I’m a Single Man. I enjoy the freedom that comes along with being single. I can travel where I want. Spend my time how I want and of course, bang whoever I want! But today I was actually thinking about having a serious girlfriend. Is it possible here in Asia?

Can You Really Date a Foreign Girl?

Of course, you can really have a foreign girlfriend… But is it true love? Do you really enjoy her company? Or do you just keep her around for sex?

I must admit that I have not met a single girl in the past year that I wanted to date seriously. Maybe I’m just too picky. Maybe it’s the cultural differences and language barrier? Or maybe I’m just annoyed by all women and only view them as sexual objects. That’s probably it…

I had many short term relationships in different cities. The girls are very sweet and sexy. But DAMN they are boring. Pretty stupid too. I don’t remember ever having an intelligent conversation with these girls. In fact, as soon as I shoot my load I want to throw them out of my apartment as fast as possible. I’d rather read a book, surf the web or go to the gym then hang with these brain dead chicks.

Just recently I went out with my Vietnamese girl. We had a day time date. We rode around the city on my bike, went to the coffee shop, then relaxed on the beach. After a few hours I was thinking of an excuse to get the hell away from her.

She wouldn’t leave me alone! She wanted to hold my hand the whole day. Constant annoying questions. Staring at me while I’m relaxing on the beach. I was being smothered to death!

I see these guys in Bangkok with their Thai girlfriends. They are always together having some shallow conversations in broken English. Makes me cringe! Hey do whatever makes you happy. I wish you the best! But I can’t do it…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love dating Asian women! I love to go out, have dinner and drinks, relax and make love. They’re so sweet and sexy, they drive me wild!

But in the morning I want them out of my apartment. I can’t imagine living with a girl… HELL NO! The few times I let a girl hang around my apartment she just laid in bed all day playing Candy Crush on her iPhone. What kind of life is that?

How about reading a book? Going for a run? Starting a business online? Do SOMETHING to better yourself. I can’t hang around with lazy people, they make me mental!

OK I’ll cut this rant short. I love dating in Asia and I will never go back to dating American girls. But I just can’t see myself settling down with a girl anytime soon. My family back home always asks me, “Did you meet a nice girl yet?” Yeah mom, I meet a nice one every night! Then in the morning I’m free! 🙂

A serious relationship is not even on my radar. I can’t be with a girl for longer then 24 hours without feeling claustrophobic. Is this normal? Am I just going through the “young horny guy in Asia” phase of my life?

My 30th birthday is this month and I have zero thoughts of settling down. Actually it’s the opposite. I’m just getting started! Once I can generate a better income I am going to continue my adventure through the rest of Asia, then onto South American and the Caribbean.

What do you think? Is it normal to not want a wife and kids? I don’t think that lifestyle is for me.