Dress sharp guys. This may seem like common sense but apparently it’s not. I see so many scrubs and losers here in Thailand it’s unbelievable!

It is much easier to attract high quality women if you are well dressed and groomed at all times.

Whether you are out picking up women or conducting business. People judge each other within the first three seconds of meeting.

What does your appearance say about you?

I am currently living in Thailand but this rule applies for everywhere in the world.

Thailand is a laid back place where you can have a great time drinking a $1 beer sitting on the curb wearing your flip flops. Sure, I’ve done it many times.

But if you plan on going out with the high society women you need to step your game up. Asian women take great pride in their appearance and they expect the same from their men.

In America you can walk into any supermarket and see girls wearing sweat pants and over sized T shirts with their hair looking like a fucked up birds nest.

Not in Bangkok! Most of these girls look like they just stepped off the modeling runway. Hair, make up, dress, high heels, everything impeccable.

sexy vietnamese girl ho chi minh city vietnam

It’s one of the reasons I why I love Thai women. They go the extra mile to look good at all times of the day and when they hit the club at night they look AMAZING.

I remember meeting a girl for a date at the local mall. I felt like a dick head because I was wearing shorts and sneakers and she was dressed for the fuckin prom! I decided at that moment I was going to step my game up.

Suit up gentlemen. The basic minimum should be nice shoes, a nice pair of dress jeans and a dress shirt.

If you travel to a place like Bangkok it is a great opportunity to do some shopping. You can buy a few tailor made dress shirts here for cheap. Just check out the Indian guys all over Sukhumvit Road.

I just got two very nice shirts made for 3,000 Baht. I picked the fabric and got fitted then picked them up the next day. They are very sharp!

When you walk into the bar you want to turn heads.

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you stand tall. When you stand tall, women notice you.

When you walk into the bar women will think, WOW he looks important… I wonder who he is??!

Everywhere else in Thailand is much more casual then Bangkok.

For example, I was just visiting Koh Samui island enjoying a few weeks on the beach. I went to the club in my usual gear – dress shirt, jeans and dress shoes and I stood out. I was over dressed for the venue.

While this did work for me it was a bit much. A clean polo would have been better. Use your judgment guys but always be sharp, even if it’s a casual situation.

You want to stand out amongst the crowd of average scrubs and losers.
I want to take a quick minute to talk about facial hair. I wear a short beard and I get mixed reviews about this.

I’ve had several girls here touch my beard and say “I dont like this.” I’ve also had a few who said they do like it. Keep in mind I never asked their fuckin opinion in the first place.

Based on my experience, I would say that most Thai women prefer a clean shaven man. If you want to wear a beard keep it short and neat. I will continue to wear mine.

Dress sharp Gentlemen.

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