If you’ve ever dated in Asia then you know how flakey these girls can be. “Flakey” means, they will make plans with you and blow you off last minute. Even worse… They just won’t respond to your text when it’s time to meet up.

This used to really piss me off but I’m slowly getting used to it. It’s become the norm out here. For example, the other night I met a girl at a bar. We had a great time and SHE said I want to see you again tomorrow… I said sure we can meet.

The next evening I text her and invited her out to eat something. She read my text and didn’t respond… WHY the fuck not??! Did she think to herself hmmm I don’t really want to see him so I will just ignore this text… Or was she thinking hmmm let’s see if I have any better options and if I don’t then I’ll text him later… Then she forgot… 🙁

Regardless of the reason it’s such a cunt move to leave someone hanging like that. I break plans all the time. But I ALWAYS text a girl and say “hey I’m sorry. Tonight I am busy. Let’s meet another day.” That way they are free to do what they want and they aren’t waiting for my text! If a girl canceled on my like that I wouldn’t be mad at all. I’d just move on with my day.

Same thing on New Years Eve. I had plans to meet this girl at a cafe then we were going to go out for the night. I was eating something and I said I would go there as soon as I finished… 20 minutes later I text her “Hi I’m ready now. Are you still there? I will go now.”

Again, the bitch reads the message and doesn’t respond. So she leaves me scrambling to make other plans for New Years Eve… CUNT just say “NO I’m busy now.” That’s fine! Trust me I won’t cry about it. It’s just so inconsiderate to have me sitting on my bike on the side of the road waiting for a text…

Living in Asia is Making Me Flakey Too.

It’s Saturday afternoon. I’m trying to make plans for tonight. These Vietnamese girls are SO flakey that I texted ten different girls to find a date. Now tonight I have five dates lined up. Two girls said they would meet me for coffee. One said she would go out to dinner with me. I got another group of girls who invited me to go to a club with them… Another girl I just met at a cafe this afternoon and she said she would meet me for a drink tonight.

So here’s my plan. I will zero in on the hottest one first. This one chick is 20 years old… Super sexy. A solid 9 and I would love to cream her tight little pussy… BUT I’ve never met her before… Only chatted online. Girls you have never met before have an extremely high flake rate.

Once you meet a girl and establish some sort of relationship then they become SLIGHTLY more reliable… So if this bitch flakes I will move onto the next one… And once I get one date locked in I will politely cancel on the others.

Note. I am flaking here. But I am doing it the right way but letting them know I can’t meet them. It’s still a dick move… But what can I do??? If I make plans with one girl it’s literally a 50/50 chance that I will be stuck sitting at a bar alone at 9PM texting random girls to meet up…

And by then it’s too late. Everyone is already out and about with friends or boyfriends. Trust me, this has happened many many times… Then I drink ten beers and get a horrible BJ at a dirty Hot Toc. Hardly my idea of a perfect Saturday night.

So that’s how it has to be for now. I cast a wide net to capture as many pussies as I can. Then I choose the one I want to slobber on for the evening. Wish me luck for tonight! 🙂

I REALLY want to boink this thin white 20 year old… My god she is perfect. But she speaks bad english and we’ve never met before… Two HUGE red flags and there’s a high probability of flaking. I have five dates lined up so let’s see how this shakes out. It’s good to have options! Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂


UPDATE: It’s the next day now.

Just a quick update on my night if anyone cares. The hot 20 year old flaked. No response still and it’s the next afternoon… 🙁 Welcome to Vietnam. But like I said, I was expecting that.

The other hot chick said she would meet but she had to be home by 10… So I told her let’s meet another night.

I took this tall girl out for dinner. It was a good night. She’s tall, slim and very pretty. Only problem is she doesn’t speak good English and I have no patience for that these days… AND she was sick. She kept coughing and hacking every ten seconds and it was grossing me out.

Also, she doesn’t know that you are supposed to cover your mouth when you cough so she kept coughing all over the place. All over my plate of food and into my glass of beer. I’d lean in to listen to her speak and she’d cough in my face. Well… I eat hookers assholes so I guess I’m not really a germaphobe. But still… Turn your head when you cough you stupid bitch!

We had a nice dinner and then took a walk in the park. I told her I like her and she told me “we are just friends. I don’t want a boyfriend.” Oh I love hearing those words! 🙁 Shortly after that I was on my bike heading home.

Eating Eighteen Year Old Pussy For Dessert.

I stopped into a bar and ordered a beer. I had food all over my nice button up shirt and I was feeling like a loser. I checked my phone and I could see that this little average looking 18 year old chick had called me, sent me an SMS, messaged me on Viber, Facebook and Line… Holy shit bitch calm down! I met this chick on Asian Dating months ago but I kept brushing her off. She said she was home alone and bored tonight and she wanted me to come and get her…

I agreed. I drove way the fuck out to her apartment to pick her up. I brought her strait to my room and turned on a movie to watch in bed. I went in for the kiss and she said she wanted to sleep. I ignored her and went in hard.

Minutes later the panties came off and I was sucking her sweet little 18 year old pussy. I licked her good for a solid 30 minutes and she orgasmed several times. She REALLY got into it. Moaning, shaking, squirming around, grabbing my hair and pushing my face into her cunt.

Finally I climbed on top of her and slid my dick into her missionary. Her body was incredible! I thought she was just some average looking girl but she has a tight little body with perfect perky hand full tits. A nice round ass and a tight little shaved pussy.

I pumped her deep in every position and then shot my hot load deep inside her tight pussy. Man… The feeling of blasting inside some 18 year olds pussy is simply incredible.

I rolled over this morning and started kiss on her… I pulled off my shorts and revealed my thick hard cock. She immediately went down on me and started sucking my cock and licking my balls. I had to coach her a bit but she was pretty good and I was enjoying it. I knew I wouldn’t cum from her amateur skills so I climbed on top of her again.

She said her pussy was in pain from the night before but I said “OK let’s try… I will go slowly. Only for a few minutes. I want to finish in your pussy ok?” She said OK you can but go slow.

I pumped her slowly in missionary until I released another hot load deep inside her… She said “WOW I can feel you cumming in me!” 🙂 Her pussy was so tight and wet I almost passed out from the sheer ecstasy of that orgasm.

I pulled my cock out of her and watched my cum drip out of her tight little shaved cunt and onto my clean white sheets. I napped for a few more minutes then we both showered and went out.

I threw a bowl of noodles down her throat then dropped her off at home. Now I’m at a cafe drinking a black coffee and surfing the web. Another day in paradise. 🙂 Hope you all had a good weekend! Thanks for reading.