Chiang Mai is a beautiful, laid back city surrounded by some of the most incredible scenery in Thailand. I made some amazing life long memories during my stay and I will be going back for sure. Here is my official review of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Chiang Mai Women Rating: 4/5

Chiang Mai girls have a reputation for being some of the most beautiful in all of Thailand. They have a lighter complexion then your average Thai girl and most of them are very sweet. The Thai girls I met in Chiang Mai are much more down to earth and easy going compared to Bangkok girls.

I find Bangkok girls to be much more materialistic and there really is a huge grey area between good girls and hookers. Ok! You found a good girl, she’s not hooker… But buy her a pair of shoes and she’ll ride you until the sun comes up! 🙂

Chiang Mai is home to some of the biggest universities in Thailand so everywhere you go you will see cute Thai girls in their school uniforms which drives me absolutely crazy! I have yet to sleep with a Thai girl while she is wearing the uniform but I will… Trust me on that. Only a matter of time.

Thai Girls Are So Sexy!

sexy thai girl in chiang man thailand

I met a ton of cute and friendly girls during my stay and I could have easily settled down with a few of them. Really sweet girls.

I also had a bunch of random one night stands with Thai girls there. Many girls I met online just wanted to meet for dinner and have some good sex with a foreigner. Hey that’s just fine with me!

The NUMBER ONE site to meet sexy girls in Chiang Mai is…


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If you are a reader of my site then you know how much I love Thai Cupid. Living in Thailand without signing up for this site is a HUGE MISTAKE! I have slept with so many cute girls from Thai Cupid it’s unreal.

If you plan on spending any time in Thailand this year be sure to sign up and upgrade your membership to Platinum. Be sure to thank me after you are balls deep in a Chiang Mai college girl.

If you are new to my site be sure to read my post about How To Sleep With Thai Girls. I also recommend signing up for…


thai friendly online dating

Thai Friendly is a good site and it’s totally free to join and send messages so definitely check it out. Chiang Mai is much smaller then Bangkok so I always join a few sites when I’m outside of the big city. It’s free and it gives you more options.

Chiang Mai is a fun town and it’s loaded with cute young Thai girls! It’s just about perfect for a young man who wants to go nuts and date a bunch of college girls.

The only issue I had was… The town is pretty small. You will run into the same people in some places. In Bangkok you will be invisible in the crowds but in Chiang Mai I ran into ex girlfriends all the time.

One night an ex girlfriend attacked me at the club when I was dancing with another girl… Not cool. Be careful about this.

The pay for play scene is much more low key compared to the rest of Thailand but you certainly have options. Chiang Mai has it all!

Soapy Massage, Regular Massage, GoGo Bars, Beer Bars, and Freelancers on the street. You can find it all here but not at the quality or quantity of many other cities further south. That’s just fine with me and I suspect Chiang Mai attracts a different kind of expat then Pattaya or Phuket.

If I were to live in Chiang Mai I would just shack up with a cute young college girl and visit the massage parlors if I needed something on the side. If you want to party like a maniac and pull a different whore every night then just stick to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.

That said, I enjoyed Chiang Mai. The girls are super cute and you can find the naughty nightlife if you look for it.

Chiang Mai Women Rating: 4/5

Chiang Mai Cost of Living Rating: 5/5

Chiang Mai is cheap! This city easily gets a perfect rating of 5/5. Everything from hotels, apartments, food and taxis were cheaper in Chiang Mai. You could live very well in this city for under $1,000 per month.

I stayed in hotels during my stay. 600 Baht per night got me a very nice room a short walk to Thapae Gate which is the city center. You can ask most guest houses for a discount if you are staying longer then a few nights. Especially if it’s low season.

You can save some cash by taking a sleeper train from Bangkok instead of flying. I’ve never done this personally but I heard it is a comfortable journey.

Another thing that’s nice about Chiang Mai is you are very close to the borders of Myanmar and Laos. This makes visa runs cheap and convenient.

If you plan on staying in Thailand long term chances are you will have to leave the country at least every three months. (Unless you have a work permit, student visa or retirement visa.) This sounds like no big deal to travel every few months but trust me… It’s a pain in the fuckin ass.

Paying for plane tickets or taking long ass bus rides to other countries… Spending half your day waiting in line at immigration… Paying for the god damned extensions every few months…

It’s exhausting and all that money adds up. But that’s the price of living in Paradise!

At least living in Chiang Mai you can drive your own motorbike to the border of Myanmar for a visa run. If you don’t like long rides you can take a bus. I find the ride very enjoyable actually.

Chiang Mai is one of the best values in Thailand. Chiang Mai Cost of Living Rating: 5/5

Chiang Mai Quality of Life Rating: 5/5

Chiang Mai is such a beautiful city. Chiang Mai preserves a lot of the history and culture that makes Thailand such a unique and amazing country. It seems like there is always some kind of festival or parade going on.

I would often see ceremonies or traditional Thai dancing at one of the many temples around the old city. The “old city” used to be the ancient capital and there is still a large square moat surrounding the brick gate. Chiang Mai is dotted with beautiful historic temples which gives it a unique south east Asian vibe while still being a modern city.

expat living in chiang man thailand digital nomad

The city sits in a valley surrounded by lush green mountains. The gold temple Doi Suthep shimmers on the mountain side. It truly is a special place that everyone must visit at some point in their life.

Chiang Mai has a lot of fun activities to do outdoors. Hiking around waterfalls, zip lines, riding motorcycles through the mountains, awesome fishing spots, the list is endless. There is a walking street every Sunday where you can grab some beers, walk around and load up on some of the best Thai food in the country.

I wrote a post called The Top Ten Things To Do in Chiang Mai. Read that post for more info on this great city. Trust me, if you love the outdoors Chiang Mai will keep you busy. Plus there are shopping malls, movie theaters, bars and restaurants in the city to keep you busy during those rainy months.

Living The Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you are working online and you want to hang out with like minded individuals then Chiang Mai is the perfect location for you! Chiang Mai is arguably the digital nomad capital of south east Asia. There are hundreds of foreigners living in Chiang Mai while working online. They are there to take advantage of the laid back lifestyle, low cost of living, fast wifi and excellent networking opportunities.

Chiang Mai is a much smaller city then Bangkok. There are pros and cons to this. The positives are it’s much cleaner, easier to get around and the people seem more friendly and laid back.

The negative part for me is, well, Chiang Mai is somewhat boring… Coming here from Bangkok was like going from triple espresso to decaf.

You may enjoy this aspect of Chiang Mai but I found myself missing Bangkok after a month. The night life in Chiang Mai is somewhat quiet but you can definitely find a party if you are looking for it.

Another negative for me is the city is landlocked and far away from anything interesting. Once you’re there, that’s it. No easy weekend trips without flying. You don’t want to live up there if you are a beach lover, that’s for sure.

Another thing worth mentioning is the air pollution. Around Febuary to April the farmers around Chiang Mai burn the rice fields to clear everything for a new season. This leaves a thick haze of smoke hanging over the city and the air quality is really bad for several months.

I did not have an issue with it but you will certainly notice it and some people with health issues can’t stand it. If you have asthma or other health concerns then you might want to stay out of Chiang Mai for those months.

Besides that life is good. Traffic can get rough at certain times of day but it’s nothing compared to Bangkok.

Be sure to rent a motorbike during your stay so you can explore this great city. If you’re not into riding then you can easily take a taxi or tuk tuk anywhere in the city for cheap.

Another great thing about living up north is the temperature. At night it gets pretty cool. The only time I felt cold in Thailand was some nights in Chiang Mai.

It was probably still in the upper 70s but after a year of living in the brutal heat any temperature drop feels like a damn snow storm is coming. It gets cool some nights but don’t get confused here… It’s still hot as hell and you will get cooked during the day.

What else can I say? Chiang Mai is a great place to live. It gets a perfect score in this category.

Chiang Mai Quality of Life Rating: 5/5


Women: 4/5

Cost of Living: 5/5

Quality of Life: 5/5

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 14/15

If you are looking to live in a beautiful, laid back Asian city with lots of outdoor activities then Chiang Mai might be for you. Gorgeous women, nice people, great food, it’s dirt cheap and there is every modern convenience you could ask for.

If you don’t mind the slower pace of life, small town vibe and no easy access to beaches then Chiang Mai is a fantastic place to live. I completely understand why so many expats call Chiang Mai home. It’s a great city!

I have many fond memories of the time I spent there and I will definitely be going back again soon.