9 Days in Bangkok, Thailand

Discussion in 'Travel' started by wolfsbane93, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. James.Master

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    James rant alert:

    6 weeks??? Are you crazy or bored? Dude you're going to Bangkok. You're not against mongering. The chance of you not getting laid on your first night is zero. Stop pipelining.

    It takes a huge amount of time and energy to maintain a chat for a week let alone six without meeting. It's draining and unnecessary. It's an escape from your reality.

    Solution: fix your reality. Activate TF 2-3 days before arrival in BKK and you'll be swimming in pussy I guarantee it.

    Personal side note: If I sound irritated it's because I'm currently wasting up to an hour a day chatting to girls in Jakart. (I was there last week and then left for a week diving trip.) this is a good example of what's wrong with pipelining. Even though I started 2 days before arrival in Jakarta I obviously couldn't see all the girls. I got 5 very strong leads and 5 OK leads and I want to maintain them. So despite all my anti pipeline rant I "accidentally" pipelined a week and now I'm wasting my precious precious seconds keeping insecure girls happy. I want these sure things good to go for next weekend. But it would have been easier if we didn't match on Tinder for another week.

    There's no scarcity of hot pussy in Asia. Stop acting like it takes weeks to find it

    Three days. That's the maximum anyone should pipeline. Except @kreth who gets an extension for reasons previously agreed (doesn't monger, doesn't have as much luck on Tinder, has super specific tastes.)

    / end rant
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  2. Skins

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    Sounds like you're off to a good start. I wrote a post about setting up your profile here if anyone's interested. But in summary, fill out all the questions, put up some good pictures of you doing fun adventurous stuff. Make sure your account is upgraded of course. Log in every day, because this gets you bumped to the top of the list.

    Do you have the Line app? I just copy / paste a bunch of messages to the girls I'm interested in and somewhere in the message I say "Add me on Line. I don't check this site much." Get them off the site and onto your Line asap. Then after the first month I usually let my membership expire. By the time you arrive in Thailand you should have a good amount of contacts in your Line. Then when you land in BKK text them all and see who wants to meet up.

    Ahh Bangkok... Reminds me of the good old days when I was just a young buck fresh off the plane. :D
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    Haha, thanks James. I am going crazy from boredom, yes. I am trying to do my best to stay focused on the job in front of me, but my mind is just there man. Also, I wanted to build some familiarity with the app and service, so I started a bit early. I will take your advice and ease into the pool. Like you said, I will be in BKK, don't mind mongering, and by reading this post, you can already tell I have prospects lining up without the Cupid service. Just figured it would be a change, and I welcome change. Good luck in Jakarta brother.


    Thank you sir for the link. I will go and take a look. I do not have Line yet, but that is easy to fix and will be done today. I have Whatsapp for now, will download Line from the Googleplay and will read your post on setting things up just in case I missed anything. I am getting hits obviously, but nothing too serious. It would be great to find someone in the Pra Khanong, or Klong Toei areas so that I do not have far to travel.

    There is definitely no scarcity of hot pussy in Asia, that is for sure. Here in the good ol USA, oh God help me, is there a fast forward button I can press??
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    I can relate to the boredom thing. I've made the same mistake all too often.
    A funny thing happened today. I've spent a week chatting to these girls, trying to keep them excited. Today they all seem to be having financial crisis. One by one they are sending the crying emoji (as @Skins has described and warned about). When I ask they say "terrible thing happened <Insert disaster> don't have money any more for <Insert need>"
    I really think I just over pipelined. If I'd waited until Jakarta I could have met them, pumped and dumped before the sob story started. They can only hold it in a week

    Mind you one of these chicks is a 10/10 according to her instagram. I'd pay something anyway (way more than a whore) for a piece of that.
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  5. Richard Sharpe

    Richard Sharpe Well-Known Member

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  6. kreth

    kreth Well-Known Member

    Where are these girls coming from? If Tinder or another swipe app that's why I use Cupid instead.
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  7. James.Master

    James.Master Well-Known Member

    Yeah Tinder. I didn't bother with Cupid as undid so well on Tinder. I can't imagine it's so different, usually the same chicks

    I've done well on Tinder. I have several "girlfriends" now, 18, 19 and 22, not asking for anything. Another five I'm not sure about - they might be legit. And another five want gifts but are hot enough to consider it.

    @Richard Sharpe i'll do Classic at least once and maybe Block M. But I can monger anywhere. Fucking Hot 18 year olds who genuinely are into me is spending I don't get back home :)
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  8. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    My buddy stays at the ShangriLa mostly, he tells me that he can generally pick something up at BATS or Block M.
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  9. Striker

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    I agree that a few days is all you need. The time is not to chat and get to know the girls, it’s to allow girls to get online so you can connect with them. Not everyone checks the dating app every day.

    For me it’s about quality over quantity. I’m not looking to fk a new good girl every night. That is just too much effort and trouble, that’s what the mongering is for.

    I’ll create a sort of order of preference and go for my favourite first. If I like her, then I’ll spend some time with her. If not then move onto the next one. When I start to get bored of her I’ll spend some time alone mongering before moving onto the next one. Most of the time I’m moving onto a new city anyway so I have a good excuse to leave. Next time I return there I have a good contact.

    Some girls take it very serious very quickly and they get upset after I’m gone and not messaging them all the time like we are in a ldr. Others understood it was all just a bit of fun and will be more than happy to do it again next time I’m there. I don’t lie about my intentions and never promise anything serious. Some girls still hope though.
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  10. wolfsbane93

    wolfsbane93 Well-Known Member

    Yikes, I had not considered that. Ok, I am sold.
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