Hey guys it’s Pogostick here back with another location review.

Curacao is my favorite island in the Dutch Caribbean. It has some of the least US influence in the islands. It is 14 miles off the Venezuelan coast. Curacao, along with Aruba is one of the most color-blind places in the world. There are people of every color and mixture imaginable and they all get along just fine.

Its cultural influences are a blend of Caribbean, South American, and Dutch. Most people speak at least 4 languages…Dutch, Spanish, English, and Papiamento — an odd, phonetically spelled mix of about 10 different languages. Road signs are in Dutch and English while shop signs, billboards, etc are in Papiamento or Spanish, depending on the neighborhood.

Getting there is easy with flights from most hubs. Curacao is a flight hub for travelers on their way to Colombia and other parts of South America. For many of my hard-core mongering friends, it is a required pit stop in both directions.

I’d recommend renting a car. Driving is easy and safe. The island has a lot to offer. It is rated as one of the best dive destinations in the world with beach dives and boat dives almost everywhere. The once a year spawning of coral is perhaps the best night dive on the planet. Downtown Willemstad has a ton of history. It is split in half by the river and connected by a famous swinging bridge to let cruiseships and freighters into the harbor.

I prefer to stay on the Otrabanda side at the Kura Hulanda hotel, which is a 17th century Dutch Village converted into a resort. It is my favorite hotel in the world. There is plenty to see, do and eat in walking distance from the hotel and a stroll over the bridge gets you into Punda for more shopping, history and food choices.

mongering in the caribbean curacao island

Local Girls in Curacao

I’ve never sought out local action, but there are a few popular night clubs that will have plenty of target opportunities. The Jan Theil Beach area has a lot of restaurants and night clubs directly on the beach. It is popular with locals and tourists.

Plenty of 6 foot plus Dutch tourist babes on that area. Local girls… well it is Curacao and you’ll find black, white, in between, fat, skinny, short, tall…in other words: there is no such thing as a typical look or appearance.

The Best Sex Resort on Curacao Island

There is one place, a true paradise; a living, breathing heaven on Earth, a name that instantly conjures my finest mongering memories and—even now—produces an instant stiff…

Campo Alegre, Curacao Island

hot sexy chica campo alegra curacao

Campo Alegre, Curacao Island. A.K.A. Happy Camp! Fuck that mouse, Campo Alegre is The Happiest Place On Earth. Established by the government of Curacao in 1949 as a response to a growing street prostitution and crime problem in Willemstad, Campo is perhaps the largest, certainly the best legal brothel in the Americas, perhaps the world.

Just a couple miles from the airport (walkable but I wouldn’t do it), Campo Alegre is a walled compound containing 2 bars, a strip stage, a restaurant, a lingerie shop, a convenience store, a gym, pool, and hottub…and over 150 private rooms occupied by professional angels of mercy ready to exchange passion for cash.

You arrive past the famous palm leaf sign to a well lit, well guarded car park, part of it walled for privacy, and walk through the entrance where you will be charged 10 ANG (about $5.50) to enter. Be sure to change your money to guilders for inside the camp. If you pay entry with a US$100, you’ll get change in Guiders. You’ll see Guilders written as either ANG or NFL. Once paid, you’ll get a pat-down from security and you are in. The security guy can set you up with boner pills as well.

As you enter, straight ahead is the bar/night club and restaurant. To either side you’ll see several rows of barrack-like, long buildings. Behind each door lives a chica. The rooms are very basic, a bed, a closet, a small desk and bathroom with a shower.

campo alegre curacao caribbean

They have cable TV showing Colombian soap operas and porn. There is a large red panic button in each room that will have security there in seconds. The safety and security of the chicas is their number one priority. Weekly testing by government doctors in mandatory. The entire compound is neat, clean, and well-maintained. Not luxurious, but nowhere near to being a dive.

Each chica is an independent contractor. She rents her room by the day, usually with a 3 month contract. She charges whatever she wants for her clients although the standard is 50NFL ($27) for a session. They are required to be in Camp for the evening but are free to leave during the day. You can pay a multi (bar fine) for overnight takeout, but why bother? If you like her and she likes you, or through financial arrangement, you can spend the night with her at Camp. There are a few rooms available for mongers to rent as well.

You will see chicas of every description. Most are from Colombia, with some Dominican and Venezuela mixed in. I once even found a Jamaican. Speaking a little Spanish will help, but much like the mongering venues in Thailand, you can get by without it.

Some girls will be strolling the lanes, or hanging out with friends and others will hang out by their rooms. Each room has a red light above it. If it is lit, she is busy. The chicas are in a variety of apparel. Some wear sexy, slinky evening gowns, others are in thong and bra.

sexy hookers of campo alegre curacao island caribbean

Campo is open 24/7, but is really hopping after 9-10PM. I prefer to get there about an hour before sunset, have a little stroll to see what is available and maybe a quick session before dinner. The restaurant has mostly Colombian food. It is not fancy, but good and reasonably priced. After that, I like to sit on the veranda and watch the camp come alive. This my time to just kick back and absorb the atmosphere.

This is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the safest place to monger in the world. Out of all the mongering I’ve done, this is the one spot I can completely let my guard down and truly relax. It is like being at a nice resort but surrounded by 150 fuckable chicas.

As far as looks, there is something for everyone, although there is a tendency for big tits and big asses. You can find silicone in both places. Although there are a lot of tourists at Camp, they mostly serve locals who prefer plump to bony. But no worries, there are some really fine babes as well. It was in Campo that I fell head-over-heels into the danger zone with a perfect 10. It was also in Campo that I had one of the best fucks in my life with a generously rated 1.

the stunning island of curaçao in the caribbean


At Campo, I would have to give the chicas a 3-4 out of 5. Many of them are average girl-next-door turned puta. But you will find some solid 5s.

Curacao as a place to live, I’d say 2.5/5. Personally I would move there in a heart beat but it is not as convenient or modern as other islands. But I like it and have some good friends there.

For a vacation, 4/5. Lots to do, reasonably safe, not outrageously expensive but still not cheap. And not Americanized. Expect a minimum of $100 a night for a decent hotel, much more in high season.

I would not really recommend going to Curacao from Asia unless you are planning an extended tour of the Caribbean or South America. But that can be said of all the islands I’ll review. It is a great place for those of us in the US to get away for a few days and have some fun.