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Back with another location review today. I recently visited Can Tho, Vietnam. It’s the largest city in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. The Mekong Delta is the large section of Vietnam located south of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a beautiful and peaceful part of the country, but is it Single Man’s Paradise? Let’s get into it!

map of mekong delta in vietnam

Can Tho, Vietnam – Women Rating – 3/5

Can Tho is the biggest city in the Mekong Delta with a population of well over one million people. Nightlife is non existent so it feels like a sleepy backwater compared to Saigon. I didn’t see many foreigners there so the girls seemed extremely friendly and curios.

On my first day there I rode around to get a feel for the city, had dinner by the market then took a walk by the riverside. I was approached by three pretty young girls. Turns out they were college students and they study English! 🙂 These were the sweetest people I have ever met. After having a long conversation by the river they invited me to a nearby cafe. I agreed.

After hanging out there for an hour or so they invited me to eat at their favorite restaurant. Sure why not! We had a great seafood BBQ and we drank a bunch of Tiger beers. Really good times. Of course, these girls are no whores. There was no pulling any of them back to my hotel that night but we all exchanged numbers and we’re still in touch. I met them again before I left and they seem like really nice girls.

This experience left me with a positive impression about the women in Can Tho. Plus I know several really sweet girls living in Saigon who come from Can Tho. One of them I met up with for dinner while I was visiting the city. We’re just friends, but I’d love to nail her from the back. Someday… 😉

How To Meet Sexy Girls in Can Tho City, Vietnam

Nightlife is abysmal so online dating is a must. I highly recommend Vietnam Cupid to all men living or vacationing in Vietnam. A quick search of Vietnam Cupid brings up 385 matches for my search criteria in Can Tho. Some of these girls are extremely hot… I won’t post their pics here, but you can join for free to see for yourself.

meet sexy vietnamese girls online vietnam cupid online dating guide

Some of these girls were from other cities in the area because the lowest I can set the search for is a 50 mile radius. Still, there are pretty girls in Can Tho and they are probably home alone bored! It’s not the most exciting place on the planet.

My search criteria is usually girls 18-30, online within the last week, MUST have pictures. Click here for more tips about online dating. 

I did the same search on my other favorite dating website Asian Dating and got 49 matches. But that site is more broad so I only recommend it for major cities in Asia.

I swear every time I log into Asian Dating I’m on there for hours. God damn this site is a gold mine! You can search for girls anywhere in Asia. Sometimes I’m just curious about a random city in say, Korea. So I’ll check to see how many girls are online and what they look like. Gives me a good feel for a location.

Of course, the specialized sites such as Vietnam Cupid will be better for Vietnam. But Asian Dating is a fantastic site that covers all the countries in Asia. I highly recommend every man traveling around Asia sign up for this site! You can try it for free to see what I’m talking about.

beautiful girl in can tho vietnam

Besides online dating I recommend just getting out and about. There are always pretty girls working at the cafes, shops, hotels and restaurants. Vietnamese girls are very sweet and friendly. If you are a gentlemen you can easily get a date.

Keep in mind that most girls living in Can Tho will probably be living with their parents. They will be more conservative then some of the party girls you meet in Saigon, but this is a good thing if you’re looking for a serious relationship. If you want to fuck a bunch of girls and party like a rock star then I’d look elsewhere.

Mongering in Can Tho, Vietnam

Honestly I didn’t do any mongering in the city. If I was desperate I would probably try a massage parlor or a high end KTV. I’ve had success at random massage parlors in small cities and I’m pretty good and spotting the shady ones. If anyone has any further info on this please comment. Bottom line, don’t go to Can Tho for mongering. But I’m sure you can get it done if you have time to look around! If mongering is your top priority then you should live in a different city.

cost of living in can tho vietnam

Can Tho, Vietnam – Cost of Living Rating – 5/5

The Mekong Delta is supposedly one of the cheapest regions of Vietnam. I find the cost of living is very inexpensive all over Vietnam. Living in the center of the major cities will cost a bit more but it’s still cheaper then living in the west!

I stayed in a nice clean hotel in the center of Can Tho for about $10 a night. Ended up staying five days or so because I was comfortable. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Nice city to relax.

I didn’t look into long term housing but I’m sure it’s cheap… You could live in hotels for under $300 per month so a studio apartment must go for a fraction of that. If you’re a digital nomad who wants a cheap place to lay low and grind then Can Tho is not a bad option.

Can Tho, Vietnam – Quality of Life Rating – 4/5

I really like Can Tho. It’s clean, peaceful, cheap and the people are extremely friendly! I made friends the first day and several times young Vietnamese kids asked to have their picture taken with me. They must not see many foreigners down there??? Sure is a funny feeling getting treated like you’re a rock star. Hey kids! I’m just an alcoholic whore mongering blogger! Nothing to see here! 😀

It’s easy to get around in Can Tho. I rode my motorbike there from Saigon. It took about four hours but I ride slow and I make frequent stops to stretch my legs, drink coffee and eat noodles. Once you escape the madness of Saigon you will quickly realize that the Mekong is a lovely picturesque part of the world.

I passed one area of dragon fruit farms as far as the eye can see. Crazy looking plants those things. It was a nice ride. You can also fly there if you’re not feeling that adventurous.

Can Tho feels like a different world from Saigon. Traffic is light and easy to navigate. The air is cleaner. There’s a slower pace of life there. Sipping coffee by the river with a good book was exactly what I needed after several months of partying in Saigon.

My only issue with Can Tho is that it’s TOO QUIET. It’s a city of over one million people but it sure is sleepy. At night there is just nothing going on. For this reason I say it’s NOT Single Man’s Paradise.

If you go to Can Tho you have to make your own party. Bring some friends, or jump online and meet a nice girl. Invite her and her friends out for dinner and drinks. I didn’t see any rockin nightclubs or walking streets to go bar hopping. Just small cafes with locals sitting around chatting. Cheap restaurants all around the downtown area. A little promenade on the riverside. That’s pretty much it. Pretty underwhelming to be honest.

sunset in the mekong delta living in can tho vietnam

If you’re over the party scene and you want to settle down with a good girl then you might enjoy it. If you’re a “digital nomad” and you want to live dirt cheap without partying then it might work for you too. Can Tho is a bit like Chiang Mai without the hookers, nightlife and temples.

I liked Can Tho because it wasn’t overrun with tourists. I saw a handful of other foreigners while I was there. Mostly older western couples walking around the market with their huge cameras around their necks. Can Tho attracts a different kind of tourist. Those that are interested in seeing the “real Vietnam.” Didn’t see one retarded backpacker with a SAI GON tank top and conical hat walking down the street with a bottle of beer at 10am. It was refreshing. 🙂

Overall I think quality of life is great in Can Tho but I couldn’t live there at this stage in my life. I would be constantly suffering from F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out). I need the hustle and bustle of a big city! Your milage may very. If it had a little more action I could live there. I don’t need much… But Can Tho just doesn’t cut it for me.


Women – 3/5

Cost of Living – 5/5

Quality of Life – 4/5

Can Tho, Vietnam – Single Man’s Paradise Rating – 12/15

I enjoyed my time in Can Tho. I would certainly visit again. It’s a great option for escaping Saigon for a few days or more. I just need more sleezy nightlife to keep me somewhere long term. I like slutty Asian girls in short skirts and high heels. I like bar hopping on foot. I like endless options for massage parlors, BJ bars and restaurants. If you have more simple demands then Can Tho would do just fine.