What’s up Guys!

I just got another great email from a reader. He was asking for some travel advice and I’m always happy to help! Shoot me an email if you ever have any questions.

He was planning a one week vacation in Asia and he was considering Vietnam after reading my articles… Here’s the deal, I told him do not come to Vietnam. Allow to me explain why…

This gentlemen has one week off work and he wants to have a wild party for his holiday. He’s looking for great night life and easy sex with hot Asian babes. Hey, that sounds like a great plan! 😀

My advice? I told him to fly into Bangkok, hang out for a few days then head out to Pattaya. Those are the two best cities in the region to party like a rock star and fuck like a porn star. Thailand is so easy and convenient for a short holiday, it’s a no brainer.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Vietnam! I’m still in Saigon now actually. But Vietnam is a very different travel experience then Thailand. I’d even say it’s not an ideal place for inexperienced travelers. Everything is more difficult for tourists here.

This is not the place that you fly in for the weekend, go on a bender and fuck a bunch of whores… You can do it, but it’s much harder then Thailand. If mongering is your main objective you will be disappointed in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, prostitution is very much against the law and mongering is a hassle. The whole mongering scene is much more hidden then Thailand.

Vietnam is a communist country and it’s much more conservative then Thailand. You really need to stay in Vietnam for a while to learn how things work.

Once you do find the mongering scene, the quality of service is much lower then Thailand. There are also much more scams to deal with… Everyone out here is looking to squeeze you for every last dong.

There’s also an issue with hotels that aren’t guest friendly. I’ve never had this problem in Thailand.

Overall, Vietnam is a more challenging travel experience compared to Thailand. It’s a beautiful country and I highly recommend everyone visit someday… Just come for the right reasons.

Tour the country side. Drink beers with the locals, enjoy the amazing food and strong coffee. Date the beautiful Vietnamese women. It will be an experience of a lifetime!

Fucking whores should be far down on your to do list. If you need to drain your balls it can be done, but a man shouldn’t fly here just for that.

If you just want to blow off some steam for a week then head to Pattaya. It’s safer, better infrastructure, legendary nightlife and more Asian pussy then a man can handle in a lifetime! 😀

I’m having a blast in Vietnam. I write a lot of posts praising the country but I don’t want to give you guys the wrong idea. The fact is, Saigon is a jungle and Nha Trang is boring. The streets are empty late night. It’s NOTHING like Bangkok or Pattaya.

I would hate for this guy to spend his one week holiday in Vietnam and be disappointed. It can be a great place for a holiday but just know what you’re getting into.

When I first arrived in Saigon I didn’t like it… I was robbed and scammed multiple times until I got the hang of things out here. Now I’ve grown to love Vietnam but it took some time.