Pattaya Thailand has everything a man could ask for. It’s relatively cheap. The infrastucture is excellent. The healthcare is top notch. There’s great shopping opportunites there at the tailor shops and malls. It’s conveniently located close to Bangkok… No extra flights involved to get there.

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There are beautiful beaches close by. All kinds of restaurants with great food from around the world. The nightlife is insane and there’s more pussy then you can handle in a lifetime. You won’t have a problem draining your balls in Pattaya that’s for sure! 😀

Pattaya is the ultimate city for a wild holiday but it’s also a great place to make your home base while you work on your internet business. The WIFI is excellent and there are lots of great condos for rent all over the city.

Finding Cheap Short Term Apartment Rentals in Pattaya, Thailand

I was planning on living in Pattaya last year and I spent some time on the ground scoping out apartments. My needs were simple… Inexpensive (under 10,000 baht per month), central location walking distance to beach road or at least a short motorbike ride away, wifi and aircon, willing to accept month to month.

I have never signed a lease in Asia. My mood changes often and if I decide to hit the road then I don’t want to be stuck with a six month lease somewhere. Plus the Visa situation in Thailand requires you to leave every three months.

Every time I took a visa run my trips got longer and longer until one day I decided to stay in Vietnam. You can get a better deal if you commit to a longer stay, but I enjoy the freedom to roam.

Also, there are other reasons why it’s wise to switch up your apartment every few months… That’s another topic entirely but sitting ducks get plucked if you catch my drift.

So here’s what I found. Nirun Condos located on Soi Arunothai. It’s a decent location and they always have some cheap rooms available. It’s a bit far to walk to the beach but there are motobike taxis sitting outside 24/7 that can give you a lift for $1 or so.

There’s also everything you could ever want right outside. Restaurants, markets, laundry, beer bars. You could spend all your time right on Soi Arunothai if you wanted to lay low and grind.

Nirun Condos have a reputation for being noisy, dirty and somewhat dangerous. Well it’s a $300 apartment in central Pattaya what do you expect?

Really I don’t think it’s that bad. I’ve stayed in far sketchier places in the past few years. Besides, it’s just for a short term stay anyways. If you’re an older retired couple then maybe you should look elsewhere.

You can do a search on craiglist for Nirun Condos in Pattaya and there are usually a few listings there. Here’s one for 5,000 baht per month.

Another great area I found thanks to a lady I met on Thai Friendly. She showed me the building where her and her friends live. Great location in central Pattaya… if you don’t mind having six bar girls sharing the flat next to yours. 😀

It’s walking distance to Big C, the beach and plenty of cheap restaurants. Please see the highlighted area on the map. It is Soi 10 on Pattaya Klang.

cheap apartments in pattaya thailand

I don’t recall the names of these buildings, but there are several in that small soi with rooms for rent under 10,000 baht per month and they were all willing to accept month to month. The buildings were clean, secure and the staff was very helpful and friendly.

If you have a bigger bankroll I think the best place to live in Pattaya is the View Talay buildings. View Talay is right on beach road in the middle of the action. Just step outside and join the party!

Expect these condos to start around 20,000 baht per month and go up from there. Despite being a bit more expensive, I still think it’s a great value. $700 for a beach front condo! These units are clean, fully furnished with a kitchen and you can’t get a better location then beach road Soi 9.

The complex also has a nice pool to enjoy with your lady friends. Hey who doesn’t love to party with hot Thai chicks in bikinis??? 😀

Another great option is living just outside of Pattaya in places like Naklua and Jomtien. These areas have everything you could ever need but they are more laid back and relaxed then Pattaya. If I stayed in the area long term I would probably stay in Naklua then take a short ride into Pattaya if I wanted to party.

These are the best options I’ve found for short term rentals in Pattaya. In summary, the best ways to find an apartment in Pattaya is:

  1. Craigslist
  2. Message a Thai girl online and ask her for help. Read my post How To Meet Thai Girls for more tips about this.
  3. Hit the streets. Go to Pattaya, rent a cheap hotel for a night then walk the Sois and look for yourself.

Pattaya is Single Man’s Paradise. It’s got all the amenities that Bangkok offers but it’s more laid back, cheaper and located on the beach. What’s not to love?