What’s up Guys!

It’s been almost two years now since I started traveling around south east Asia. I’ve been on some wild adventures in that short amount of time!

I’ve fucked loads of hookers in Thailand. I’ve lost count of how many random blowjobs I got. I’ve also dated some of the most beautiful girls in Asia!

I’ve been going hard lately and I’ve been fucking like a maniac. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting… If you live in Single Man’s Paradise I do not advise going on a date with a different girl every night.

Trust me, this will drain your bank account and fuck up your health. For me, dating always involves drinking and bringing girls to a swanky place to impress them. I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and it’s time for a break.

My advice is to go for quality instead of quantity. Meaning, put it the effort to find a beautiful classy girl and keep her around… Well, maybe two or three. 😉

Don’t fall into this trap of fucking girls for sport. Not only does this effect your health and bank account, it can effect your reputation as well.

In big cities this is less of a concern but I can tell you from experience, if you date a different girl every night in a small town EVERYONE will know.

Asia is nothing like back home in America. Everyone is always outside and watching. You ride motorbikes around and everyone can clearly see who you are with.

Everyone knows everyone and they all love to gossip. Trust me, I can’t tell you how many times I had girls in Ko Samui or Nha Trang text me and say “I saw you with your girlfriend! You are a playboy! I hate you!”

In Saigon or Bangkok you can get away with being a playboy. Just switch up the places you go and you should be fine. This is not possible in small cities where there is only a handful of places to go at night. You will run into your other girlfriend. Trust me!

For all those reasons I have decided to change my dating strategy. Quality over quantity is the new motto.

First things first. When I visit a new city I will fire up my trusty Asian Dating account and do a search. I will invite every hot chick I see on a date. Once you meet / fuck a dozen girls you can narrow down the list to your favorites.

I have a solid rotation of girls that are all very different. I will briefly explain the basic types of girls you will meet here in Asia.

Different Kinds of Girls You Will Meet in Asia


The Club Sluts


These girls dress like whores and party every night. They might have the tell tale signs of being a hooker… Things like dyed hair, tattoos and diamonds in the teeth.

They may or may not sell sex but they are no stranger to foreign cock. If you are charming, handsome and have a bank roll then you can cream pie these sluts with little hassle.

These girls usually speak good English because they’ve had a boyfriend from America, UK, Germany and who knows where else…

They are fun to party with and they usually roll with a pack of other hot club sluts. You can find these girls in the hottest nightclubs in the city every night. They will be drinking $7 cocktails and taking selfies with their smokin hot friends.

These girls are all about status. They want to be seen popping bottles of top shelf liquor in the hottest clubs, wearing designer clothing and standing next to tall, handsome, well dressed, foreign men.

That’s still not enough… They need to take pictures of it all and post it on facebook, instragram, pinterest and whatever other social media account they have. You will rarely see one without their phone in hand.

I’m dating a club slut now. She’s easily one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever fucked… And I’ve bar fined some of the finest girls from GoGo bars in Thailand… This chick is a perfect 10 from head to toe.

Sometimes I need to calm down and play it cool when I’m with her. All I’m thinking is DAMN I can’t wait to tongue her tight little ass later! 😀

Here’s the deal. These girls are super fun to party with and they’re great in bed but I wouldn’t have a relationship with one.

First of all, I don’t trust them. My club slut is probably a semi pro hooker. The signs are certainly there…

She’s on a two month “break” from work. Hmmm that must be nice. She spends money like it grows on trees… Hmmm maybe her money grows on cocks? 😀

She never acts jealous or asks me about other girls. I actually appreciate this but I suspect it’s because she has other men herself. My guess is that she has a man somewhere that gives her a salary.

Here in Asia this is extremely common. Older guys with money will approach sexy young girls and say “hey I will give you $500-$1,000 per month to be my girlfriend.” This is tempting for a girl who works 70 hours per week in some shop and makes $300 a month salary.

They just need to visit their “boyfriend” a few times a week to ride their cocks and collect the cash. I see these odd couples all the time here in Asia… Hey whatever makes you happy, I don’t give a shit. I just wouldn’t be in a serious relationship with her.

Another thing. Club sluts are expensive to hang out with. They always want to go to the hottest clubs in the city. Of course, as a man I always pay for my dates food and drinks for the evening…

I think this is fair and she never asks me for cash or gifts. We just go out and party and I pick up the tab. Later she’s in my room spitting on my nut sack. Everyone’s happy! 😀

I can only deal with club sluts one or two nights a week. I didn’t move to some fucked up developing country so I could spend $100 a night bar hopping. Fuck that! I will drink 50 cent beers on the beach and have a great time.

These club sluts are fun, but they will drain your wallet as well as your nut sack. Every time I go out with my club slut I know I’m going to spend a bunch of cash and wake up with a hang over.

Treat them like chocolate cake. A delicious treat, not a healthy part of your daily diet.


The Good Girls


By good girl I mean the traditional Asian girls. These girls don’t drink, don’t party and they are very conservative. Many of them don’t speak English and have never dated a foreigner. Many of them wont date a foreigner either but there are always some that are curious to try.

These girls want a serious relationship and they will tell you that right away. In fact, that’s all they will ever talk about. These girls want to settle down with a good man.

True love, marriage, babies, family life, meet my mom, go drinking with my brothers. These girls are serious when it comes to this stuff. I wrote about these girls briefly in my post Dating in Vietnam vs Thailand.

I have dated several good girls in the past few years. They really are the sweetest girls on the planet and they would make excellent  girlfriends or wives.

Their #1 goal in life is to make their man happy. They will cook, clean, massage and fuck you on demand. They only ask for love and respect in return.

My good girls never wanted to party unless it was a special occasion… Holiday or the odd Saturday night. Even then they would start looking at the clock around 11:00pm and say “very late! I work tomorrow!” Many nights my girl would fall asleep in my bed and I would go out for a few beers alone.

Good girls are extremely tight with money. The complete opposite of a club slut in regards to finances. This is a huge relief when you’re trying to save money but also live a fun lifestyle.

Trust me, I love to party and live it up but I’m not going to hang out on the roof top bars and blow $50 every time I want to have a few drinks at night. Fuckin tired of that nonsense.

Having a good girl is a great way to save money! Read my post Important Tip For All Men Coming To Vietnam. This tips applies to every foreign country.

These girls know where to eat the good local food for cheap. They know where to buy cheap goods at the markets. They will help you find a cheap apartment or shop for a motorbike. They are an extremely valuable asset while living in Asia.

Good Girls are loyal. If you date a good girl you never have to worry about some other foreigner being balls deep in her. She will love you and only you.

Good girls don’t want to date, party and fuck around. They want to meet one good man and build a happy home together. I’ve met a bunch of good girls here in Vietnam who have foreign boyfriends.

They are dead serious when they say they are waiting for them to return. I’ve met Thai Girls Who Lie about this type of thing but the girls I met here are the real deal.

Their boyfriend will leave for months at a time and they wait patiently. Such a waste of a tight wet pussy… But I do respect their loyalty. 😉

I find good girls extremely attractive. As much as I love a hot young slut in a mini skirt with her make up all pretty ready to get a load dropped on it… I prefer the natural beauty of a conservative Asian girl.

My good girls wore very little to no make up. They never wore slutty revealing clothing and always acted classy out in public. They would only reveal their tight little bodies in bed and they would do anything I desire to keep me happy. 😀

My good girls also had big hairy natural bushes which turns me on. 😀 This is a relatively new fetish I have and I believe it comes from living in Asia.

When I see a big untrimmed muff it’s a signal she’s a good girl who is clean… And of course, super tight! I want to bust as soon as I slide in there. Often I do… Good thing I got the snip. 😉

Good girls are awesome but I must warn you… They are boring! Many speak very little or no English. Conversations consist of how was your day? What do you want for dinner? What movie do you want to see?

And of course the daily questions… I think you have many girls? When do you want to get married? My mom wants to meet you. How about 7am tomorrow?

Besides being boring they are very jealous and annoying. I understand they want a serious relationship but they are often over the top with this.

I broke up with my girl recently because she said “you are not serious about marrying me…” WTF? We have been dating for less then three months! I just refuse to have that discussion so early.

Good girls are great to have at home. Just be warned… It’s not all tight pussy and home cooked meals. These girls will give you a head ache at times.

The Cool Chicks

Then we have the cool chicks. AKA normal girls, for lack of a better term. These girls are like the good girls but better!

These girls are super friendly, outgoing and speak good English. All of the cool chicks I met worked in hospitality. Maybe that’s where their friendly disposition and language skills came from.

My cool chicks worked for hotels, airlines and shopping malls. They are independent, motivated, hard working women which I always find attractive.

These girls aren’t sitting around acting helpless and waiting for some man to take care of them. They have hopes, dreams, goals and ideas they are working towards.

The girls I know all have their passports and have done some traveling. They all have hobbies and interests that they pursue in their spare time. I know girls who play sports, take dance classes, study foreign languages and sing for fun. I know one who is opening her own clothing store here. I’m impressed by that.

Some of these girls had a foreign boyfriend before, others have not. They all speak decent English which is such a tremendous relief after going on countless dates using google translate.

Trust me, the whole foreign language thing is an appealing fantasy at first but it gets old pretty quick. You need something to talk about when you’re together! I can’t stand meeting a chick for coffee and just staring at each other…

I usually click with cool chicks right away. There’s no awkward silences and there’s always a bunch of shit to talk about such as our travel stories and various hobbies.

These girls make great friends as well as girlfriends. I have several girls I hooked up with over a year ago and we still chat all the time. I consider them true friends.

Note: The “cool chick” category covers a wide spectrum of girls. Some are border line club sluts and I’m not really into that type. I prefer girls on the “good girl” end of the spectrum.

However, the cool chick is down to have a few drinks on the weekend and she won’t drill me with questions about marriage and children. She also speaks good English and has more hopes and dreams then just cooking for me and changing diapers.

I love the good girls but I need a women who is less possessive and has more ambition. The cool chick category is a good fit for me.

Dating is fun in Single Man’s Paradise. If you join Asian Dating and move to a great location, you can literally date a different girl every night. It’s fun, and you will have a blast… But you need to have a long tern strategy.

I prefer to date hot chicks that I enjoy spending time with, in and outside of the bedroom. Treat them right and keep them around.

Don’t worry guys… I’m not looking for a wife here. The party will continue! I’m just tired of dating girls that aren’t my type… OK it’s Friday so maybe the club slut will get the cream pie. She’s so fine. 😉