I’ve had a rotating harem of Asian women for the past few years. Most of my “mini relationships” last about six weeks… Then most girls start to stress me out and I bail.

There’s something magical about that first month of a relationship. Everyone is on their best behavior. You always break out your best outfits on dates. I always keep my hair cut and my balls shaved. I’m always super excited to get her to my home and peel her panties off. 🙂

This feeling inevitably fades… It usually takes about a month for me. The spark fades and I start losing interest… I answer text messages later. I cancel dates to go see another girl… I day dream about other chicks while she’s blowing me… Shit like that.

Meanwhile, the girl is growing even MORE attached. They want me to meet their family. They want to travel together, post pics together on Facebook, buy matching shirts and other fruity shit like that. I have yet to meet a girl I like enough to go out and buy matching helmets together. 😀 Maybe someday…

Sluts On Call

I have several girls that I met well over a year ago that I still meet on occasion. These girls are super sluts. Some have a long term boyfriend that they cheat on with me. Others are sucking a different white cock every night. They never stress me out and they don’t care about what I get into… They let me empty my nuts into their tight pussies and they ask no questions. 🙂 It’s nice to have these girls on call. But of course, I hunger for more. I must go out and hunt!

lion in africa


I Met A Good Girl

Now I have this one girl I’ve been dating for four months now. This is a long time for me. We meet at least twice a week and we always enjoy each others company.

This girl is super sweet. She’s always happy, smiling and in a good mood. She really does brighten my day every time she comes around. She is dirt poor, lives in a tiny flat and drives a piece of shit motorbike. But she is always happy! 😀 I just love having her around because of her positive energy. Sometimes I let the little things bother me and she usually straightens me out.

Here’s the issue… I’m tired of fucking her.

This girl is not hot, but I would definitely consider her cute. I’d say she is a solid 7/10. Her body is decent, but she could afford to lose a few pounds. I have trained her how to suck dick very well and I always enjoy when she’s gagging on my meat. She’s always very willing to please me and she will do whatever I want, whenever I want. I don’t want to take this for granted…

Now of course, I’ve been fucking other girls the whole time we have been together. But now it’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to fuck her. Sometimes we will meet, go out on a date, then I will bring her home and fuck another girl later on. I know that’s fucked up… But I’m starting to look at her like more of a friend.

The only issue is, she is madly in love with me. I do care about her and I don’t want to hurt her. I also don’t want to get rid of her completely… I’m in a tough position.

I enjoy having her as a friend. She’s a genuinely good person. I can trust her. But if I tell her I want to date other girls then this will certainly end our friendship.

What Would You Do?

Should I just keep her around and continue to fuck other girls behind her back? I don’t feel right about that. This has gone on long enough. She’s thinking about marriage and children and I’m just thinking about saving money so I can get the fuck out of here. 😀

Should I tell her we are better off as friends? She always wants to hang out and I’ve been brushing her off a lot lately. It’s decision time.

Now I want your opinion. Can you date a girl who is not hot? Even if you have plenty of other options? I care about this girl but I find myself hungry for more… Just thinking out loud.

Another day in paradise…