If you’re a fan of Single Man’s Paradise then you already know how much I love Asia. That’s right, I have full blow yellow fever! But Asia is not the only Single Man’s Paradise on this earth. If you’re not really into Asian broads then have no fear. There are many other options for you.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a very popular region for single men to live or vacation. Russia, along with many of the ex soviet countries are loaded with extremely beautiful, sweet, feminine women. That’s right. Many of these ladies still have traditional values and they have not been brain washed by the western feminist movement. So get there while you can!

Russia is an obvious place to start. The country is enormous and the women are stunning. If you are looking to meet beautiful Russian women online then join Romance Compass. Whether you want a wild one night stand or a beautiful Russian bride, Romance Compass is a great place to begin your search!

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Some other excellent countries to choose from are Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. There’s really a bunch of possibilities in the region. I started a thread in the forum called What Countries Have The Hottest Slavic Women. Please click that link to cast your vote!

Eastern Europe is considered Single Man’s Paradise due to the low cost of living and the abundance of beautiful women. The only category it take a hit is the weather. It gets cold as fuck over there and I hate that shit. But some people enjoy getting all bundled up in the winter. Up to you!

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Latin America

This may surprise you, but before I moved to Asia, I was a connoisseur of Latin women. That’s right. I almost exclusively dated Latin women before moving to Asia. The only experience I had with Asian girls in America were hookers at Asian massage parlors. 🙂

Latin women are by far the sexiest women on the planet. Their tan skin, bubble butts and ferocious sex drive is sure to drive any man wild!

I still remember my ex girlfriend who was Puerto Rican. She used to cook, clean and fuck me 3 times a day. I used to wake up in the middle of the night from her rubbing my cock and begging me to fuck. Good times! 😛

Unfortunately, they also have hot tempers and they are prone to drama. If you fuck over an Asian broad, she will curl up in a ball and cry in bed for a day. Latina women will throw a brick through your window. You have been warned.

Latin America has a bunch of great options. From the Caribbean, to Mexico, Central America, down into South America. There’s too many great countries to name.

Warm weather. Beautiful women. Beautiful scenery. Good food. Low cost of living. It ticks all the boxes for a Single Man’s Paradise. Click Here to meet the hottest Latin Women on the planet.

The only category where Latin America takes a hit is safety concerns. There are some places where you can’t be out roaming around on your own… You could get robbed, stabbed or kidnapped. Yes this type of shit does happen in certain areas of Latin America. Just be cautious out there guys.

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Ahh yes, home sweet home. What can I say, Asia is my comfort zone. Warm weather. Good food. Interesting cultures. Most Asians are gentle people so it’s relatively safe. The women are sweethearts and generally hassle free. Life is just easy out here. I plan on traveling all over the world, but Asia will remain my base of operations for the time being.

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