Some chicks are flakey man… and I hate that term so if someone wants to break out a thesaurus and give me another word to use that’d be great.

I always talk about “pussy paradise” and how much pussy I’m pounding on a weekly basis and it’s true… Life is great out here for the single man… A quick look at my notes and I see I’ve banged six new girls this month and got several blowjobs from random skanks.

However, I’m not telling you the whole story… For every girl I bang there’s probably ten or so that I try to get with and it goes nowhere… This is the reality of dating in Asia.

There are times that I chat with a girl from Asian Dating, we hit it off great, exchange numbers and then she just stops answering my texts…

Sometimes I’ll meet a girl at a café and she will be all over me asking me 50 questions… Do you have a girlfriend? What is your facebook? Want to meet sometime? Can you teach me English?

And then… Nothing. She keeps giving me the run around – yeah ok tomorrow maybe I have time… She never really wants to meet and it goes nowhere.

Why Are Asian Women So Flakey?

This is not an Asian girl thing, it happens everywhere. But girls here in Asia are flakey for several reasons. Here’s my theory on it and feel free to give your opinions in the comments.

1. They have many options.

On sites like Asian Dating I don’t even get upset about girls not responding to me. The fact is there are thousands of guys messaging these sexy Asian girls daily. Some will really put in the time and effort to sweet talk a girl into a relationship without even meeting in real life.

Hey that’s great… I’m not one of those guys. I just basically say hey want to meet sometime text me. 😀 My time is too precious to waste chatting with random girls all day.

Pretty girls have a lot of guys competing for their attention and sometimes you won’t make the cut. Don’t take it personal. Hell I delete girls messages too!

When I get 50 messages from girls in random provinces in the Philippines I never read them all. I’ll never go there and meet them so I don’t care to read the messages. That’s just how it goes!

2. They just want to be friends.

I’m a horny pervert so whenever a girls smiles and acts friendly towards me I think she wants to suck my cock. The truth is, some people are just friendly…

I know, that’s crazy right? I’m still getting used to this “friendly” shit. Not sure how to react when people just want to be friendly without me giving them anything but it happens! Some girls just want to be nice and chat with you but they’re not thinking about rough sex with no rubber.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met a cute girl and we become friends on facebook and exchanged numbers… Then, the girl texts me one day, “hey I’m drinking beer with my friends and my boyfriend! I told them all about you and they really want to meet you!” I’m looking at my phone like what the fuck???

I’m thinking about dropping a cream pie in this broad and she just wants a foreign guy she can show off to her group of friends like a new puppy. I guess that’s nice but I find it strange…

Where I’m from you don’t exchange numbers and chat with members of the opposite sex unless you’re both interested in each other. Chris Rock said it best… “I don’t have girls that are friends. I just got bitches I ain’t fuck yet!” 😀 Funny, but so true.

3. Girls are busy.

I’ve met so many girls that work twelve hours a day, every single day with only a few days off per month. Girls often work and go to college at the same time. They have very little free time for dating and going out.

Even when girls do have free time, they often spend it home with family. In Asia, family is very important and they will always put their family first.

If a girl has free time on the weekend she will often spend the night cooking with her mom and playing with the random babies that are part of the extended family.

This is her idea of fun so don’t be shocked when a girl doesn’t want to put on a sexy dress and meet you at the bar. She would rather stay in and relax on her nights off.

She might also be surfing Asian Dating and chatting with guys in Sweden when there’s a perfectly good man right around the corner that’s willing to meet… It’s strange, but it happens. I’ve asked many girls out only to have them say “I’m tired now.” Then I see they are online on Asian Dating late that night.

My advice is be patient. One girl I banged recently is a girl I met on Asian Dating MONTHS ago. I had given up on her and stopped texting her. Sure enough I got a random text that said she had free time let’s meet. I ended up balls deep in that pussy on the first date. 😀

In summary, I want you to have realistic expectations when you come to Asia. YES it’s easy to get laid but every girl you meet is not going to drop to her knees and suck you off on the first date.

Of course, you can pay for pussy but if you want to court a good girl it will take time and effort. My game is rock solid but I still bang hookers and random 6/10 bar sluts because sometimes I have to settle for what I can get that night. 😀

Just think of it as a numbers game. The more girls you approach, the more numbers you will get. A percentage of those numbers will turn into dates. A handful of those dates will end in sex. Have fun and don’t get discouraged!