What’s up Guys!

I’ve been getting a lot of great emails from readers lately. It’s always great to hear that people find some value in my rambling posts! 😀

Many guys just drop me a line to say keep up the good work and offer to buy me a beer. Others need travel advice. Another common email I get is from guys seeking advice about women.

I’m far from an expert on “game” but I do get my dick wet pretty often without much hassle. I always try my best to help these guys if I can.

The biggest problem some of these guys are dealing with is being shy around women. Call it what you want… Approach anxiety, buckling, bitching out. They are scared and uncomfortable to make the first move and approach an attractive female.

Women rarely approach men and express interest. For the most part, it’s your responsibility as a man to make the first move and approach a girl you like.

Even if a girl is secretly in love with you she will very rarely walk up to you and ask for your number. She may smile, make eye contact or just hang around near you hoping you say something, but at some point you need to man up and say hello.

Let me start off by say this. All men deal with some level of approach anxiety. I know I do. Nobody wants to get shot down by a pretty girl! It’s even worse in front of a room full of people watching. A hard rejection from a beautiful women is enough to fuck up your whole day.

Here’s the deal. I just don’t care anymore. My horniness far outweighs my approach anxiety and I will walk up to any hot chick on the planet and let her know I’m interested.

I’m a confident man. Girls can smell this from a mile away and they love it. Confidence comes from experience and you too can reach the cocksman mastery level if you follow my advice. 😀

Girls are very rarely attracted to the scared rabbit in the corner shaking in fear. It’s time to get over your fears and get in the game!

I’m not going to get into pick up lines, game and other corny shit. I’m just giving you shy dudes some basic tips to get you started. Let’s get into it.

Spend Time With Women

When a man tells me he is scared to approach women it tells me he is intimidated by them. If you are intimidated by women that tells me you haven’t spent a lot of time around them.

Women are the most fragile, self conscious creatures on the planet. Even the hottest chick in the club is totally obsessed with what other people think of her. She may diss these buffoons that approach her with lame pick up lines but here’s the truth… If no guys hit on her at the club she would go home and cry herself to sleep.

All women crave this attention and while you are concerned with getting rejected and making an ass of yourself, she is worried about how her hair looks and that pimple she tried to cover up with make up. Clear your mind of these anxious thoughts and just have fun when you meet new people.

Understand that women are not some super powerful beings that can crush your soul with dirty look. They have similar needs as us men. We all crave love, sex, acceptance from our peers, etc.

Get some girl friends. Chat with them about normal every day shit like movies, music and other hobbies. Don’t look at every woman as a walking vagina that you must seduce. Tough I know. 😉

I also recommend going to places where hot chicks work. Hooters is a great example. The waitresses are super cute and their job is to sit and chat with you. Don’t be a creepy weirdo and stalk them…

At the hooters in my home city there was this one dude who would go there alone every night and bring the girls gifts and food… It made me sad in a way. This guy has nothing going on and when these cute girls smile and chat with him he falls for them hard. Just remember these girls are doing there job… More on this later.

Hanging around with hot chicks is good practice for your social skills. Just try to relax and have fun. Talk to the girls as if you were talking to your guy friends.

Of course, keep the conversation appropriate but just imagine it’s some guy you are talking to. This will take the pressure off trying to flirt or attract her. That’s not the goal at first.

There are three stages of attraction. The first stage is the friendly stage. When you first meet someone you just want to be a happy friendly guy that everyone likes. Both guys and girls.

You use this same approach with chicks, dudes or business contacts. Just be a smiling, fun, positive person that everyone wants to hang around. This is the only part you need to worry about at this point.

More on the three stages of seduction coming soon… Please enter your email in the box on the side bar to subscribe.

Work On Your Confidence

It’s common knowledge that girls are attracted to a confident man. Therefore, it’s critical to work daily at becoming the greatest version of yourself that’s possible.

Some of us were destined to be bald and ugly, but we can still dress sharp and get in great shape! In life, you need to play the hand you were dealt. Don’t bitch or feel bad about it. Do what you can with what you have and be thankful. It could always be worse.

Work on your fitness, get on a diet, buy a new wardrobe, get a haircut, read a few good books about motivation and self improvement.

When you look good you feel good. When you feel good you feel confident. This confidence gives you a different swagger and people will notice you.

Read Five Simple Ways To Become a Better Man for more great tips.

Watch Movies

I think it’s beneficial for shy guys to watch certain movies. Choose movies with a strong Alpha male as the lead role. Great examples are The Sopranos, Ocean’s Eleven, 007, etc. These series show great examples of how an Alpha Male acts.

You know what they say, fake it until you make it. You may be shy and nervous inside but if you watch James Bond seducing a sexy foreign babe then it may help get you into the right state of mind.

Take a look at Boardwalk Empire. Steve Buscemi is an ugly motherfucker but he’s getting loads of pussy in that series. Of course, it’s just a TV show but the fact remains, women are attracted to strong powerful alpha males. Looks are just a bonus.

Not all guys had positive male role models in their lives. With no men to show them the ropes they were forced to figure out how to be a man on their own. Often times this ends in disaster. There’s a bunch of guys who get all nervous around hot women.

Nothing can replace a strong male influence when growing up. But I think you can learn a lot by watching the legends in action. I watch business motivation videos before work. I watch bodybuilding videos before I hit the gym. Try watching your favorite scenes in a cool movie before going out.

Fuck Lots of Prostitutes

My last piece of advice. You need to get laid. Preferably a bunch of times with really hot chicks. I recommend planning a trip to Thailand. Don’t fuck around with the online dating. Just head straight to Pattaya.

Go to the bars and hang around with the working girls. Have a few drinks to loosen up and get comfortable. Play some board games or shoot pool if you run out of things to say. If you find a girl that is fun and sweet then bar fine her and take her home.

With prostities you don’t have to worry about rejection or performace anxiety. If you shoot your load as soon as you touch her boob she is not going to laugh at you and call you a loser. Just relax, have another drink and try again later.

Cute hookers are perfect training for shy guys. This allows you to experience fun sex with a cute young girl with minimal pressure. After a while you won’t see a girl and think “oh man she’s not gonna like me…”

You will think damn I want to see her on all fours with her tight butt hole staring me in the face 😀 If she doesn’t like you then guess what, find another one!

Understand that it’s all just a numbers game. Even if you are a male model with rock solid game, you will still get rejected sometimes. That’s life! Not everyone is going to like you or be interested in talking with you. Realize that it’s ok and it’s all a part of the adventure.

Don’t Fall in Love With Hookers

I just need give this quick warning. When I recommend all shy inexperienced guys fly to Pattaya, a part of me feels like I’m feeding them to the sharks.

DO NOT fall in love or get a girlfriend in Pattaya. Just don’t. Now read that again please.

Many guys visit Thailand and for the first time in their lives they feel the warm affection of a beautiful young lady. They quickly lose their minds. Good pussy is a powerful drug and it will make you do some dumb shit.

Guys propose to bar girls, pay all their bills, send them gifts and money. Don’t be one of these guys. You can find a good Thai girlfriend but not at this stage in the game.

Always treat women with respect. From the filthiest street walking hookers to the classiest educated “high so” girls. I am always gentle and kind to women, but I know where to draw the line.

They can find another sucker to send them a pile of money every month. If she’s not your wife then just forget it. Have fun, then say goodbye. Take your wallet and your heart back home with you.

That’s it guys! I hope this helps some of the shy dudes out there. Once you work on your confidence, get more experience socializing with women and bang a few dozen hotties your whole outlook on life will change.

You will realize that win or lose, it’s no big deal. Girls are like buses, if you miss one in 15 minutes there’s another one coming! 😀