist these gook whores are. I was dressed sharp as a tack. Tailor made clothes. Shirt tucked in. Showered and hair cut. I have a nice motorbike. I have money to spend. I smile and speak Vietnamese. But no, they’re not impressed. They would rather cuddle up with some musty truck driver who will pay 1/3 of what I will pay. I’ll never understand it. Oh well who cares.ย Soon I will be living in the Philippines!ย ๐Ÿ˜€

So I walked in and sit down. Nobody stands up to wait on me. They just point at the tiny refrigerator and say “drink something?” I have no interest in sitting there for a drink.

I say “yum yum?” And make the famous hand gesture. They say “yum yum boom boom 500k.” They were not very hot but I agreed. That’s actually a good price.

Then they said “hotel” and one ugly chick started grabbing her helmet to leave with me. No thanks babe… I wanted to fuck and the price was right. But this chick wasn’t hot and I wasn’t driving her to some sketchy short time hotel. Fuck that. If I could do the deed on the premises then I would have. But fuck all the extra hassles. I decided to move on.

I drove to the end of the street and saw the last cafe. Just as I pulled up, the broad closed the sliding iron gate close. Shit they’re closing!

She saw me pull up, opened the gate and poked her head out. I said “yum yum?” She nodded and opened the gate for me. She appeared to be alone. She says “hotel?” I say “no, here.”

I pulled my bike into her tiny shop and she closes the gate behind me. After a quick negotiation we agreed on 200k ($9) for “yum yum.” I sat in one of the lawn chairs and unzipped my pants. She dropped to her knees and got to work. It was funny sitting in this sketchy little building in the middle of nowhere watching her head bob up and down on my meat.

Why do I get off on this shit? Surely I must have some screws loose? I can find a nice girlfriend very easily. But I’m a monger. It’s in my blood! ๐Ÿ˜€

I start to blow my load and she finishes me off with her hand onto a towel. Disappointing. But it did the trick. I paid her and went on my way.

Mongering in Vietnam

The next night it was the same scenario. I was drinking beers and I needed to empty my nuts. I cruised up and down the hugging cafe street again and every place I saw had multiple girls working. I was hoping to find one where the broad was alone. That way I could do my business on the premisises rather than go get a hotel.

I wasn’t about to pay to fuck some ugly broad. Plus pay for the added expense of a hotel room. I just wanted a quick BJ in the dark so I could go to sleep.

I decided to go back to the same shop as before. Old reliable. I pulled up and she was alone. I drove my bike right inside. She looked around outside to see if the coast was clear , then she shut the gate behind me.

Once again I sat down and got my hog out for service. Ahh the joys of mongering. Not a single word was said. Just sit down and unzip my pants. She drops to her knees and gets to work. This night I’m drunk and not very horny. She was working my pole for a while and I was nowhere near busting. She was getting tired and she started complaining I was taking too long to nut.

A complaining whore is the kiss of death for my boner. I told her to shut up and keep sucking. She keeps stopping and complaining. I was getting pissed. ๐Ÿ™

Finally I stood up and made her stand up too. I spun her around, bent her over the lawn chair and pulled her shorts down. I jammed my stiff cock into her pussy bare back. Uhhh that dirty pussy felt good I can’t lie. ๐Ÿ˜›

I proceeded to jack hammer this miserable cunt while she screamed and moaned. She even covered her own mouth because she was being so loud. Finally I unloaded into her. Seven seconds of dizziness. Shit made me weak in the knees. My legs felt like noodles and I sat back down onto the lawn chair. She walked her leaking cunt over to the toilet to clean up.

She asked me for 500k and I said no. I didn’t want to fuck her but she couldn’t finish the job with her mouth. I agreed on 300 and she seemed happy with that. I drove home and went to sleep.

You guys every been to one of these hugging cafes? I have no interest in sitting there and drinking with these demons. But it’s good to know I can pull a whore out of these places when I’m in the mood.

Another day in paradise…