Are you interested in meeting Thai women? Yes? OK, this article is for you.

Before you visit Thailand be sure to get a smart phone. I’m assuming you have one already, this is 2014…

If not pick up a used one on Craigslist and make sure it is unlocked. This means it is not tied to your wireless provider back home.

You can unlock it yourself or have it done for you at the MBK mall in Bangkok.

You will want to get a Thai SIM card for your phone. This is cheap and easy. It’s the first thing I do when I arrive at the airport after I shit and hit the ATM.

I use DTAC also known as Happy. It’s a pre paid SIM card and you can purchase more minutes quickly at any 7-11 here in Thailand.

You can get your SIM card at the airport on the lower level before you catch your taxi. It should cost 299 Baht and takes less then one minute for them to install it for you. If you don’t get one at the airport go to any 7-11 and they will help you out.
After you have your Thai number you will want to download the chat application called LINE. It’s free and it kicks ass. It is extremely popular in Thailand.

You can chat for free anywhere there is WIFI and you don’t have to use up your minutes. Also, you can video chat and send pictures.

Most girls never have minutes on their phone but everyone has LINE. When you meet a girl it’s much easier to exchange Line IDs then phone numbers.

Trust me they always check their Line. Thai girls are glued to their stupid fuckin phones.

There is another popular application called What’s App. It is a chat application similar to Line.

I personally never downloaded What’s App because I never needed to. Line is the popular one and everyone has it.

Just be aware that a girl may ask you what is your What’s App ID? Tell her you have line.

NOTE: Make your timeline private and don’t post anything. Line has a timeline feature which is very similar to facebook where you can post a status or share pictures.

DO NOT post stuff on your timeline. Girls will “like” your posts and leave comments.

Some of my posts had a dozen different girls commenting which led to some fighting and jealousy.

I got many comments from girls like “Ohh you have many Thai ladies I see your Line!!!” Don’t make this same stupid mistake.

Keep your information personal.

Also, I am very careful about giving out my facebook information to girls. I have given it out in the past but I choose very carefully who I want to let into my personal life.

You don’t need your new girlfriends seeing everything you do. Just my opinion!

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