What’s up guys!

Just got around to crunching my numbers from December and thought I’d share them with you. A lot of people ask me how much it costs to live here in south east Asia… That’s a difficult question to answer because everyone’s lifestyle is different.

If you want to live like a back packer, you can live VERY cheap in Vietnam… If you want to live in a swanky penthouse overlooking the city and enjoy fine dining with top shelf whores, you can certainly do that as well. I fall somewhere in the middle.

I eat well, party hard, I have a nice little apartment in the center of the city. I dress reasonably well, go out on dates almost daily and get my dick sucked by random hookers when I’m in the mood.

Here are my expenses living in Vietnam December 2015. I’ll convert everything into US dollars so it’s easier for most of my readers to understand.

Rent / Water / Utilities – $320

Eating Out – $463

Groceries – $9

Alcohol – $264

Coffee – $89

Mongering – $125

Gym – $13

Gas – $30

Laundry – $15

Phone – $22

Miscellaneous  (Haircuts, Clothes, Soap, Giving Money To A Bum, Etc.) – $133

Total Expenses For The Month – $1,483

That’s $231 more then last month. Honestly I’m pleased with this number because I went on a serious bender during the holidays. I was expecting this number to be much higher. Damn this country is cheap! 🙂

As you can see, I ate out every meal last month and my cost for food remained about the same. I think I will give up on cooking and just focus on working / fucking in my spare time. 😀 I might even rent a cheaper room without a kitchen… But I do like having the option to cook. Just had my nice 18 year old fuck toy cooking for me last night! 🙂

Pretty much all my food / drink expenses accounts for two people. Me and whatever skank I’m fucking that day. If you don’t mind being alone then you can save a big chunk of money there. Also, it’s extremely rare to have a day go by where I don’t get laid. If I can’t find a girl, then I will rent one.

Not only did I fuck a bunch of “good girls” last month, I did a fair bit of mongering as well. $125 got me seven blow jobs, two short time bangs and one rub and tug. Oh and I also paid 300K for a massage / HJ that was soooo bad that I walked out… I left without blowing my load so I didn’t tip the cunt. I guess this still counts as mongering right?

Well the holidays are over and I’m trying to cut back on the booze. (I’ve been saying that for years.) I’m happy with my current cost of living but I still think I can shave that down to $1,000 per month without drastically effecting my lifestyle. We shall see.

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