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Today I bring you a location review of one of my favorite cities in Asia. Yes that’s right Da Nang, Vietnam ranks very high on my rating system and I’m excited to share this review.

Da Nang is a small coastal city in central Vietnam. With a population of around one million people and a great location on the beach it’s much easier to get around then Vietnams larger cities. Let’s get into it.

Da Nang, Vietnam – Women Rating 3/5

If you’re a reader of my site then you already know how much I love Vietnamese girls. I truly believe they are the sexiest sweetest women on the planet. Da Nang is a good size city and there are plenty of girls to date there.

Prior to my trip I did a quick search on Vietnam Cupid and Asian Dating. There weren’t a ton of girls online like in Saigon but there were plenty enough to keep me busy. I lined up several dates and met some great girls during my stay there. One girl I really liked and I wish we had more time together.

Online dating is absolutely necessary for meeting girls in Da Nang. Understand that this is a Vietnamese city and there are very few foreigners. A LOT of people don’t speak English. Most of the girls you meet online can speak English and they are looking for a white guy to date. That’s why they signed up for these sites! This will save you a ton of time and aggravation.

When I told these girls I was living in Da Nang now they were all very eager to meet me. Some were border line stalking me and blowing up my phone daily. I guess it’s rare that a white guy from Vietnam Cupid actually shows up in their city so they were excited.

Besides online dating I met several cute girls who work in restaurants and cafes. During the day a lot of these cafes are completely empty. There will be a staff of five cute girls and you.

They will all be very friendly and happy to chat with you. If they speak decent English it’s very easy to exchange numbers and set up a date for later. Just remember to keep some pieces of paper with your number on them to hand out to cute girls. Read my post How To Hook Up With Girls in Vietnam.

Mongering in Da Nang, Vietnam

The mongering scene sucks in Da Nang. Or it could be that I just didn’t get it figured out in my time there. I met several freelancers at some of the bars where foreigners hang out. They were all average looking and quoting me $100 for the night. They said one hour or all night, does not matter, I need $100. No thanks…

I did see some of the infamous “Hot Tocs” also known as blow job barbershops. These places are in every city in Vietnam if you look around a bit. They are filthy disgusting barber shops where an ugly girl will give you a horrible blowjob for $10. It gets the job done, but the experience always makes me miss Thailand Blow Job Bars

There are also Spas and massage parlors all over the city. I got a happy ending in one and denied extras in several others… Seems to be hit or miss there. I’m sure you will find the good places if you stayed there long enough.

In summary, Da Nang is a great city with plenty of cute young Vietnamese girls. White guys are somewhat rare and you will get attention if you are well dressed and in good shape. This category takes a hit because the mongering options are limited and many of the girls you meet will not speak English.

I consider Da Nang to be a “girlfriend city.” Meaning, it’s not the place where you can party and bang a different chick every night. Go to Bangkok or Saigon for that kind of action.

My strategy for living in Da Nang would be to rent a cheap house and spend my time working or relaxing on the beach. I would find a sexy, sweet Vietnamese girlfriend and spend my time with her. You could always have a side chick if you play your cards right on Vietnam Cupid. Women Rating 3/5

Da Nang, Vietnam Cost of Living Rating 5/5

Da Nang is cheap. All of Vietnam is cheap but I found Da Nang to be an especially good value. I stayed in a hotel for $10 a night and the room was surprisingly large, clean and modern. It also had a big window with an excellent view of the Han River.

I saw houses for rent starting at $250 on up. For $300 a month you can get a very nice house with several bedrooms and a kitchen. A house is the way to go in Vietnam. That way you have privacy and a kitchen where your girlfriend can cook for you.

This is a Vietnamese city and I was surprised by just how honest everyone was. Maybe they aren’t used to scamming foreigners because nobody even tried to bullshit me while I was there.

In Saigon, I always have to haggle with these fuck heads who try to over charge me. Shit, just recently I had to assault a taxi driver to get my correct change. I’m telling you these monkeys are four feet tall / 90 pounds and they will still try to fuck with you. Unbelievable.

Anyways, I never had any issues like that in Da Nang. It was smooth sailing from day one. Cost of Living 5/5.

Da Nang, Vietnam Quality of Life Rating 5/5

Da Nang is quite possibly my favorite place to live in Asia. Now let me be clear, it’s not a wild party town like Pattaya… It’s not as interesting as Saigon… The beaches aren’t beautiful like Ko Samui… But it has a great balance of everything in a comfortable environment.

First of all, Da Nang is CLEAN. Shockingly clean for Vietnam. If you travel from Saigon to Da Nang you will think you’re in a different country. Traffic is easily managed and you can get anywhere in the city within ten minutes.

The city is also very beautiful. It’s located on the Han River and the beach. There are several large bridges that run across the Han River and they are all lit up at night.

One is the “Dragon Bridge” which is a huge steel Dragon that lights up at night. On Saturday and Sunday night they stop traffic and the Dragon breathes fire and water. Very cool!

The weekend is crazy in Da Nang when people from all over the city go hang out around the bridge for the fire show. Lot’s of families and young people around the riverside. It’s a fun and friendly vibe and I always enjoyed walking around down there.

Things To Do in Da Nang

Da Nang has it all. Restaurants, Cafes, Gyms, Malls, Spas, high end resorts and beaches. You can also take a short ride to the Marble Mountains and Ba Na Hills which is a mountain resort outside of Da Nang. Perfect place for a daytime date.

The beach in Da Nang is nice enough but a little too over developed with huge resorts. It seems they are building even more despite most resorts looking completely empty.

I don’t know much about the tourism numbers or who’s spending hundreds of dollars per night to stay there and I don’t care… Bottom line is there is a beach and I went swimming every day. Can’t do that in Saigon! 😀

You also have the option of visiting the town of Hoi An which is a short 30 minute ride down the coast. Hoi An is a beautiful ancient city full of good restaurants and shops. The beaches there are also more quiet and relaxing. Great place! Full location review of Hoi An coming soon so please enter your email in the side bar to subscribe for updates.

Nightlife in Da Nang is decent but don’t expect much. Along the riverside by the ass end of the dragon bridge you will find several bars packed with young people drinking. Just park at the end and take a stroll. Some popular places are Bamboo Bar and Golden Pine. Not many white dudes around and I got lots of smiles from the ladies out there. Damn I need to study Vietnamese language. That would be a game changer in Da Nang!

I love seafood and Da Nang has some of the best in Vietnam. There are these fresh seafood barbeque places all over the city where you can choose from live crab, fish, shrimp, squid, snails, you name it! They will barbeque it for you right away.

Nothing like sitting on some shitty plastic chairs made for children on some steaming hot crowded street corner and snacking on some spicy baby squids along side a cold Tiger beer with ice. This is the real Vietnam! 😀

A few other things I noticed about Da Nang. There are no Russians, no backpackers, no motorbike pimps offering you hookers, no gangsters trying to sell you drugs, no touts trying to sell you cigarettes, fans, books and other cheap trinkets. People just treat you like a normal person and not a walking ATM machine. It was fantastic! Who knows how long that will last…

The city is clean, organized and I noticed a heavy police presence. Nothing like Bangkok, but they were on every street and most traffic intersections along the riverside. I noticed them pulling people over all the time but I was never stopped…

I try to avoid police out here so I don’t get a shake down. I get a bit uneasy seeing them everywhere, but they are probably a big reason why this city is functioning properly. Most other places in Vietnam I go months without seeing a cop and the streets are a complete free for all with no laws. Just an observation.

I also enjoyed the cities free wifi. Everywhere. Simply check your device. It will say DANANG FREE WIFI. That’s pretty fuckin sweet. Now you can read Single Man’s Paradise anywhere you go! 😀 Quality of Life 5/5.


Women: 3/5

Cost of Living: 5/5

Quality of Life: 5/5

Da Nang, Vietnam – Single Man’s Paradise Rating: 13/15

Da Nang is an awesome city. One could argue that it’s the best, most livable city in Vietnam. It’s not a wild party town and the beaches aren’t spectacular, but the city has everything a man needs to live a comfortable lifestyle.

If you want to live in a clean, laid back city on the beach then Da Nang is a great option for you. Cute girls, delicious sea food, beautiful scenery, low cost of living. Life is good in Da Nang! 😀