What’s up guys!

Just reflecting on day to day life here in Vietnam and I’d like to share some thoughts. This country is amazing and I’m having a blast here… But I just can’t help but imagine what it would be like if I learned the language. Life would be so much better!

If you’re visiting Vietnam as a tourist then you don’t have to worry about learning the language. You can get by just fine in the tourist areas. Hotels, taxis, restaurants, etc. They will all speak enough English to help you out.

You will also find a lot of people who speak perfect English. I find the people that can speak English, speak it much better then people in Thailand for example.

Even if you decide to live in Vietnam, you don’t need to learn the language… But I think you should.

First of all, if you don’t learn Vietnamese you will be confined to the tourist bubble. For many that’s fine. You will have cheap food, cheap beer and other expats to hang out with.

You can also go on Vietnam Cupid or Asian Dating and meet plenty of sexy girls who speak English and love foreigners… Read my post How To Hook Up With Hot Girls in Vietnam. Also, Important Tip For Men Visiting Vietnam.

So Why Bother Learning The Language?

Well, once you leave the tourist areas you will have major problems. Very few people speak English. They see your white face coming and they will start salivating with dollar signs bouncing around in their eyes.

When I say leave the “tourist area” I mean the next street over… You don’t have to travel far to be in the “real Vietnam.”

I don’t know Vietnamese language but I have picked up some basic conversational stuff since I’ve been here. I must say, even the little that I do know makes a huge difference.

When I order food in Vietnamese I get the cheapest price along with a big friendly smile. They know I live there and I’m not some tourist that can be price gouged. OK maybe a little…

Also, there’s so few foreigners that speak Vietnamese that when you can say a few lines the people really light up. It shows that you love and respect the country enough to make an effort to learn their language.

Meet More Girls in Vietnam!

OK here’s a BIG reason to learn Vietnamese… Get more girls! 😀 Sure you can easily bang sexy girls on Vietnam Cupid and Asian Dating. I do it all the time. They speak good English and love foreign men! Read How To Make The Perfect Online Dating Profile.

But that’s only a very small percentage of what this country has to offer. I prefer the “good girls” that haven’t been shagged out by every white cock in Saigon. Therefore I like to hunt off the tourist trail.

I often go to Cafes here in Vietnam and the staff is all sexy twenty year old girls in mini skirts… When I say sexy, I mean boner popping hot. These girls drive me crazy…

When I walk in they all smile and go crazy. I’m handsome, well dressed and they don’t see white guys often… But then I hit a roadblock…

NONE of them speak English! 🙁 It’s really depressing. Sometimes a hot girl will sit with me and say facebook? facebook? Yeahhh OK… Then we friend each other…

Then what? Chat using google translate? The WIFI is slow as fuck and they are busy with work… I just say forget it and log into Asian Dating to find a girl…

If I knew Vietnamese I’m sure I would be balls deep in these sexy young babes! If you are a handsome guy who’s fluent in Vietnamese you would be fucking like a rabbit out here.

Learning Vietnamese Is Easy

A lot of people think it’s impossible to learn these tonal languages but it’s really not that difficult in my opinion. It just depends on how dedicated you are to learning.

I studied Thai for a while and I learned quite a bit. I also found it to be fun, especially learning while you are living there. Vietnamese is even easier to learn then Thai.

Vietnam uses the roman alphabet. All of the letters will look familiar, give or take a few… The words are read left to right and they use punctuation unlike Thai script which is confusing as fuck to read.

Also, the tones are clearly marked and easy to understand. It looks like the transliteration of Thai. You can learn the tones in ten minutes then pick up a Vietnamese newspaper and read the whole thing. You wouldn’t know what you’re saying but you would probably get half of the words right. Try doing that with Thai or Khmer…

The Best Way To Learn Vietnamese

It was hard for me to find a decent course to learn the language here. There aren’t many… One great resource is youtube. There are a lot of free Vietnamese lessons on youtube. You can learn the alphabet and the tones that way. Once you do that you can practice reading and speaking.

One important point. Different parts of Vietnam have different accents. The north and the south speak very different. I noticed most of the online courses I found are based in Hanoi…

This is a problem if you live in Saigon. You will want to study the southern Vietnamese language. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of great resources online. I found this this book and these CDs but not much else. Be sure to study the accent of where you plan on living.

Your best options are using youtube, writing down what you learn and then practicing your pronunciation with a Vietnamese friend. You can find plenty of people that would be happy to help you learn. Maybe you can help them with their English in return.

The best option is find a Vietnamese girlfriend! Preferably one that speaks good English. She can help with your pronunciation and also reward you with some good loving after a hard day of studying. 😀

I learn a bit of the language in every country I visit. I feel that’s part of the travel experience. Once I decide where I want to put down roots, I will seriously study the local language and do my best to become fluent.

It’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s good for your brain and your quality of life as an expat goes up dramatically. Also, you unlock so many more options for getting girls!

I recommend you guys learn the basics when traveling to a country and if you decide to live there, go all in and study hard. It’s difficult, but the effort is worth it.

Don’t listen to the negative lazy people who say learning a new language is impossible. You can do it! Xin chao!