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I’ve spent over a year in Thailand and just recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in Vietnam. I’ve hooked up with a lot of girls in both countries and I feel I can now give you a good comparison of Thai Girls vs Vietnamese Girls.

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How to Meet Girls

For both countries, online dating is the easiest way to meet sexy girls. Be sure to read my detailed guides on How To Hook Up With Thai Girls and How To Hook Up With Vietnamese Girls. Also, How To Make The Perfect Online Dating Profile.

In both countries, there are millions of sexy young ladies who do not drink or party. These girls often work, study and spend their free time at home with family. There is no way you would ever meet these girls if it wasn’t for the internet! Take advantage of technology and sign up for one of the dating sites I recommend.

You can also meet girls in person if you dress sharp and have a little game. Be sure to have a smart phone with the right chat applications downloaded. Line for Thailand and Viber for Vietnam. Also, be sure to try this simple trick to meet foreign girls.

Who’s Easier To Fuck? Thai Girls or Vietnamese Girls?

Thai girls are easier to fuck. Of course, I’ve had a lot of crazy one night stands here in Vietnam too… Every country has horny girls who need sex. But in Thailand, most of my dates end with sex.

Even most “good girls” would let me fuck on the first date. Maybe the Thai culture is more relaxed about sex? I’m not sure what the reason is.

In a big city like Bangkok there is much more western influences on the girls. They assume that us foreigners just meet and have casual sex… If they like you they will be eager to please, even if this means draining your balls.

I’ve also had a lot of fuck buddies in Thailand. Meaning, we were just friends who would hook up on occasion. There was never any discussion of relationships or jealous questions. Just a weekly text message saying “hey want to get some drinks on Thursday?”

“Drinks” would mean a bottle of wine at her place and several rounds of sweaty sex. I’m still in touch with several of these girls now actually. They are independent women who are busy with their careers and they are not interested in a serious relationship. They just want a good looking fun guy to spend their free time with. That is rare in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Girls Are More Conservative

Of course, I know several sluts around Saigon that are hanging all over a different dude every time I see them. But generally speaking, Vietnamese girls are not interested in hooking up with guys for a short term fling. If they fuck you it’s because they want a future together.

Vietnamese girls are very concerned about their image in society. I’ve had many girls say things to me like, “many foreign men pay Vietnamese girls for sex. I don’t want people to think I am a bad girl.”

I’ve had one girl who would not walk down the street next to me… She said, “Vietnamese people are looking and they will think I’m bad!”

This was a one time scenario… But still, I was surprised by it. In Thailand, there’s so many Thai / Farang couples that nobody thinks anything of it.

Another girl wouldn’t come to my room because she was worried people would see her and think she’s bad. WHO??! The old crazy lady who sits in my alley? These girls can be a little uptight so be prepared.

Most girls are normal when it comes to dating and they will be proud to stand next to a handsome foreigner. However, they are expecting a commitment. I’ve had a girlfriend here for the past few months and we just broke up… Kind of… She just slept here again last night. 😉

The reason we are having problems is because every time we meet she has 100 questions…

You ever have a Vietnamese girlfriend?

I don’t believe you.

Do you have a girlfriend in America?

Did you ever have a girlfriend in America?

Why did you break up?

Did you love them?

Do you still love them?

Do you love me?

You sure you never had a Vietnamese girlfriend?

I don’t believe you.

When do you want to get married?

When do you want to have babies?

My mom thinks I should get married soon…

My mom thinks we have no future together…

My mom thinks our cultures are too different…

I think you don’t really love me…

Then she starts crying.

Makes me think FUCK I should have just hit the Hot Toc for a ten dollar blowjob. 😀

Really though, Vietnamese girls are intense when it comes to the commitment thing. Good lord, I’m happy with this girl but I’m not talking about marriage and kids three months after we meet. That shit is crazy!

Most of the Vietnamese girls I know do not drink. They also do not go out late at night. I know grown women in their twenties who go to sleep at 10:00PM every night. Even girls who live alone and have no curfew will say, “oh no too late, not good for a Vietnamese girl!”

You can have fun and date a bunch of cute girls, just be prepared to deal with a more conservative culture. Most girls live with their family until they get married. Then they will move in with their husband.

Most girls live a quiet and conservative life with the goal of finding a good husband. If they are seen out partying and dating different men then word will quickly spread that they are “bad.” This will make things much more difficult for them to find a good man.

Vietnamese men all want to drink and party with sexy girls but they want to marry a virgin who will stay home to cook, clean and care for their children. Hey, I can’t knock them for that.

In Thailand, most of the girls I met were living alone. These girls moved to the big cities alone to work or study. These girls are now free from their parents and they can do what they want. This often means partying and dating foreign guys on Thai Cupid.

Easy Sex or Serious Relationship

Most of my dates with Thai Girls would consist of dinner, some drinks maybe hit a night club, then back to my place to fuck. Then repeat the next night with a different girl.

In Vietnam, my dates usually consist of dinner and coffee. Then they go home at 9:00pm. Then we meet again for lunch another day. Then we have dinner that weekend. Then repeat. Then I get her to come to my room to watch a movie. Then repeat. Then I finally get to slide in that pussy while she tells me she loves me.

All girls are different but generally speaking the Vietnamese girls are not going to give it up that easy. Especially if you are just a tourist. They have a lot in common with Cambodian Girls.

The first thing girls ask me is how long have I been here? How long will I stay here? What is my job? Why do I want to live here?

Basically they will drill you with questions to make sure you aren’t some tourist passing through town. If you are, they will want to be your facebook friend but they aren’t going to jump into bed with you tonight.

I find that Thai girls are much more open to having a casual short term relationship with a foreigner. Even if she knows you are leaving Thailand soon.

Language Barrier

I’ve had a mixed bag when it comes to the language barrier. I’d say they are about equal… I’ve met girls in both countries who speak no English at all and others who are fluent. I’m tired of using google translate on dates so I go for girls who can speak English. That foreign language novelty wears off pretty quick when you’re having dinner together in silence.

Which Girls Look Better?

This all boils down to personal preference. My perfect chick is a thin Vietnamese girl with a pretty young face. Smooth white skin, perky handful tits and a big hairy bush. 😀

I’ve met a lot of very sexy Thai girls as well. I like the white, China doll look as well as the dark skin Isaan look.

One thing I don’t like is the whole cosmetic surgery craze in Thailand where these pretty girls are carving their faces up to look like Aliens. Fake noses, chins and cheek bones. Eye contacts, tattoos and diamonds in the teeth. It’s all a major turn off. I prefer natural beauty.

Hard for me to choose but I’d say Vietnam has the more beautiful women.

Mongering in Vietnam vs Thailand

I guess I’ll touch on this real quick. Vietnam sucks for mongering and Thailand is the best! There’s really no comparison. Mongering in Vietnam is a hassle with hotels that aren’t guest friendly, scams and bad service. Thailand is the ideal place to monger so if that’s what you’re after the choice is simple.

In summary, both countries have amazing women. Probably the best in the world! You can find both good girls and bad girls in both countries so don’t worry about that.

If you want a wild party with some fun girls then head to Thailand. If you are looking to settle down and get married then head to Vietnam. Or you can join Thai Cupid and Vietnam Cupid from the comfort of your own home! Try Asian Dating for a good mix of girls from both countries.