What’s up Guys!

More fashion advice here at Single Man’s Paradise. Today’s topic is choosing a good casual shoe. A mans shoes are an extremely important part of his wardrobe. In fact, when women size up a man they ALWAYS check out your shoes. You don’t want to go out on a date wearing your old shit kicker sneakers that you wear to mow the lawn.

Here I will discuss good casual shoe options for men. For these suggestions, I’m assuming you are not attending a wedding and you are not going to the beach for the day.

The top row are more casual. These are great choices for daily activities such as shopping at the mall, meeting a friend for lunch or just sight seeing in a new city. The second row are more classy options but they still work great in a casual setting. Wear these for your dinner dates or going out for drinks at night.

   The YES pile.

  • Canvas Shoes. Chuck Taylor Converse. Jack Purcell, SeaVees, etc.
  • Boat Shoes.
  • Desert Boots.
  • Driving Shoes.
  • Bucks.
  • Penny Loafers.
  • Brogues.

You don’t have to like all of the shoes on this list. Make your choices based on your personal style and where you live. For example,  I don’t like canvas shoes but a nice pair worn with khaki shorts and a polo shirt could work for some guys. It beats wearing chunky rubber sneakers.

Back in America I wore boots most of the year, but some suede Chukka boots are a bit much for the steaming hot streets of Bangkok. Do what’s right for your lifestyle. Just make sure you don’t wear anything from the NO pile…

Sneakers, flip flops, Crocs, etc.

I see far too many grown men wearing their athletic gear around the city. Hell, I was guilty of this myself a few years ago. I was that guy running around Bangkok wearing my Jordan’s and cargo shorts. 🙁 I have matured since then and so has my style.

You can still be comfortable while looking good and dressing like a grown ass man. Below is a comment from some random chick that I pulled off the web… Her reaction is typical of most females.

I HATE when guys wear tennis shoes with jeans or slacks or basically any time NOT at the gym or doing something athletic. I can’t tolerate a guy with bad shoes hitting on me. I feel like most guys get over this after college, but when I do see it… urgh.


Sneakers are for the gym and running. Flip flops and sandals are for the beach. I never understood those velcro sandals that are essentially shoes with holes cut into them. Just make a decision… Wear flip flops or wear shoes!

I wear simple, cheap, rubber flip flops to the beach because they are convenient and easy to wash off. Wearing anything more on the sand and you are trying too hard. Also, having sand in your shoes is no fun. Stepping off the sand? Switch to some canvas shoes or a boat shoe for a more comfortable yet grown up look.

Don’t be that guy walking around the city wearing flip flops. It makes you look like a tourist who only gets pussy if he pays. 😉

Hope this guide was helpful. We should strive to look our best at all times. A good outfit starts with some nice shoes that fit your style and environment. More fashion tips coming soon!