9 Days in Bangkok, Thailand

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    Ejection seat was fully functional. May see her again in two days.

    Time to reset and get after the next step in this adventure. I'll write more sordid details on our last encounter as it was a little comical and worth sharing the dirty details...
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    Dam man.. I've had chicks nurse me to health before but the initiative to get electroytes and Imodium .. That's just fucking gold right there.
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    I honestly believed that when traveling to a third world country, all that horseshit women pull (EVERY FUCKING DAY) in America would be left behind. Europe I could understand but fucking SEA??? Thats a let down.
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    To be honest, it was pretty mild but still noticeable and kind of a downer. Suffice it to say, got some more strange last night with a bar girl who had a hairy little monkey down there. Not sure if I will repeat with her though she was pretty damn cute. I told her I might see her.
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    I wish I could sleep when the sun comes up, but here I am at 9am having given up trying to fall back to sleep. So, cleaning the condo, took my dirty clothes to the laundromat and time to catch y'all back up.

    So last night turned into another drunken shitfest...I frankly don't know how many more of these I can string together as my stomach is starting to rebel again a little. Much better than the other day, just not fully healed.

    S and I shower up and go and grab some tacos...then off to 22 to a bar off one of the alleys called Stronger. I am not in there 5 minutes and the owner is pressuring me to drink more and asking do I want a girl. I tell her I want to take this slow, so she orders up two chicks. One is a Thai spinner and the other a Khmer girl who actually speaks pretty good English.

    The spinner latches on to me and immediately starts doing the sweet girl routine. I am into it but we need to run down the street to visit another bar and say we will be back. S is waiting to hear back from a chick he pokes on the reg, and we are thinking of going back to Cowboy. Next thing we know he gets a txt with a pic of her at Stronger bar...so he dashes out and leaves me alone basically with the bar tender and a couple other ladies. They of course proceed to gang up on me and we start doing shots...dammit...serious problems right, haha.

    By the time he gets back, I am plowed already and it's like 5pm. I tell him we gotta get out of here and I have to slow down or I won't last the night. We hit another small bar off 22 that is owned by the same lady who owns Stronger bar. I guess she is a local heavy who runs 6 or 8 of these places. The owner walks in, with the spinner and Khmer girl in tow, and engages S in a game of pool...with a wager. The bar tab. Unfortunately, she is a fucking shark...so not only does Scott have to pay the tab, but we wind up losing our shirts too....literally.

    So we have got a bar full of chicks, and two drunk ass farangs without shirts, it was actually pretty hilarious. After managin to get my shirt back, I agree to barfine the spinner for 700 baht, and we proceed to bar hop as a crew. I don't remember how many fucking bars we hit, but we wind up back on 22 at stronger where they have made me food and I have the spinner on my right, a cute ladyboy in my lap and we are all feeding each other. The funny thing is that I have been picking up a few Thai words and phrases during the trip and they are cracking up when I will occasionally answer back in Thai!

    Now for some reason, I decide to yell out Lao Kau...don't ask me why...an Anthony Bourdain flashback or something, but this gets everyone very excited. The owner pulls out a non descript bottle and begins to pour shots of the vile home brew liquor. I fully deserved what I got next which was about 6 shots and me begging to be cut off. Everyone is shithouse drunk and singing and I grab spinner to tell her let's go fuck and let's bring the ladyboy too. She is in and we jump into a taxi.

    WTF Wolf is what you are all saying. At the time it made perfect sense to me and I had the rationale that he/she like dicks so she must give mean head. Back to the condo, shower and we start getting into it. They take turns sucking me off and I am catching glimpses of captain Winkie which throwing me off my game to be frank. I start plowing spinner and lady keeps trying to stick her finger in my ass.

    Hey, knock that shit off...well, could have been worse I guess and it actually kept cracking us up...which also kept throwing me off. It was like we were all a bunch of idiot kids playing naked in the bed, giggling like a bunch of morons. Not my finest performance. Don't judge, I'm sharing all here.

    At the end of the night (4am) spinner has gotten off twice and neither me or my trans friend have drained our nuts, but I am so fucking tired I just give up. I pay them off, get dressed, then walk them out to the main road to catch a taxi. I'm such a gentleman.

    So...not sure if Lao Kau is Thai for "will make you wanna get with a ladyboy" but hey...when in Thailand. Not that it was really on my bucket list, but I can truthfully say that I did a three way with a girl and a half girl. BTW, she was fucking gorgeous, and dude the only way you would have been able to tell, with her clothes on of course, is that she is just a little bigger than the native chicks. If she was in the States with the more robust size western girls, you would not have been able to tell.

    So what is on the menu for today? Needs to be some fucking dialysis and some psychotherapy I am sure. To tell y'all the truth...the whole experience makes me miss M. I think I will message her and see if she wants to hang out and bone later. I need to rebalance my sexual chi by going balls deep in her perfect little snatch.

    Next up is a more detailed write up on boning M in Huahin...
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    Short narrative on the last bout with M....

    We get back from hopping the bars in Huahin and whatever had possessed her earlier had departed, so her mood was sweet and attentive once again. We are both pretty horny for one another so we jump into the shower together to get get cleaned up. I then proceed to go down on her beautiful shaved little muffin. This chick has the perfect little pussy...tight, slightly pronounced clit, while still being petite with slightly puffy labia.

    I am teasing her entry with my finger as I tongue her clit and I can feel her occasionally twitch as pre orgasm contractions start. She begs me not to make her cum like this as she wants to cum with my hard cock inside her. I oblige and pump her slowly, bringing closer...then backing off as I basically edge her. I then put her on top and her first O comes rather quickly. Now each time this chick cums, she groans and digs her nails into me. As the next one approaches with stronger intensity, I feel like I am engaged in mortal combat with a fucking bobcat.

    She is riding me furiously, clawing the shit out of me, I have grabbed her hips and I am grinding away at this chick as I am getting close. Keep going, don't stop, good girl, there you go, as I am coaching while getting closer to the pop. I am then like, get off, get off...yes...I am being a dumbass and we are bareback, and I don't want to shoot a monster load into her. She is on the verge of cumming and will not get off me. Wait, wait, please, wait, she is begging me, but I finally have to just physically remove her and pump what felt like a quart of Jiz on my stomach.

    I guess she was literally one second from a huge orgasm, and I denied it, which sent her into orbit. She starts hitting me and slapping the shit out of my chest, I am laughing while trying to apologize and fend off the blows. Next time fucking condom, she proclaims. I offer to finish her manually, but the moment has passed and she just collapses by my side panting and saying a bunch of shit in Thai I cannot understand. Probably cursing my ancestors...haha.

    So, I kind of feel like I owe her that third big O...and a bonus 4th or more. What can I say, I love making chicks get their nut off and watching them go crazy. It is a huge turn on for me, it's so intimate and sexy.

    Fuck...now I'm all riled up thinking about it. Maybe I need to go and find that BJ bar and get served while I relax and recharge. I need a spa day that is about me...lol.
  7. James.Master

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    Lovely the story man. You're living the dream. I know we're all jealous (except for @drifter since he lives the dream every fucking day!).

    I'm glad that you shared the ladyboy story. I've got to admit I had a curiosity / fantasy for an M/F/LB threesome. But never made it happen. I've seen super hot LB but they won't play with girls. so it's on the "unexplored" file. I'm glad you were game (post moonshine!) and also had the balls to write about it.

    I did fuck a post-op ladyboy in Pattaya. So I scratched that off the list. She had the most perfect female body imaginable. You won't believe what an unlimited surgical budget can achieve. But the fake pussy doesn't do it for me. better than finding an expected dick down there but I will stick to the real thing :p

    Thanks for sharing bro!
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  8. Skins

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    Funny shit wolfsbane thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are truly enjoying Thailand and everything it has to offer haha.
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  9. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gents, I'm doing my best to represent the good soldiers who have gone before me on this forum. Prelude to the next installment...S and I hit Kasalong, and M and her friend are heading our way to stay the night. Awesomeness!! Oh, and my beautiful LB friend is chatting me up on messenger and asking what's up for tonight. I'm nervous about her being around M as I don't want to ruin chances of future encounters but I have a feeling she will be cool about it.

    Will report back in the AM...happy hunting!
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  10. lucalbert

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    I was there for an extended time 2 years ago, if you are on the move constantly....you can live well for less than 25k a year, if you are settled, I think maybe you can cut that in half....1-1.5k a month (living large). I was spending less than this when sedentary and I was going out and banging whores on a regular basis. When I was moving around a lot, I was at a rate of about 2k a month (a guesstimate). I really believe if you are immersed it can even be cheaper than this, and still be having a great time.
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  11. uatgbr

    uatgbr Member

    wow, i've got a hangover and a belly ache just reading about these bangkok adventures !! i've read alot of debates over the years on the cost of living in bkk. to qualify for a retirement visa you have to be 50+ and have 800,000thb in a thai bank account or 65,000thb/m of income. so that works out to about 2000usd/month. going back to thb, if you find a place for 15k/m, that leaves you with 50,000thb. i tend to spend 10,000thb/week and that includes some beer at go go prices but no bar fines/short time ladies. i eat western food so i'll often spend 500thb for dinner several nights a week. not alot of cash left for the ladies after that (only 10,000thb). so i end up spending at least double that living in bkk but that does include airfare to visit the USA once or twice a year and alot of time in the go go bars.
  12. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Will catch y'all up more once I get some rest. The last few days were a blur and I am back stateside already and suffering through withdrawals.

    I can burn 30k baht in a day, easy. The problem once again is I start buying 3 or 4 bargirls drinks and we start pounding shots, then I barfine, and I slip a few people some tips here and there. We go to 4 or 5 bars and spread the wealth...

    I was looking at total spend. 12k easy for the week, including airfare and Airbnb cost of 3k. So about 9k in 8 days...

    Not sustainable, and like I said man, I am hurting. This is serious partying and power drinking. I do worry that I would still be spending 1000 a week with a toned down approach....4K per month...usd.
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  13. drifter

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    You’d be surprised on how you’d cut down on the craziness if you were here full time. Knowing you only have a week or two, there’s a relentless drive to hit this bar, take these girls, pound those shots. Always in the back of your mind the knowledge that next month, you’ll be back home, living a life of sterile insanity.

    When this is your new reality, it’s different. You don’t have to squeeze it all in on a quick vacation because this is your life now. So you go out when you want. You’re not thinking, “I’ve only got X days left, so if I don’t do this now, it’ll have to wait till the next trip.” You relax. Still eating great, going cool places, and getting more tail than all of your friends back home put together. But there’s no pressure. Just an incredible flow of a great new life.

    The best of luck to you.
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  14. Skins

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    I agree. Life is much slower when you're here long term. I have one friend who comes out to visit me every other year. He's coming again in 2018... Whenever he comes it's absolutely insanity. Two weeks of non stop partying and traveling. This dude can't sit still for 20 minutes. It's always ok what now? Where we going? Let's go hang gliding then go hit the bars until the sun goes up and then head to the beach and drink more then go island hopping then take a road trip then hit the GoGos then get a massage then.... Sure it's fun but after two weeks I want to lay down and die haha. But I understand he's trying to pack it all in while he's here. When you're living here for years life is nothing like that. Not for me anyways.
  15. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    the good news is that it stops being physically sustainable even before it stops being financially sustainable. It's kind of a self limiting craziness. Life slows you down...

    That said you're blowing cash in a crazy way. I'd be cutting down on the drinking for a start.
    Drifter and I can go crazy for a week on your nightly budget since we barely drink. those gogos can charge a lot for a water bottle but nothing on your budget!
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  16. uatgbr

    uatgbr Member

    i was thinking this same thing as i read the last few posts. if you go hard for a period of time, you'll need to relax for a period of time (likely the same amount of time). you won't need to worry about your cash situation assuming you budget 4k/m. opting for a bottle of water at the inflated go go price sounds horrible but it is one of the smartest things you can do for the body. i try to make sure i get one every third drink. one of my friends prefers to just order the cheapest thing on the menu (sometimes the go go's have specials) and doesn't even take a sip. i don't have that willpower so i go with the inflated water price. i like the go go bar atmosphere ALOT and wouldn't enjoy bangkok w/o them. i often just hand 100thb to the service girl, go go girl, or mamasan, whichever one i'm using as my 'guide' at that point in time. they get 50thb/drink so that is the same as two drinks for them.

    good luck with the recovery. jet lag is always tough on me. takes me at least a week to get back to normal.
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  17. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Sterile insanity, that is a great way to put it. Yes, this comment makes good sense to me and give me a little more comfort I guess.

    I must admit, I am a little nervous about moving if I have not fully secured the job yet. Heck that healthy fear alone caused me to start extending my business social network this morning. I figure I can work on applications, Linked in messaging and working with other connected colleagues over the next 90 days such that when I actually get there, I can hit pause for a month and enjoy just getting acclimated. Then start hitting it again as I find my footing on exactly where I want to live on a more full time basis.
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  18. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Ok, now where the hell did I leave off. I gotta get this all out of my head as I can already feel it slipping away as those brain cells give up the ghost.

    Each day really is more of the same, so I will reduce some content and spare you guys the repeat details. S and I again, find ourselves meeting R and recapping the past few nights events. I found myself missing M so I sent her a message earlier that said "miss u, come find me" which is easy as I am only in a few places really. We are down on 22 at Rumours bar again, cutting up and enjoying the scenery as it walks by. You see some pretty interesting shit during the day. The two most notable was the 6' 4" pale complected westerner ladyboy with the bird beak nose - yuck - and the 70 year old fart shuffling along in a white tshirt and wraparound sarong.

    I want to be that guy when I am 70. Just putting along in my sandles, chatting up the locals and getting some fruit from the local market for my breakfast at noon as I just woke up.

    Anyway, so S wants to make a run to the pharmacy not too far from Soi 4 and then wants to stop off at Kasalong. So we each grab a moto and head off, bidding R farewell.

    Riding a moto is a fun yet mildly terrifying experience. I am always amazed at how well the guy can maneuver the bike with my 245lb ass on the back. I could not do that. We weave in and out of traffic and make our stop. I do not normally need these performance enhancers, but I feel, fuck it...why not. So I buy a few packs of cialis and viagra and meet S back at the bar next door so we can have a few more beers before we hit Kasalong.

    Now I don't want to diminish any of the write ups that Skins has made about this place, and I am probably being overly critical when I should not be. Overall the place serves its purpose and you get a mix of cute and ugly girls like anywhere else. We opt for the VIP big rooms upstairs for comfort and privacy. A cute little spinner with braces walks up and says "pick me pick me". Ok, sure thing little lady, I think you will do just fine. She tells me her name, but I am buzzed off beer and forget it in seconds. I wish I was better than that, but these days I am on brain cell conservation program, so I really do not try to remember too much that is not directly related to me making money.

    Off to upstairs and we get undressed, she wants to show first, so I say ok and relax in the cool AC. The room itself is decent and comfortable, with blue mood lighting they put on once you get settled, nice touch. The girl comes back and starts to get on me, I am like...hey...I took a shower a few hours ago, but I have been sweating today, so let me run through really quick. I go into the room next door and the shower is gross. That tub has not seen any kind of cleaning in years. WOW. I hesitate, and then say fuck it. I wash up and take a quick piss and then it is off to the races.

    She proceeds with a slow and sloppy blow job, making all of the what I feel these girls thing is sexy slurping noises, like slurping a bowl of noodles. Whatever, go with flow, and I am actually enjoying her skillsets. She does this for about 10 minutes or so, then comes up and asks "condom"? Sure, I guess I know I am about to get laid now. These little petite thing has shorter hair, perky A cup tits, smooth brown skin, with a pretty cool rose tattoo outline around her belly. She has what I would call a medium bush, not too overgrown, which is fine with me. I like a bit of hair on the kitty cat.

    She starts to ride me ACG style, but does this weird thing every once in a while and kicks her leg out to the side, like she is getting a muscle cramp or something. It is starting to make me laugh and I keep losing my concentration...I am never going to nut if old kickstand here keeps doing wacky shit. I stop her, ask for more BJ, but I can tell she is starting to get tired as I am starting to get the occasional scrapes that are making my dick irritated. I feel bad for kickstand (forever to be named as such) so I tell her an oily HJ to finish will be just fine. She obliges and works little man out till he does his thing.

    Overall, I was pretty happy about the whole thing. So, I think it set me back about 2K baht...then I think I gave her another 500 baht for the effort. I bit more than likely reasonable,. but fuck it, I was there to spend money and she was a little cutie pie.

    S and I hit the BTS on the way back and grab a snack before we retire for a quick rest and refresh as the girls are coming to meet us around 8pm.
  19. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    I had nodded off a few times while watching the clock. I take a quick birdbath and change clothes...heading over to SMITR bar off Soi 50 to wait for S. I get a pitcher of beer going and S shows up a few minutes later. We we wait, and we wait, and we wait a little more...WTF. The girls are late as the one driving took the wrong exit and is now down by Soi Cowboy and wanting to know if we can just meet them there. NO!! I don't want to go to damn cowboy yet...it is not even 10pm!!!

    They finally arrive and are looking sexy as hell. M kisses me and we start getting into the groove. There is a live band that night and some stupid drawing for Christmas. I oblige to buy a ticket as the girl selling them is hell of cute and I am a sucker for a little hottie. There is a girl at the table next door that keeps looking over at me., so I just say...hey, stop staring and come join us. This kind of embarrasses her., but I keep waving her over and offering her a drink. Since there are two other girls at the table, I am sure she figures we are not creeps and obliges.

    We start downing tequila shots at that point, and they were HUGE. Like 3 in 1., no idea why they were so big., but they were doing their trick as I was once again in that warm bath of being a little hammered. I wanted to grab the LB from the night before, just because she is a hoot to hang with, so we agree to stop by Superior bar on Soi 22 for 10 minutes, then to Cowboy back to Country Road for live music and dancing. Yep, creature of habit, but M really wants to go back there and I am happy if she is happy.

    At Country Road, I cannot get everyone into the bar. All of the sudden S and his girl want to bail. I am like WTF guys, we executed plan beautifully to make it this far, which is impressive with a bunch of drunks. So what the fuck gives? I refuse to give into bullshit, so I say fine., you guys go back, I will hang with M and LB and we will have a blast. Good intentions do not always yield good results.

    So we are dancing., but M is having a hard time getting into the groove as honestly I think she is jealous of LB. Damn, stupid move on my part. LB is getting frisky and plants a big wet one on my mouth which I don't really mind to tell you the truth. She is hot as fuck. M sees this. and the next time I try to kiss her she objects in a BIG way. I am like., it's just a kiss lady, she did not stick her dick in my mouth. I look back at LB, and say, hey...lets get fucking wasted. We clink glasses and proceed to do just that.

    So the vibe continues to worsen, so I say hey, lets just go and grab a bite. Things start to improve.

    As we are about mid way through our meal, things go south with M again...WTF. Ok, Sheriff is about to lay down the law. I make a signal for the check and while I wait I politely tell M to cut the shit. I did not fly all the way around the world to put up with a bunch of fucking nonsense...so you have a choice. Either straighten up and fly right, or I give you cab fare and you can fuck off for the night. I give LB cab fare and a big hug, then I pay the bill and walk out the door. I do not even look behind me.

    I am waiting on a taxi and M walks up, head down, with leftovers all wrapped up. We catch a ride and then walk silently up into the condo. I am starting to feel bad as it is really hard to stay pissed at a cute little kitten who you can tell feels bad about things. I say I am sorry and she bites the living shit out of me. WTF. hahaha .OK,. I guess I deserved that.

    She then fucks the living daylights out of me, claws me up like a bobcat again, then we fall asleep...finally having the best sleep of the trip. Hooray!!

    Unfortunately the next day, now she is not feeling well...so I tell her she can stay in the condo or just go back if she wants, either is fine. She elects to go home and will stay in touch to try and meet up before I leave.
  20. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    So the last full day of the trip is more of the same. Start at Rumours for drinks from 12 to 3pm. Head down to the taco shop and get some tacos and relax. Head over to Soi 33, S wants to bang this little hottie and I just want to sit outside and drink beer with G, who is the one I fucked the last time I was in BKK in May. I give her some money and goes to buy beers for us and the 3 girls out front. I basically spend the next hour drinking and chatting while hollering at guys passing to come in and check it out. The girls are loving it and cracking up at my marketing skills. Good way to make friends with the locals.

    I would only proposition westerners and out of those that I got to come over, 50% stayed to spend money. Not bad, I deserve a commission I think. Nah, I just settled for them making beer runs and keeping me company while S dropped two loads into this tall and beautiful Thai princess. We then ditch this place and head back to 22 to Stronger bar to see the owner as she had gotten into a moto accident the day before and was banged up a bit. She makes us some food and we continue to imbibe. LB and the cute little spinner that I did the 3 way with...her name is Y, showed up with a few more girls and we start popping Jaeger bombs.

    We then head over to Superior bar and do much of the same. I barfine both LB and Y so they can get comfortable and we get the part rocking. We still have a Christmas party to go to at Olives, and the owner is pinging me to not get too fucked up and forget about her...haha. We then hit the party and have some more food and a great time with everyone. I wind up taking Y back to the condo and proceed to bang her 10 different ways from Sunday. There is just something about this little slut that is so yummy to me. She is such a tiny little minx, and she gets so fucking wet and wild when she is having a good time. I give her some cash and send her on her way as I need to try and sleep a little before my ride comes to take me to the airport.

    Time flies during drunk sleep, and before I know it I am out the door and off to Swampy. I am so bleary eyed, still drunk...and my stomach is doing weird shit, so I am a little nervous about the ride to my connection back to the States in Japan. I do make it ok, and then connect to DFW, another terrible flight, but the flight crew this time were much better so it could have been worse.

    Though I did leave out some parts as to not completely bore the audience, I think you get the point. It is so super easy to bang hotties and have the time of your life in Bangkok. These chicks make you feel like you are the fucking center of the universe. No matter what the time of day, there is a party to be had. Yes, drama can persist, but try to do your best to play it cool, or just give them cab fare or a tip and tell them to politely fuck off...no love lost. M is still hitting me up on messenger, as is Y, and LB, and this other broad I boned that I left out of the story (bad lay, bad tits, cute as hell, but just bad overall) and they are all eager for my return.

    I come back to find that two of the flies from the bar I frequent here croaked. One guy was 52 and the other in his 30s. The 52 year old was having some high blood pressure issues when I left, this I guess lead to medical complications while I was gone and he died the Sunday before I got back. (RIP you metal head motherfucker) The other guy had PTSD really bad from his stint in Iraq and Afghanistan and bit the barrel of a gun. I found this out last night as I was jet lagged and needed a couple of beers before I hit the sack at 7pm like a little old lady. I was truly beat.

    So it's nearly 10am here, and I just grabbed a beer as I think and reflect. I am literally having major combat with my brain and bank account as I sincerely just want to drive to the airport and go right back.

    Nah, I still have so much shit to get into one sock to prep for my leave in 90 days. Contending with the "Sterile Insanity" as Drifter calls it, will help me get a leg up on things and my head right.

    The loss of friends reminds me to forever and always to my best to be kind to others, and myself. You never know when your time is up as well, so if and when you have the opportunity (to bang a ladyboy...haha just kidding) don't hesitate. Take life by the nuts and don't let fear or uncertainty stand in the way of potential happiness. Or a serious crash and burn with a life lesson...I find that both are equally rewarding.

    When I do get back there at the end of March, things will be different as I know I will be there long term. I will be much more focused on setting up my new life and staying on budget then I will be about going wild.

    It is good to know, however, that if that urge does strike, paradise is just a few stops away on the BTS vs. 24 hours of miserable travel.

    Ahhhhh....now that thought is comforting.

    Happy mongering ya bastards.
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