What’s up guys!

I tracked all my expenses for the month of May and I wanted to share the numbers with you. Damn it’s annoying to keep track of all this shit!Β It’s worth it in the end though because I do enjoy seeing the break down of everything. OK so here it is. I will convert all prices into US dollars so it’s easier for folks who aren’t familiar with Vietnamese Dong.

Expat Cost of Living in Vietnam – May 2016

Rent – $98

Utilities – $23

Food / Water – $220

Coffee – $60

Beer – $57

Mongering – $94

Laundry – $12

Gas – $25

Phone – $18

Bike Repairs – $32

Gym – $8

Random Shopping / Apartment Supplies – $176

Total Expenses – $823

Wow I did pretty good this month! With a few minor changes in habits I was able to drop my expenses by more then $600 USD! You can read my last expense report here.Β 

I was trying to save money but I don’t feel like I sacrificed much. I didn’t go to any nice restaurants or high end night clubs. I didn’t party much at all. Just drank some cheap beers outside and ate street food.

I rented a dirt cheap apartment on the outskirts of the city. This is by far the cheapest apartment I’ve ever rented. The area is somewhat sketchy and I’m the only foreigner here… But so far everything has been fine and the people here don’t mind that I have a different snapper in and out of the building every night. πŸ™‚

I did some mongering but I went with the cheaper options in the city. $94 got me ten sexual encounters. Six of these were blow jobs at a hot toc. Four of these were when I had this ugly girl come over for a quick shag.

I got her down to $9 USD every time she comes over. She cleans my apartment and then I bend her over and cream pie that pussy. Hand her 200K VND and send her on her way. Not a bad deal I say! πŸ˜›

I also had several free shags this month. My sexy little spinner stopped by once. I shagged a sexy new chick from Vietnam Cupid and I also met a cute 19 year old college student on badoo. Fun times! πŸ™‚

So that’s it for this month! It sure is cheap to live in south east Asia. If I tried a little harder I’m sure I could shave that number down to under $700. Simple things like cutting back on the beer and coffee, cooking my own meals, stop paying for sex with filthy whores, stop blowing money on phone cards when free WIFI is everywhere. This would easily get me under $700 per month without sacrificing much. Plus it would be beneficial to my health if I cut back on some of that shit…

Just wanted to give you an idea of basic cost of living here. If you want to come out here and try to make money online, you could live comfortably for about $1,000 USD per month… I say $1,000 because you have to factor in visa runs and other random expenses that pop up.

Also keep in mind that I was spending A LOT more until I learned my way around. It takes time to get situated but I think $1,000 per month is a safe number. That goes for Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand. Thanks for reading!