What’s up everyone? BrianGG here. I am so happy to be finally able to contribute to this blog given how many times it provided me with great info and entertainment. Thanks so much Skins!

Today, I want to talk about a topic not previously discussed here at Single Man’s Paradise: “Dek Sideline” (เดก็ไซดไล). “Dek” in Thai means “Child”, but that is not the reason for the cloak­and­dagger. It has nothing to do with pedophilia.

The name is just a slang for a young girl doing a side job to get extra money, generally to pay for her education.
As the legend says, most of them are 18­-22 year­old university student girls. They are not full time hookers; not gonna hangout at a bar or massage parlour. Maybe they are scared of their family finding out, who knows…The only way to find them is by searching online forums or by word­ of­ mouth.

The idea of having a pretty nice girl that doesn’t have the hooker attitude was appealing, especially because paying is way easier than seducing a good Thai girl online. Alright, listen up, story time incoming.

How It All Started

The girl I was banging moved to the U.S. to be a nanny, and my Thai visa was about to expire, so I was feeling lazy to find a good girl online to hangout for just a few days. Time to hit the streets!

I went to the Phucome Hotel (Chiang Mai) soapy massage place. It was Tuesday around 8 pm. Never been there before. I don’t know if it is always like that, or it was not a good day or time… Regardless, there were just 6 girls in the fishbowl. The only one barely bangable had some high rank, super something. I didn’t feel like paying 2,000฿ for the best of the worst…

So I got my phone out and started looking for better alternatives. In my search, somehow I saw the name “Dek Sideline” and it got me very intrigued. I headed back to my place, turned on the laptop and dove right into it. It is unbelievable how much Thai I learned that day. I guess trying to get some nice­ mysterious­ pussy is an amazing incentive.

Getting My Hands Dirty

After getting a good understanding on how the process worked I filtered the girls in Chiang Mai and started getting more pictures. Everything was getting more and more interesting. All the girls were looking so damn fine, and the price was also a good deal.

Around 2.500฿ for 2 hours or 4.000฿ for the whole night. There were girls with some interesting businesses. For instance, one would come to your room and do a private sexy dance while you jerk off for 500฿. But I mean, fuck that, I wanted some action.

Anyway, I locked on my target. Got her Line ID and started by saying I was “farang” and couldn’t speak Thai very well, just so there were no surprises. She was polite but didn’t seem to give two shits about it. Just asked where I wanted to meet and for how long. I quickly said:

หองผม, 23:30, 1 ช.ม. ไดไม

“My room, 23:30, 1 hour, ok?”

She says ok. I sent the gps location, photo of the building entrance. She said she understood, and sent a sticker driving a car and asked for my phone number just in case. All set.

23:30 nothing…

23:40 my phone rings. It is her, talking in Thai. I couldn’t understand jack­shit. I mean, it is hard enough to understand something while seeing somebody’s lips and body language, on the phone it is much harder. I hung up and texted her asking where she was. She said 30 more minutes. Fine, no biggie…

Another 30 mins goes by and I ask where she was again. She sends me a big message in Thai with a sticker saying “I am sorry…” I couldn’t understand the message and google translator didn’t help much, didn’t know if she was sorry for being late or she wouldn’t come at all. So I asked her:

Translated to english would be: “I don’t understand. Are you coming? Yes or No?”

So she sends me the exact same massage again. What the fuck!? Like I couldn’t have read it twice before…Anyway, I gave up on this girl, but I was not mad nor sad, funnily enough I was a little enthusiastic for getting into this “secret club”.

Rinse and Repeat

Fast forward to Friday. I finished all the work I wanted to do for the week. Dek Sidelines, here I go again; won’t give up that easily. Found another girl even hotter. I am nailing this one.

I was messaging her. I was on fire, eloquent as fuck. This time I did everything different. Maybe the problem with the 1st one was being at my room. So now I send the new one straight to a short time motel, didn’t tell I was foreigner, acted like I really knew my shit. Everything was set for 2 hours later as I was going to eat first, super hungry.

Then, 20 min before the agreed time, she messaged me saying she’s on her way. But also asked if I was a Thai person. Fuck!! Probably was my Line picture or name that gave it away. I confirmed I am foreigner and she instantly bailed. I was trying to talk my way around it, but from what I understood she was saying she was small AKA couldn’t handle “farang” meat. Ok, pause for a second.

Even though it is understandable, the situation was still new to me. Everywhere in Thailand people try selling some shit to tourists. Hell, it is easy to overcharge. Even in small towns where there are not many tourists at all, in general, people seem friendly towards foreigners. Anyway, I know getting denied services for being from another race or having a big cock (by Asia standards) is not something to complain about, but it still felt weird. #1stWorldProblems

Resuming. As my last resort I asked if she had any friend that was up for the task. A few minutes go by and I got a reply saying yes with some new pictures. Great, let’s do this!

I met her friend at the motel. She was exactly like the pictures, but had some tattoos covered by the clothes. I don’t mind, I actually have 2 of my own. However, Thai girls with tattoos generally scream “pro” not “Dek Sideline”, but for now, seems legit…

She was very cute and sweet and although she was not fine with me going down on her or kissing, or bbbj, she was very active, different than most Thai “starfishes”. Her pussy was still very tight for the girl who was able to handle the job. We fucked in several different positions, mostly ones I could suck her big natural tits. Overall, I had a great time. After shooting my load inside her (with condom), we showered and chatted for a bit then quickly parted our ways.


It felt like a good freelancer, that was it. Still worth the buck (2000฿ ). I am going to BKK this month and will get a “Dek Sideline” there to be able to compare different cities and also improve the sample size, for science :).

If you can already read Thai, I would recommend checking it out. Bonus if you can disguise yourself as Thai and shrink your dick a little. 😉

Where to find Dek Sideline Girls

I’ve browsed over 3 forums:


It is pretty straight forward once inside the forums if you can read Thai. If there was only an email or Line ID in the post, I would send this simple message: ขอรูปครับ (send pictures, please)

Another tip would be to skip posts like 3 years old with 50+ pages of replies, as it would not be a Dek Sideline, just a full time pro.

In some of Skin’s posts, he said made “deals” with some girls – that they would come to his place and he would pay some amount of money. If these were genuine girls and not hookers, I think that categorizes as a Dek Sideline.

For now I am happy to have one more option of paid action in Thailand 🙂 Thanks again for the opportunity everybody, hope to see you guys again.