What’s up guys!

Story time again here at Single Man’s Paradise. This story recently took place while I was staying in Da Nang, Vietnam. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes and enjoy your time in paradise without any problems.

One night I went out for dinner and drinks with a beautiful young lady I met on Asian Dating. She’s a classy broad and she wasn’t going to give it up on the first night… Around midnight she went home and I stayed out and had a few more drinks alone.

Around 1:00am I started making my way back to my hotel on my motorbike. The streets were pretty much empty at this time of night. As I approached an intersection a motorbike came speeding towards me in the wrong lane.

Typical scumbag pieces of shit I see every day here in ‘Nam. Three scrawny teenagers on a fucked up Honda motorbike. No headlights, loud exhaust. Speeding on the wrong side of the road. No helmets, skinny jeans and flip flops, smoking cigarettes. The three of them combined probably weigh as much as me.

Of course, they could have been riding anywhere on this empty four lane street but they decided to drive towards me head on at full speed. They swerved at the last second to avoid a collision while screaming at me in Vietnamese and laughing… Very funny.

I was a bit drunk at the time, and I have a lot of rage built up inside of me from being robbed and scammed over the years… I pray for the day I get my hands on one of these little fucks.

I screamed back at them FUCK YOU!!! Along with a bunch of racial slurs they probably didn’t understand… This situation had me pissed off so I quickly turned around and sped after them.

They saw me coming after them and quickly turned down a dark side street. When I pulled down the street I saw their bike parked in the in the middle of the road but they were gone… Hmm this is strange. They just ditched their bike and ran to hide in the woods?

Then all of the sudden sticks and rocks came flying at me out of the darkness. Sneaky bastards… I’ll hand it to them, that was clever… Maybe that’s why these people win every war?

Well I didn’t feel like getting hit in the teeth with a rock so I quickly got out of there. Maybe if I had my full face helmet and my collapsible baton I would have sprinted into the darkness like a Spartan warrior and knocked their fuckin heads off. But really that’s uncalled for.

Lessons Learned

Some people are assholes. There’s nothing you can do about it. This isn’t about Vietnam in particular. There’s assholes EVERYWHERE! Coexisting with them is an unfortunate part of life and you can’t just kick the shit out of every person who deserves it… Although it’s tempting.

Just walk away. I briefly wrote about avoiding fights in my post staying safe while traveling. Here’s a summary… If you’re smart, 99% of problems can be avoided or diffused. If someone’s being a loud drunk asshole, just walk away from them.

If someone picks a fight with you, just say hey man it’s cool. I’m not looking for trouble! I know this is tough at times… And alcohol makes you more likely to swing on an asshole, but really it’s not worth it.

NOTHING good can come from a fight. Best case scenario is you scare all the females out of the room, get kicked out of the bar, possibly arrested, rip your clothes and get a black eye… That’s if you win.

Worst case scenario you get hit in the skull with a brick, shot or stabbed and end up in some filthy hospital in a third world country… Or dead.

Fighting should be reserved for self defense. If your life is in danger then by all means, kick some fuckin ass. Do whatever it takes to emerge victorious. But violence should always be a last resort.

When I got home that night, I realized just how stupid I was. Nothing happened… But it could have been much worse. What if one of those rocks hit me in the eye and I went blind?

What if they ambushed me and beat me half way to death, stole my phone, wallet and motorbike? It could have happened… All because I couldn’t just take a deep breath and let it go. I chose to put myself in that situation when I could have just brushed it off and kept driving home.

I’ve never had any violent encounters here in south east Asia. It’s a relatively safe place if you are street smart and humble. But if you’re looking for trouble you can easily find it.

Keep your cool and stay out of the assholes way. They will get what’s coming to them someday. Let’s just stay positive and focus on having a good time.