What’s up Guys!

Just wanted to share a quick fashion tip with my fellow Single Men. My 30th birthday is coming up next week and I have matured a lot in the past few years. Especially when it comes to fashion. How you dress and carry yourself in public effects how people treat you. It’s important to stay sharp and well groomed at all times. Especially when traveling!

Here’s my tip of the day… Unless you are a college student lugging text books to class, or a serious hiker going on a mountain excursion for the weekend, it’s time to ditch the backpack.

Backpacks Suck

Not only do back packs look dorky, they are inconvenient and they make your back sweat. If you must carry a day bag it should be something that is stylish, convenient and comfortable. After all, we aren’t some filthy backpackers living in some flea ridden $4 hostel.

We are international playboys. We are always the best dressed Men in the room. We are confident and outgoing. We have the swag of a mafia Don and the balls of a Lion roaming the Serengeti.

First let’s talk about fashion. If you dress sharp and carry a backpack you will look like an idiot. Look at that picture of the guy wearing dress clothes and a sporty looking red backpack. It’s out of place for a grown man and he looks like a geek. There are better options.

Then you have these morons who wear their nerdy backpacks onto the train in Bangkok and bump everyone with the damn thing because it’s sticking 16 inches off their back. These are usually sweaty, unshaven English teachers wearing a cheap wrinkled suit. If you need to wear your backpack just take the fuckin thing off before you rush onto the train and stop hitting people with it.

Another reason backpacks are a bitch is because you have to take them off to get anything out of them. This means clearing space so you don’t elbow the innocent bystanders around you. Also, if you are in a crowded dump of a city like Phnom Penh, then your dumb backpack is out there vulnerable for people to unzip and steal from as you stroll through the city. Backpacks simply suck when you’re in tight quarters.

The last issue is comfort. In a warm environment backpacks make your back sweat like crazy. Try wearing a backpack for the afternoon in a place like Thailand… After a few hours in the sun, you will want to take that thing and toss it in the garbage. Your back and shoulders will be soaked with sweat. Nasty!

Messenger Bags vs Backpacks

I’m a big fan of the messenger style bags for a day bag. The bag I pack is small, light and professional looking. I can fit my laptop, chargers, sunglasses, small bottle of water and a few other daily items without feeling weighed down and looking nerdy.

Not only are these bags stylish and professional, they are very convenient as well. Shopping at a store and need to put some items away? Just slide the bag to your front and quickly access the inside. Easily reach for travel documents when passing through the airport. Slide the bag to your side when boarding a busy train. The messenger bag is better in every way.

Plus, it’s more comfortable. A single strap bag will not leave your back all sweaty during a hot day. If one shoulder starts to get hot just switch sides or simply carry the bag by the tote handle.

These bags come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can pick something that fits with your attire and lifestyle. Whether you want something super professional for business meetings or you want something more casual for a day at the beach. Check out this Amazon link and look at some of the best selling Men’s bags.

In summary, a sleek messenger bag makes you look like a smart guy who knows where he’s going in life. You’re a man on a mission! A backpack makes you look like a lost tourist who hasn’t touched a vagina in years.

Unless you are rock climbing or camping in the mountains somewhere, the messenger bag is the better choice. Stay sharp Guys!