9 Days in Bangkok, Thailand

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  1. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    We will def be on 22 a few times. We usually hit Rumours bar, Olive oils, and a few of those places right next to the legit Thai massage joint.

    I will check out No Idea for sure. There is a pretty good taco joint down the street a little further, I forget the name, but its on the right if you are moving away from the main road Sukhumvit.
  2. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt Well-Known Member

    My buddies and I went there for a weekend this past July- We did the Evisa thing took about a day, and it pretty much let you bypass the lines.. Avoid taking a tuk tuk to the city as the fumes will almost choke you (We made that mistake). Beer is def cheaper.

    We stood at the Harmony PP hotel right off the river.. great location about 35 a night.. can walk to 136 in a few minutes and walk to the bars that roll u a join if thats your thing. I would suggest it to check it out.. It was different, not in a bad way...
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  3. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    @wolfsbane93 50k USD a year is madness.. You must really be living it up every day. I think I'd struggle to spend that unless I had super nice accommodation and ate at quality restaurants every night

    As for PP. I pulled my first PP trip about two weeks ago and it was fucking lovely. I stayed the monsoon boutique hotel on 130 street pretty much next to angry birds hostess bar. (I took a girl home from their one night when I was hungover. Dragged myself outta bed had a shower and went next door.. I was home in 15 minutes.. good times :D)

    Anyways. I couldn't speak highly enough about this fine establishment. I paid 35 USD for a deluxe room (including breakfast) up the top with a private balcony. An awesome tidy room with a bath that had massage stones built into it lol.. Was such a fucking treat after a long trip there and whilst getting my balls sucked :rolleyes:. They clean the room completely everyday and the staff are super respectful. Bringing guests there is no problem. They even gave me a call a couple of times to make sure if was okay to let a girl left the next day.

    TBH I spent all my time on 136 street and went to sound club a couple of times.
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  4. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thank you both Lad and NoDoubt for the recommendations. I am off to the airport here in about 6 hours. Just doing the final preps and packing and I am out the door. The flight over will suck as usual, but I am hoping I can catch a nap and watch a few movies to make the time pass.

    As far as the 50K thing was concerned, that was an absolute Max spend. Again, I am anticipating something more like 36 to 40K.
  5. the lockmaster

    the lockmaster Well-Known Member

    I would give Phnom Penh at least 2 nights. Maybe 3 since it's your first trip.

    Only 1 night seems like a bit of a hassle for packing your suitcase and waiting in line at the airport and what not.
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  6. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I originally went there for 3 and ended up staying 8 lol
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  7. LadLife

    LadLife Well-Known Member

    @wolfsbane93 dam man.. still. How can you spend that you baller you. I'm spending roughly 1.8k usd month and my apartment is 475. I live a fairly nice lifestyle here in Vietnam taking mini holidays pretty much every month. I struggle to spend more than 2k unless I'm eating western everyday and drinking a lot. Anyways enjoy pp let us know what you get up to
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  8. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Quick check in...having a blast in Thailand. My birthday was last night and people get buying me beers and Jaeger shots.

    Let's just say I'm a little green behind the gills today, but my sweet Thai girlie is nursing me back to health. Chick has known me two days and is giving me the royal treatment. Hope I am back in the saddle tomorrow, but will still need to dial it back a little.

    Questioning whether or not to change her...but wow, she is so sweet and pretty. Little cuddly thing too who loves to screw.

    More details on landing, first night antics and last night to come...
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  9. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    I would imagine I would eat western about once a week. Drinking, that is my damn vice and once I get buzzed, I'm buying rounds and making sure everyone gets shitfaced...lol. That is my only downfall really. Oh and mongering a bit of course.

    Good to hear that costs are lower than expected, I like to plan for the worst or best depending on your perspective. Figure in a trip to the doctor occasionally, or some other mishap. I would rather fail conservative then run out of money prematurely.
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  10. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Ok, so let's get started with some of the narrative. It is nearly 6am here and I cannot sleep due to napping most of the previous day. I will get into the why on that later.

    Arrived in BKK, jet lagged as hell as I only slept like 2 hours on both flights. Flying for me is a miserable experience in coach. When I arrived, breezed through immigration and got my bags and went downstairs to meet up with S, who I Have known for years. We had been chatting on messenger all day the day before and he had met a young lady with a car a few days before.

    How nice is this, buddy comes to get you and don't have to ride in a taxi, and...has two beautiful Thai girls with him. Score. I had seen a picture of M online that her friend sent over and they did not do her justice. Gorgeous 92lb spinner with long hair and a tight little toosh. Needless to say I was sprung in an instant. So it's nearly 1am at this time and we speed down the toll road to my condo off Soi 50.

    I take a quick shower and it's off to Soi 22 to party at Olive Oyls. S has known the owner Y for years and I got acquainted back in May. I walk in and they all yell my name like I am some fucking celebrity, you gotta love a warm greeting like that. Hugs, kisses, and shots pursue. I am getting to know M while getting a constant stream of bar girls coming up to say hi, rubbing on me, and giving me kisses.

    3am hits and they close, so we are off to a small restaurant and speak easy near Soi Cowboy. This place is awesome, great food and staff, and you can keep on drinking. I am being hand fed of course and finally getting sweet with this chick who is basically telling me she was surprised that I looked so young and seem in good shape with good body.

    Love the compliments...
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  11. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Back to the room and I am unwrapping my gift finally. Oh my god, what a fucking beauty. Perky tits that fit in your hand, shaved kitty, tight bottom, flawless brown skin...no tats either. That was a surprise. We proceed with the deed, some cow girl, doggy and mish until we wear each other out.

    She is panting and exclaiming that she usually does not cum so easily or frequently and is losing her mind with the pleasure of it all. I mean I am not hung, but I have a big dick in Asia...but not too big so the girls I have been with always seem to comment in a positive way. Ego booster again.

    We barely sleep, spend the night kissing and talking. I have a permanent boner with this broad, but I am so drunk and jet lagged I don't have the stamina to get back in the horse. It's like 8am by this time, fully light out, and I know I'm not gonna sleep much. I can't sleep worth a shit once the sun is up. By 1130 I do manage to catnap a few hours and S is pinging me to get ready.

    I hit the showers, tidy up, she gets ready and we meet S at his condo up the street. We are off to meet another friend R back on 22 ar Rumours to pound more drinks and start the day off right.

    More to come...
  12. BobbyTwoTimes

    BobbyTwoTimes Legendary Member

    Dude if you move to Thailand in 18 months without me I'm gonna die hahaha. Fucking hell I just got really motivated!!!!
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  13. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Bobby, I will be waiting for you brother. Still waiting to hear back about this damn gig in Manila that will pay a handsome salary. The counter has started for the move and if Phil doesn't pan out, I will be living it up in BKK in 98 days.

    Not that I am eager or anything...haha. I just got to get the fuck out of the States bro. The shit is like killing me from the inside out. I remember when I used to travel abroad and literally kiss the ground once I got back home. Now when I read the news, encounter entitled heifers, or take in the current state of affairs, I find myself puking in my mouth and swallowing it.

    And I am a fucking veteran man, God and Country has turned to, let me out of this bedlam.
  14. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    With very little sleep, jetlag, and a mild hangover resulting in a certain fogginess of the mind, the day's run together. I find myself sitting on a barstool next to S and R at Rumours on 22. Before I got here, I had sent a Facebook to R telling him I had the first round of whisky and beers and was making good on my promise. They last time we were together, it was May, it was like 95 degrees and we were sweating bullets.

    This time around, it's cold in Thailand, cold in Thailand, COLD IN THAILAND??

    What the bloody hell man, but I tell you...it is nice to not need three showers a day and worry about dehydration.

    Now R is an interesting cat, full on definition of ex pat. 60s San Francisco was how he grew up and started traveling and living in Asia in the 80s. Dude makes a living as an artist, author, gemstones from Burma, and just all around make it happen sort of guy.

    I'm not a homo, but I literally fell in love with this dude the first time I met him.

    We pound some beers and shots and send R on his way, we then go and grab some pretty good tacos and beers, then make a run back to the condo. "Meet you in 20 or 30??" ...says S to me...of course. By the time I step into my room however, the little head has taken over. I'm ripping off her clothes and ask, we can do this in 20 and be ready in 30 right?

    Wrong!! Another bout with what has got to be one of the best little pussies I have had in a while. I'm having trouble finishing due to lack of sleep and booze, so she helps to seal the deal with some good BBBJ and hand job, then I flip her on her tummy and hit it from behind. We are both a sweaty mess and lay back spent. This is about 6pm...

    Oh shit...I look at the clock, it's fucking 9pm...dammit. I glance at my phone expecting a full on tirade of IMs on where the fuck I am at...nope, apparently S had the same notion and was plowing his honey too. Now the hilarious thing is she sends my lady a video. Basically head and shoulders...but you can tell that they are spooning, he is out cold snoring, she is grinning ear to ear with one finger plugging her ear canal.

    WTF, I started laughing so hard I almost shit myself (fore shadowing here)...

    We finally get our head and asses wired together and head back to Soi 22...
  15. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    I guess I am a creature of habit...and you will figure this out as guaranteed we will hit Olive Oyls damn near everyday on this trip. Did it back in May, will likely be a rinse and repeat. The place is just fun as hell, and Y the owner always makes me feel at home.

    We had swung through a Japanese teppanyaki place on the way there, so I was feeling a little full and trying to break the seal while re-establishing my buzz...not sure I ever really lost it, but needed to get back to that warm numbness that a good beer buzz can offer.

    The clock ticks past mid-night without much notice from me due to once again being constantly assailed by the lovely honeys in this tiny establishment. This time around there happens to be 2 Brits, a Japanese guy, a white guy from S. Houston, S and myself. Rare that you would have 3 Texas residents all in same tiny bar on the other side of the world, which fully supports how small the world truly can be. BTW, that is how I met S about 10 years ago...we were both high functioning drunks living large in the big D - for Dallas of course.

    Damn...she literally just came out of the shower buck ass naked with that tight bod as I type this...

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  16. Trouble

    Trouble Well-Known Member

  17. BobbyTwoTimes

    BobbyTwoTimes Legendary Member

    Yeah the States fucking suck right now. I've gotta get to Asia again ASAP.

    Good luck with the job!
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  18. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Picking up where I left off...

    So it is past midnight now and I did not notice, next thing I know they are playing some thai birthday song and I am getting assailed with shots again and kissed and hugs from everyone. We are all dancing and having a great time. It was extremely cool.

    We hang for a little while then head over to the Dollhouse off Cowboy. My girlie M had wiped my face down pretty good with a cold damp rag to get all the lipstick and stranger spit off of me...lol. She constantly showers me with attention and affection. As soon as I get seated near a blacklight...of course you can now see all of the fuzzy stuff from the rag.

    This has her laughing pretty hard, so I dash upstairs to give my face a thorough washing. S knows a few of the girls from Dollhouse so we hang for a bit...more beer...more shots...they are starting to take their toll on me.

    We leave there and wind up at a live music bar down the street. This place was outstanding and the band was rocking the house. I am dancing with M and singing along with the band. Then I realize....they are singing in Thai...hahaha. I was making up my own words and singing right along none the wiser for a good 10 minutes.

    Great indicator of mental status = shithouse drunk!!! Well, it was my birthday...right??
  19. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Cowboy is in full swing and we have trouble getting a taxi. I show the guy 500 baht and finally convince someone to take us over to Soi 50. We make it back to the condo...get naked...but both realize that our efforts would be wasted and decide for morning boom boom. I do take my time sucking those perfect tits and caressing her tight body until we fall asleep in a cuddly heap.

    Then...disaster strikes. I wake about 10am and my stomach is killing me. Like there is something boring a hole in the wall or lining. Not nausea or anything...a dull pain. I figure maybe it is because I need to eat a good meal or take a crap or something. So I get to the loo and full on water butt strikes....aaahhh shit! How I am I supposed to boom boom when I am pissing out my ass?? White sheets and comforters and I am not taking the risk.

    As the minutes tick buy...I feel worse. I start running a fever. Then dry heaves. I sip water only and try to wait it out...girlie is freaking out and asking if I need hospital. No, not yet...but I am feeling progressively worse. The water I try to hold down won't stay down either....fuck!!!

    She goes out for an errand, I pass out and wake up drenched in sweat. She comes back and has a fucking birthday cake, a dozen roses, noodle soup, rice congee, electroyte mix, and Imodium. Greatest little lady ever. As time passes I start to feel better and she basically nurses me back to health over the course of the day. Me...I am worthless, and just sleep all day while finally get to the point I can hold down fluids.

    Great short term weight loss program though not recommended for the faint of heart. Now word on the street is I drank no less than 20 shots of Jaeger that night, plus all the beers. Fucking idiot...I'm a hazard to myself and know better. Oh well...sometimes you're just a dumbass.
  20. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Next day and I am feeling better but still a bit weak. We decide to take the car down to Huahin for a road trip. This is cool and believe it or not S and I are already drinking beer at noon in the car on the way down. I am getting sideways glances from my girl who must think I am completely insane and worthy of being committed.

    About a three hour ride and we wind up at the new Holiday Inn, very nice place.

    We change and head down to walking street to start hitting some of the bars. M tells me that her friend is actually there and wants to join us. Sure, the more the merrier. So we start bar hopping, playing some pool, drinking, dancing, and before I know it...yep, shithouse drunk again. But there is a different vibe this time. S is getting into some argument in Thai with his girl. mine is giving me the cold shoulder and won't talk.

    What the fuck guys...so I pull S over to the side and say hey man, maybe tomorrow it's time to hit the eject button on these two and saddle up a couple other Phillies from his stable of girls he knows. Apparently we were sharing a brain. As the night approaches close, M finally opens up and basically says her friend wanted to spend time with her and was trying to set me up with a ladyboy...haha. Huh?? When did I ever give off that vibe? She was conflicted and that is why she was shutting down a bit. I told her look, if you want to hang with your buddies...do it. You don't owe me shit.

    Moral of the story here is, no matter how cool they are, it is only a matter of time before they start acting retarded. Don't get fucking attached, don't fall in love, just boot them to the curb and go find the next 3 day romance.

    When all was said and done, I have to admit...she fucked the shit out of me once we were back at the hotel. Best round ever. As I type this she is back to being a sweetheart and I am trying to figure out how to eject her once I get to BKK. Only a few days left and I want to end this well and put another notch in the bed post. I will miss her, hell I miss all the good ones.

    Finally, fucking room service is here...until next time...
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